God Works Through Doctors/Scientists

How Christians credit god for scientific advancement.

I’m sure god has already thought of everything, then at the right time to keep up with the needs of his children, he puts the thought “out there” for some laboring scientist heathen to have an “aha moment” of discovery, thus benefiting all mankind and saving the day—But, as always, too late.

So far 25million people have died from aids, and even amidst the prayers of Christian opposition we are making progress towards a cure. But I guess god knows best when to end a life here to spend the rest of the eons in hell. God is compassionate.

Roughly 8million cancer deaths per year, and WHO is anticipating 84million more deaths over the next 10 years. God has revealed the cure bit by bit, but research scientist are just to caught up foray of equations and just don’t get it. More prayer is needed for scientific clarity and also to justify the rise of childhood cancers. But, he knows best—He is kind.

In the 14th century god decided to take a half day off. The plague killed half the worlds population, and the discoveries by Yersin and the Simond led to eventual vaccinations and things stabilized—500 years later—Gods timing is perfect.

“If” there was a god, drip fed scientific advance and drip fed morality based on the demands of secularism is the ultimate in immorality. THE All knowing, all caring, always loving, and always dead last when it comes to human advances, especially in morality—God is just…Just what?

Ask Mel….god is obvious— He’s everywhere!! Yes I say. I see him for what he is, if he were real. Remember, faith NEVER adds up to what it’s propped up to be when you look past the whitewashing


Author: jimoeba

Alternatives to big box religions and dogmas

80 thoughts on “God Works Through Doctors/Scientists”

  1. “God’s timing” is something Christians like to say about stuff like this. It wasn’t his timing yet to cure cancer or AIDS. Be patient and wait on the lord and in time you’ll see results. It was the right time for Bob to get a promotion or Sally to find her car keys or Joe move across the country. Those prayers are answered because it was, in God’s great wisdom, the perfect time to answer them. The prayers of millions or billions to end suffering? Not yet.

    People who believe God is obvious and “just look around and you’ll see him” need to be honest with us and themselves. They are deists, not theists. There is absolutely no evidence that God interferes with our lives. You can make the argument that a creator created everything and allowed it to evolve on its own. The idea that a creator set things in motion and then moved on is much more reasonable than trying to convince someone the evidence-free Bible is true. There is no concrete evidence of a deistic god but the belief in a god like that has much more merit than a belief in YHWH or Jesus.

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      1. It’s the “I’m not yet willing to concede that things just are” stance. It’s the “I still want to believe in a god but I can no longer lie and say I know exactly who he is anymore” stance.

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        1. It’s also a cop out. One that I myself have been guilty of off and on since leaving Christianity. It’s probably just a transitional phase. Somewhere between being all in and no thank you.

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          1. I can see that “not so sure button” myself now and then, but it all gets absurd when I think of the reality. Something initiated the Big Bang, but was blown 100million light years into space and just wondering if it worked or not.

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            1. I think it’s natural that when you’ve believed in something for so long to have difficulty transitioning to believing in nothing at all. Wanting to believe in something or longing to belong to something bigger than ourselves doesn’t make it true. It’s just another belief. Basically we all just need to admit that the unknown things in life are unknown. We need to stop pretending that we have the answers that we don’t actually have and then pretending that those answers we don’t actually have give us authority over other people.

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            2. Personally I would just rather go idle than throw in with a guess. The history of all the gods has been horrific. Where’s the nice guy god? Wanna start a church?

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            3. I could never start a church. I’m too honest. However, as a get rich quick scheme, there are few that have worked better so it is tempting.

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            4. Yeah. I know. I thought your morality left when you left religion. That’s what they say happens, but nothing is ever as they say.

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            5. Well, religious people say that our morals come from God. Your post illustrates beautifully what type of god their god is. If our morals come from a god like that, it’s easy to see why those who don’t follow that god are some of the most honest and decent people you’ll ever meet.

