Simplicity of Non Belief

How unbelief is more believable.

I am curious to know how it all happened, I’m just not convinced in any way it was a who that made it happen. Therefore, there is no why it all happened. Once you realize there is no god, the simplicity of life brings peace, and how it all happened loses its urgency, although I am still curious and will someday have more answers. I’ll wait rather than believe in a god to simply satisfy the impatience to want answers with no effort, then act like they’ve found something special in a plug-n-play religion. “I believe” is a foolish notion lacking quality of character.


Author: jimoeba

Alternatives to big box religions and dogmas

21 thoughts on “Simplicity of Non Belief”

  1. My personal outlook is … why does it matter? We’re here. One day we’ll be gone. Why not enjoy what we have while we have it?

    Of course, to some, that’s way too simplistic. No … one must look deeply and study intensely to discover the what, who, where, and why … even if the “answer” you arrive at is, well, debatable. 🙂

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    1. It’s not debatable. Jesus is the only god, and the Christian bible is the literal word of said god. Nothing debatable there. If you believe this, you’re right. If you don’t, you’re wrong. What a simple, happy, joyous way to live one’s life. Now, I’m off to have a bunch of “I Love Mike Pence” t-shirts made so I can give ’em to the youngin’s at my next prayer meetin’. $Amen$

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    2. I guess it’s natural curiosity to wonder how we as humans got here and if there is any purpose, especially for me coming from a science background, we’re always curious. But as for getting answers, I am happy with not knowing for now, as opposed to getting a ‘half baked’ unverifiable answer from religion.

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    1. I feel most of apologetics is seeking validation. It has to be wordy and eloquent to convince, and as most things, the most eloquently worded argument wins, not the most correct.

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  2. An interesting side note; I didn’t think any of that through when I deconverted. It was a natural byproduct of atheism. The urgent feelings to have chosen the absolute most correct dogma was gone. Now I can live life without regards to my worth before god and it is way more peaceful than the gospel ever was.

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  3. I think it’s natural for humans to seek a connection to something “higher,” especially given how cruel we can be, as a species. It’s just that there is very little evaluation going on when presented with options by the manipulators. Just go out and observe the rest of nature and see how it really works.

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    1. I have learned more from Observing than one could guess. Mel accused me a few month ago of being Ehrman and Dawkins disciples. Funny since I have never read them. They’re not pointing out anything you can’t observe for yourself, but evidently they say it well 🙂

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