Some Insight to Onslaught Blinders

You know how you know something and just don’t know what to call it? Thank you NeptunesDolphins for the insight and tip. “It is called spiritual bypassing, a concept from the 1970s, when several social scientists noticed people were getting in and out of Buddhism. They noticed people were looking for that spiritual high but were taking the cafeteria approach so they didn’t have to bother with the hard stuff. Such as actually dealing with the religion warts and all”.

How is it believers can just dismiss the warts of religion like they don’t exist? From Psychology TodaySpiritual bypass is a defense mechanism. Although the defense looks a lot prettier than other defenses, it serves the same purpose. Spiritual bypass shields us from the truth, it disconnects us from our feelings, and helps us avoid the big picture. It is more about checking out than checking in—and the difference is so subtle that we usually don’t even know we are doing it.


Author: jimoeba

Alternatives to big box religions and dogmas

9 thoughts on “Some Insight to Onslaught Blinders”

  1. Love, love, LOVE THIS Jim! So very spot on! I will remember this term — Spiritual Bypass — and incorporate its data into my Humanism apologetics. Thank you Sir, thank you NeptunesDolphins! ❤ 😉

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    1. You remember Inverse Square Law? When ND mentioned this to me yesterday, it was like Wow! I already knew this in my head but didn’t know the term. We have some very astute people in this group. So much to learn. Love it!

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        1. We are extremely open to everything. And this is not an anti religion piece, it’s just why and psychology. How will Mel and IB, CS and others deny this one?

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            1. If I go into the board room and offer up a new idea and every bit of professional evidence and history tell me it’s been tried and failed many times over, or it’s dishonest and a ripoff, I just word it different and re invent the evidence in a baffling, but impressive way. Great for companies like Enron and Mr Made-off and religion too. He says we have the “human delete key” in his last post. Ha! Accuse us of what they do! The Christian way.

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            2. And don’t forget that flashy Power-Point presentation with all the pandering graphics and Wow-factoring! Don’t pay any attention to the microscopic “fine-print” at the bottom of every slide. Keep the hype up and going and you’ll soon have repeat buyers and repeat revenues! Dopamine is the honey-sweetner of Orthodoxy! 😉

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