Christians Needed

Sponsors of a double blind study on healing faith are searching for healthy christian volunteers to apply etiological methods to find causation of Conviction Syndrome. Religious conviction rarely never coincides with truth, as faith and fact are diametrically opposing forces. Conviction Syndrome has maintained pandemic proportions for millennia and its time to do a reality check. I had a patient one time tell me she was supposed to be taking placebo, but she was out and that’s why she was calling the ambulance. Mama did raise a fool, now didn’t she?

  • Belief is not fact nor truth
  • Feelings canbe are manipulated
  • Lies confirm testimony
  • Truth can be boring or unpleasant, but necessary
  • Reality promotes real progress
  • Emotions are not the spirit
  • Prayer never works. Period
  • Need makes people gullible
  • Preachers lie to keep you tithing
  • Fear sells
  • Missionaries never tell you what the internet can
  • Placebo is a psychological trick. Religion is placebo
  • If you try to succeed on your own, your road to success will be much faster without prayer and waiting.
  • There is no substance in ontology
  • Validation is the number one reason people share their faith
  • If a religious explanation requires further explaining, it’s bullshit.
  • Religious truth spew is philosophical wording to convince with flattering speech.
  • Religion is detrimental to human growth and unity.
  • If your faith has you questioning the worth of others, it’s wrong

If you need to have faith in something that makes you think you are worthless without it, that is an abusive relationship. Get out

If you qualify to participate in this study, you are part of the problem. Seek help from an unbeliever.


Author: jimoeba

Alternatives to big box religions and dogmas

22 thoughts on “Christians Needed”

  1. I don’t mind if people get something good out of their beliefs. Some live in an alternate universe/reality. I can accept that. To me the problems begins when they try to force their beliefs on others.
    There is nothing more repellent than a holy roller trying to get me to understand why I must be in agreement with their ways. I feel exhausted, drained of any energy from these fishers of souls. I feel that these people who are most outspoken have the darkest souls and most secrets. But that’s just what I have experienced.

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    1. The flip side though, their beliefs are draining society and wasting valuable time memorizing scriptures that could be spent in something real. But I get you. People need their placebo in whatever form that is. Where did you leave my binky, btw?

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      1. Oh I agree for sure. Too much time spent on memorizing scriptures, dungeons and dragons manuals and things of that sort hold little value in my opinion. People spend too much time on planning for a life after death free from hell when they should be living as good citizens who do things that wouldn’t earn them a place in hell. Live right, die well.

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    2. To me the problems begin when they try to force their beliefs on others.

      LatinaGem, I totally agree, HOWEVER, there’s just one MAJOR problem from that/their POV with your ideal posture you’re implying. That is that a self-contained belief has no way of surviving if it isn’t passed on to your offspring and the family’s circle of friends and influence.

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  2. I like the quote which goes along the lines “Science explains things, religion explains away things”. If you’re having to come up with different explanations for your claims you’re not doing it right.

    Ah missionaries. they’ve had thousands of years without the internet verifying their amazing claims, what will they do now?

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