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    1. I’m open to the idea of some kind of God which initiated creation (perhaps it’s because of my Christian roots), but if there were a God I don’t think they would be anything like any of the Gods people profess to believe in, nor could we probably communicate with them. The idea of a God being some powerful person (eg Yahweh, Zeus) was never based on scientific evidence but rather a combination of wishful thinking, lack of scientific understanding of our world, and I guess these Gods also carry human traits to make them relatable.

      But as you said, there is no concrete evidence of any of this, and I’m sure our lives (and ‘after lives’) aren’t influenced by whether we believe in them or not. Whew!

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    1. I would add that instead of calling it brain damage, I would say conditioning. Exercising parts of the brain develops speech and memorization, not using them atrophies certain areas. I think when you give up the search and attach to something absurd, it does have affect. Certainly.

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  2. I agree, but how to get those who have blinders on to remove them and at least think on this fact about their missing god? How to get the super deluded religious to open their own eyes a bit? Hugs

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      1. Sorry to be so pessimistic and blunt but the last few days I have been subjecting myself to religious people on TV, New stations, and Youtube. I am stunned by how wrong they are about reality of life around us, how adment they are in denial of science and facts. This whole idea that facts don’t exist because I don’t agree with what they show is nuts. But I current president has made it a real thing and a huge problem getting people to see what is real and what is not. I admit it has me discouraged and yes, even angry. Hugs

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        1. Never fear Scottie. It will come bit by bit into a snowball. Look this way. With the exception of Einstein, most great physicists spend their entire careers and have one breakthrough. 2 at best. The greatest minds pry it open and keep looking and testing. Niels Bohr heralded as one of the greatest in history had 1— the atomic model But because of him, someone has another one. The electron wasn’t even discovers till 1897, but things are picking up speed. Never fear, just fight!

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    1. I agree with Ben, Nice picture. I like it when people use their own face when they can. Some have good reason not to, but still it helps to put the face with the ideas. Hugs

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      1. @ Scottie.
        I do not use my real face in case my-four ex wives, and one large St Bernard recognise me and come after me for alimony and a large backlog of dog food.
        It’s tough in the real world.

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        1. Oh my non-Deities! You have to do what you should to be safe. I know some people who do not use their face as it is too offensive for society. Sadly most of them I dated. Hugs

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  3. Hey!

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    Being that your blog is so successful, I was wondering if you might know of anyone else who would qualify and be willing to participate. We would greatly appreciate your help in identifying families who might qualify and be interested in participating.

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    Tori Christensen
    American Families of Faith Project

    (Sorry if this posted twice. I didn’t see it appear the first time!)

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  4. Ask Mel….god is obvious— He’s everywhere!!

    These days that is an impossibility as he has banned me. Not that he would have given an honest answer in any case.

    To address your rather excellent post ….

    The general propensity for human beings to succumb to so much illness and disease is, for all intent and purpose, (pun intended) indicative of evolution, and that we are simply part of an ever-changing organism (nature) in which we adapt as we evolve.

    Conversely, however, if we are in fact created beings then based on the amount of unnecessary suffering alone, Yahweh /Jesus did a pretty lousy job.
    This is just taking the physicals aspect of our humanity and how fragile we really are and does not even begin to address the emotional trauma humanity has been put through over the past 100,000 years (ballpark) by what, if this god were real, would be the most heinously cruel entity ever one could possibly conceive.

    Those internet proponents of the Christian religion who champion Yahweh/Jesus – Mel Wild, Branyan, David Robertson, Colorstorm, Orange etc ad nauseum, and the more mainstream ”Famous” ones such as Craig, Lennox Licona and their revolting ilk even go as far as concocting a term for the more overt genocidal tendencies of this god, Divine Command Theory, are , in terms of the law guilty of possible incitement or maybe even accessories after the fact.

