UnerTan and Religion- Comparing Biology

Closed systems often have dramatic implications. Small villages where locals continue to mingle with locals, leads to inbreeding and can offset your balance centers in equilibrium and cognition. While closed systems vary in degree, each has its own problematic framework, whether its physical or spiritual in nature.

While not my attempt to make light of Uner Tan syndrome, the example is on the far end of what closed systems can do to the biology of a small group. “What is causing this disease? Scientists noticed a trend with many cases: The children’s parents share the same blood.  In the Arab culture it is common to marry in your bloodline.  It’s called consanguinity (shared blood).  Consanguinity makes you more prone to genetic disorders.  In the Ulas family, the parents are cousins“—Medical Daily

Being raised safely and securely in the confines of a religious home, faith also carries a host of cognitive and rational decision making barriers. The inability to see the obvious, or the ability to overlook tremendous flaws in your approach to thinking soundly comes from these closed systems. The dichotomy between stunted potential and growth in reality creates a barrier to analytic thought, and the ability to immediately dismiss any information contrary to what you have been taught. This phenomenon known as “spiritual bypass”, is a defense and coping mechanism, protecting one from dealing with uncomfortable truth. If you missed yesterday’s link, HERE it is again, but the two topics overlap in significance.

We see it in our area and here on WP. What is so absolutely obvious can be glossed over and dismissed without a whimper, leaving us befuddled and shaking heads. But, at least we can cope with the dilemma having a little understanding of what we’re up against. Closed, one line dogmas that belittle outside influences is the prime detractor of free thought.


Author: jimoeba

Alternatives to big box religions and dogmas

10 thoughts on “UnerTan and Religion- Comparing Biology”

  1. Not only are your posts “right on,” many of them include some interesting and often little-known facts about life in general. Case in point: I had never heard of Uner Tan Syndrome so I did a bit of research … and now I know what it is! 🙂


    1. I’ve followed Uner Tan syndrome for several years. I probably should have included an introduction to it. The link is pretty good. The wiki is lacking quite a bit. Thanks Nan. Always a pleasure to receive compliments from someone I regard so highly.

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  2. When I first read “Uner tan” my brain interpreted it as “Uber tan”. When I reread it, I felt a little foolish. (Not the first time I misread something in one of your posts. Your “hardon collider” that was actually a “hadron collider” comment a while back had me a bit concerned…glad I reread that one) I could still use an Uber tan though if you know of a good place to get one. 🙂

    Nice post as always Jim.

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