Insanity Bites

She says “I am a total conspiratress, love thinking outside the box, unraveling mysteries, discovering what is lurking beneath the surface.

Loves thinking outside the box so much that she has joined the free, lockstep, mindless thought of 80% of the U.S population. Looking below the surface? Then how can you possibly adhere to religion other than a blind willingness to follow the masses—in your own, outside the box way? Once you decide to believe in obvious nonsense, all reason is tossed out, followed by absurd accusations that the rest of us just don’t get it. She’s wrong. We do get it, we just don’t buy it.

Here is the first comment on the thread, and yes, the masses historically have been wrong before.

To insist that 80% of people, those claiming to believe in God, even loosely, are just indoctrinated, victims of an elaborate conspiracy, all part of a great Christian hoax, is just symptomatic of some really flawed thinking.”
Hey, sometimes it takes a while for some of to get up to speed

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Alternatives to big box religions and dogmas

43 thoughts on “Insanity Bites”

  1. Does that put us in the top 20th percentile?
    Start a motorcycle gang called the 20 percenters. I think I believe more in the gremlin bell on my Harley than I do in the Bible.

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  2. It is called spiritual bypassing, a concept from the 1970s, when several social scientists noticed people were getting in and out of Buddhism. They noticed people were looking for that spiritual high but were taking the cafeteria approach so they didn’t have to bother with the hard stuff. Such as actually dealing with the religion warts and all.

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  3. At one point, pretty much 100% of the world’s population thought the earth was flat. I guess that means we modern folks just aren’t up to speed on this startling truth. Sometime insanity doesn’t bite. It just plain sucks.

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        1. If I hadn’t had those in the field during my crazy years, there is no telling where I’d be today!

          Well, no that isn’t necessarily true. Most mentally-ill in America end up in one of two places:

          1. Homeless wherever they can find TEMPORARY shelter until the police & public run them off… again. Or…

          2. Incarcerated in our thriving always growing penal systems.

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            1. Hahaha!!! Maybe Jim. But my ex-wife’s church — a spinoff of Joel Osteen’s church — would rather spend their millions of dollars on bigger parking lots, bigger buildings, and bigger “recruitment” events with carnival-like games & rides. 😮

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        2. But also let me add to that… one BIG reason why I received help was because I was well insured. In other words, I was in a particular “class” of citizenry. Yet, an impoverished child born into her/his situation can die of abscessed tooth… because he/she is UNinsurable.


            1. And there’s winners, and there’s losers
              But they ain’t no big deal
              ‘Cause the simple man baby pays the thrills,
              The bills and the pills that kill

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  4. Inanity is a little different from the likes of Mel or Branyan. Her “religion” seems to be inspired by poverty and a life that got away from her. Her economic conditions are wretched, she can’t understand why her politics works against her, but in her pantomime world she’s a princess, a queen, and is about to be handed a kingdom by a laughing Jesus who—shaking his head in pride—praises her for her doggedness and wit.

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    1. John, my Dad always use to tell me that religion, and Christianity, is far too often a crutch in life for hardtimes, tragedies, Natural catastrophes, for life’s events that seem completely unfair and brutally harsh. Then it nurtures apathy, laziness, and dissillusionment of reality: Good = God/Christ… Bad = Satan. Never in a trillion-billion years is the Cosmos, Universe, Milky Way, our Solar System and our Earth is “life” so simple as strictly binary!!!! WOW! 😨

      It is in reality, and in psychology and neurology, merely a human coping-mechanism over the last 100,000 – 200,000 years for making some type of sense of their immediate environment which appears opposed to them. See the large ego involved? The severe self-absorbtion? Not being able to understand (ignorant of) all the other influencing factors nearby and beyond sight & senses that constructed YOUR particular tragedy or harshness.

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      1. Oh! Forgot to also add… that at those times of brutal tragedy or harshness, put some other “crutch” in front of victims, and many times it would be a DIFFERENT ideology they embrace wholeheartedly! If it eases the pain, they’ll take it and run with it. Because humans are still for the most part habitual creatures, not always venturing way out of their comfort-zones, they’ll often and blindly seek out and devour the “paths of least resistence.” In America, that’s Catholocism, Protestantism… for the most part. 😏

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      2. Very well said. Belief does indeed make people insensitive to the world with alternative—sweeter smelling— explanations for the degenerate shape of things. As a simply brilliant, yet stubbornly obscure writer once said:

        “It is shiny, sometimes dazzling, and to most, it is irresistible. It is a syrupy whitewash, a candied, ready-made and flexible excuse waiting to explain away all manner of irritating ills and furious injustices. It is an amusement, an interruption, a beguiling ringmaster that curious minds find impossible to not stare at, and if their attention is misdirected, then their searching eyes will never quite settle on that point in space where the magician is actually performing the trick … That is religious belief’s true value. Distraction”

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            1. Well then, whoever this fine gentleman be I have a good feeling that he and I would get along in grand fashion. No topic, no controversy would be off-limits to stimulating discussion should we find ourselves sipping a fine brandy/scotch in soft high-back chairs, with other entertaining personalities, including animals/pets 😉 and the only requirement for others to join…

              Speak of nothing based in, hinting of, or nauseatingly Monistic in nature. We’ll have NONE OF THAT fecal matter!!! 🤩

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  5. “I am a total conspiratress, love thinking outside the box, unraveling mysteries, discovering what is lurking beneath the surface.”

