Confusion Conversion and Christology

“Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!” Isaiah‬ ‭5:20‬ ‭KJV‬‬ —

Who tells you one thing while you see another? Whoever wrote this was keen to the preachers word games. Don’t be afraid to look for yourself and see things as they are. Nothing adds up to what the preachers say. The church is the corruption. And it always has been. Look at Matthew 23. Somebody wrote that, and it’s about the clergy. Nothing has changed—

The more I read the pastor, the more I’m convinced he is using Chris Langan’s “CMTU, Cognitive-Theoretic Model of the Universe or, “theory of everything”. The theory is difficult to understand at best, and focuses much on incoherent contradiction and terms that the pastor-blogger has adapted to—”confuse readers to believers” platform. It’s heavy on causation and trying to explain itself with itself, or “reality is a language that is talking to itself about itself” type speak.

Langan has an IQ of 200, the highest intelligence quotient score currently in the USA and 7th highest IQ ever recorded. It might take a little time just to understand the summary, but you’ll see terms like ontological and incoherence are big in the theory. I think Mel is using a physics theory hiding behind the computer screen, trying to apply this to his God, and much of the theory can’t even adequately be applied to science. But he does talk an impressive tone.

This is a decent breakdown of the theory. I do believe you been caught peeking pastor.

Twisted terms and confusion reigns, ontologically worded games, to separate the wheat and tares, will take more words that few can stare.

Even irony has lost its track, for some there is no turning back, as good is evil and evils grand, there’s no theology we can understand.


Author: jimoeba

Alternatives to big box religions and dogmas

7 thoughts on “Confusion Conversion and Christology”

  1. Tried to read this …over my head, but what I could understand…very interesting.
    I think Mel and those like him are of two minds, two proselytizing styles. One is the god fearing revengeful cruel, narcissistic abrahamic style god that the more weak minded like and the other style tries to convince the more “intelligent” ones through what sounds like science and the quantum world etc. but it’s not. Its hypocrisy to try to be both. Either way, it’s grasping for straws.

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    1. Making your own straws to grasp. The theory is the epitome of Mel’s preaching , where the doctrine requires multiple explanations that convolutes any semblance of coherence, then accuse others of exactly what he is showing to be.

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        1. The Bible was written by men who were condemning the religious elites. Matthew 23 is very specific about that. The modern preacher uses them as a “past” problem, but it never left us.

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  2. Quick comment on the referenced “theory” — perhaps it’s just my personal perspective on “life,” but I’ve never quite figured out why it’s so important that we know how it all began. I suppose it’s just the nature of humans to investigate … but for me personally, I simply accept that I “exist.” As a result, my goal for that existence is to simply enjoy all that is available to me while I exist.

    Hope you don’t mind a little philosophical ramblings …

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    1. Not at all. Fire away! Part of the success of religion is to call something to your attention that you didn’t know existed, point out a problem, then offer a solution. Even the Book of Mormon does that. Pretty soon you spend a lifetime trying to answer something that will not change anything at all. So, now that Mel knows his god is real because he’s created it in his mind, how does that change anything? It’s time wasted waiting that could be applied to reality.

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    2. For some reason I’ve always been curious about so many things…and why there’s something rather than nothing and how that occurred, has always fascinated me. I know I’ll never know the answer…probably no one ever will..and NO, the religious won’t either, even though they’ve convinced themselves they will.


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