Perpetual Motion Machine

The search for an endless, free energy source has been discovered and as usual, it’s been under our noses for quite some time, or in this case, our fingertips.

Christian apologists have been recruited GE Office Systems for developing a hands-on, in-home prototype using electricity generating keyboards. Since there is no end in sight to the rhetoric and excuses generated, apologists in key population bases have been scheduled to present their arguments for god during “peak voltage demand” based on their time zones. Each apologist will receive metered credits on their power bills, and substation attendants will receive overtime for after hours, long winded diatribes when keystrokes exceed power demand.

While the current prototype generates a substantial, unintelligible-vacuum sound, is is anticipated to blend in nicely with the already numbing tones that whisk their way across the world at light speed from existing modems. As existing arguments for god are at a millennials-long standstill, frustration has trended upward only raising the flurry of apologetic banter.

Author: jim-

One minute info blogs escaping the faith trap.

14 thoughts on “Perpetual Motion Machine”

  1. This could be very appealing to Christian apologists. They could blow off some steam while simultaneously creating clean electric energy which would decrease our dependence on fossil fuels which in turn takes some focus off of fossils. Fossils are of course very problematic in the Christian timeline as laid out in the Bible. If they can sweep them under the rug while taking that same rug to try to cover your eyes to the truth, then there’s two birds taken out with one stone.

    This is a great companion to the Christian’s Insult Thesaurus. This thesaurus is used quite a bit when debating non-theists. When “stupid” just isn’t enough, use the Christian’s Insult Thesaurus. Then you can tell someone they’re not only stupid, but incoherent, a waste of time, uneducated or just plain ignorant. Combine the insult thesaurus with the keyboard generator to ramp up production. It won’t help to enlighten anyone, but it will help light up your home for years to come.

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      1. I have multiple suppressed levels of sarcasm that I hold in every time I make contact. But as you can see, they are slowly surfacing but by bit. Almost time for a break.

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