    Hahahaha! 😆 Jim, I believe she is strictly talking about her bible or the children’s bible she’s had in summer bible school with pop-up characters, animals, demons, the Ark, etc. I mean, every single time you open up either of those bibles, you will read/find and extrapolate something “new” for spiritual nurishment; sometimes far-out new depending on how creative your brain is that God gave you! And of course, all of this can be done without ever leaving your 25-50 mile bubble of comfort. No need to go out and see the rest of the world. Space? BWAHAHAHA!!! Whatever. No need. “That’s how I like thinking outside (MY) box, unraveling (MY) mysteries, discovering what’s lurking beneath (MY) surface!

    Sometimes no matter how much or how hard one tries to show or coax the frog out of the frying pan, or a mule to drink from the well… you know the rest.

    Indoctrination is a very, VERY powerful embedded force when it has had no contention throughout the process. Peer-assimilation/pressure and the Placebo-effect are further very powerful factors as well — that 25-50 mile bubble. 😖

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  6. She’s represents the worst class of religionist – prepared to engage in outright deception without flinching. Way back in the day she used to say, believe it or not, that she was a scientist!!! Which then after a heated discussion turned into *social scientist*, which then turned into *everyone is in a way a scientist, because we all study life*.
    She also defended the Ugandan Kill the Gays bill and lied about it, all the while complaining about the war on Christmas. That’s the class of person we’re talking about; one who thinks sending gay people to prison for being gay is acceptable but not saying merry Christmas to her is an act of intolerable aggression.

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    1. So I take it you two are close? Lol. I have followed her comments for quite some time, and I always come away wondering if it’s a charade. Nobody can really think that way, right? But alas… faith creates stupid, then more stupid creates stronger faith, I suppose. The ring gets tighter and tighter till it rots the flesh it adorns without even knowing. Not a likeminded soul can understand why it’s dying, but there are some who agree with her, and they have the same constricted thought.

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          1. Wow. 😨

            You know Jim, with many years employed at a Psych/A&D hospital and doing initial clinical assessments of viable or non-viable inpatient admission for staff psychiatrists there, I can’t tell you HOW MANY TIMES and HOW OFTEN I notice all the classic symptoms of codependency (to person or god), Narcissistic Personality Disorder, schizophrenia, and Paranoid Personality Disorder… which by the way one or more of these were glaringly present in people like Jim Jones, David Koresh, Timothy McVeigh, Charles Manson along with the women & men in his “family,” Warren Jeffs and a plethora of more in Mormonism, etc, etc, et al. And should I list all of them that were/are megalomaniacs? And guess what sort of groups/organizations attract these behavioral and personality disorders?

            And to be forthright here, my Alternative lifestyles communities not only attract predators, but also people with untreated or unresolved disorders. Why? Because “normal society” shuns them or doesn’t know how to manage them. Sometimes/often those personalities find refuge in churches — whatever random church that might be.

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          2. I did not know that. Blimey. I also didn’t know who you were quoting at the beginning of this post though, so I googled the words and found Insanity. In more ways than fifteen. Thanks for the link through to Mr Pink’s post, he’s a wonder at times isn’t he? Might be a good idea to say who’s quote it is here, or attribute it to ‘some nut’.

            – Esme Cloud handing out sticky buns for the sane

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            1. I didn’t link insanitybites to the post because it drives one batty when she pops in. If you want it I can email it to you, although most of us know who she is. You are way behind the times. Lucky you? or the cloud was obscured by insanitybites blog pollution.

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            2. Oh no, I found her, and I know her from years ago. Very unpleasant. I didn’t mean a link, you don’t want to invite crazy to tea! Just the name, but even that might be an invite of sorts I guess.

              – Esme Cloid knowing her nuts

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          1. Probably. These people depend on the constant reaffirmation of their beliefs. The echo chamber is a necessary part of that dynamic. When people cling to things that are based in fiction it becomes almost a psychological obsession to be “proven” right.

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            1. Yes. It is amazing how much we Homo sapiens are so alike to the animal kingdom in what it is we “seek” for pleasure and what we “avoid” that makes up uncomfortable or scared, even if the discomfort is real, self-created, or completely unfounded. Hahaha. As John Z commented below, if we can’t remove it all together, then we create distractions, which of course are forms of magic and puppeteering, huh? 😉 😛

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    2. Well for crissake, Pink what do you expect? There is a war on, xmas and Gay people are undermining every virtuous Christian quality and their Satan inspired Lifestyle is ruining marriage and causing normal people to listen to Beatles records backwards. Even Yesterday, I found myself saying Eb ti Tel, Eb ti Tel all the live long day.

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