    They are most certainly guilty of child abuse, and general abuse, slander, defamation of character, and lying
    ”We are all guilty of killing Christ” .(paraphrase Mel Wild)

    As far as something specific such as the HIV/AIDs epidemic, then every single Catholic that either agreed with the Church’s stance on condoms or kept silent about it is guilty of one of the most atrocious and avoidable death tolls in a very long time.

    So as we cannot bring Yahweh/Jesus to book then the best we can do is go after the dirt bags that work for him. Oh, I am sorry … Him.


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    1. Great reply. That Divine Command Theory is the biggest load of crap whitewash ever made. I also heard “they are not dead unto god” which by all accounts, those heathen weren’t fit to live here any more so they certainly won’t go to heaven. Cut short their existence on earth for the real fun to begin. he can throw them to hell for eternity. God is love.

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    2. @Ark. I love your comment. Reading it I got the idea of the most horrible super villain in the superhero movies currently the rage. The god these people champion is a mean evil spoiled child despot. Just like the villains in the movies. How then can they support and agree with this villain? Dang, I am glad I am not a slave to a horrible master. I will sink or swim based on my own stupidity, not on the idea of some people 2000 or so years ago. Thanks for helping me see this religious slavery in a new light. Hugs

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    3. You got banned by Mel? congratulations lol. I looked at a few of his articles, almost all the comments there are people criticising and refuting what he says, he doesn’t seem to have many believers.

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          1. Good! Preserved for posterity.
            Mel considers Robin Williams and his reference to a blow job vulgar but, notwithstanding the completely fictitious nature of the claim, burning in Hell for eternity for not believing in the Lake Tiberius Pedestrian is perfectly acceptable, moral, and justified.

            Go figure!

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            1. It’s all a pious act anyway. Google clicks don’t lie. The only difference between one or the other is the Christians closet their behavior and pervert it. Just like a closet drinker, when they have a moment they overdo it and then deny.


            2. If you read the dialogue you would have encountered Wally.
              Now he is a special case.
              I first encountered him regarding a so-called atheist conversion after I stated that genuine atheists do not convert, and certainly not because of evidence as there is none.
              Apparently, Wally claimed to be have been an atheist but after some back and forth he came clean and admitted that he had in fact, only ”turned his back on God”.
              Then he met a woman …. after a divorce …. chased after her to Church, and eventually found god again and got married.
              How sweet!
              He is also a young earth creationist, and once stated that my father was Satan. Straight up, I kid you not.
              His kids from his first marriage are – according to him – atheist – and he prays for them to become Christians as he genuinely believes they will eventually be burning in Hell.

              Most Christians in blogland tend to tread a little warily around him, much like we would d towards the strange incontinent uncle who rinses his false teeth out in his tea and smells of wee and mothballs.

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            3. I read the whole thread til you got booted. It didn’t take long to just start scrolling through wallys comments. Jeezus. If you are the son of Satan, than we are blood brothers. Better than being a son of god who cast his offspring out of heaven for having his own ideas.

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            4. I mentioned the conversation to my mother – who is a Christian – during a phone call and she laughed, saying that she had always considered my father to be a bit of a devil for sure, but never realised he was THE Devil.
              Takes all sorts I suppose.

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  5. When you seriously consider the amount of death and suffering going on in this world, how can there possibly be a loving compassionate God? Christians will love to point out that our world is broken due to sin etc, but then you ALSO have to consider that this God is all knowing and chooses not to intervene despite being asked to and having millions of people needlessly die. Also, all this because Adam and Eve ate some juicy fruit?

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  6. Great post Jim. 👍

    Fyi, part of the reason I’ve been off the radar lately is because not only do I have several simultaneous projects demanding a LOT of my time — one of which are my SSC BDSM lifestyle activities 😈 — but I am constructing and composing (for the sake of convenience & finality with Fundy-Evangy Christian zealots) a very lengthy new Page for my public blog called “Why Christianity Will Always Fail.” It will be quite extensive so as to (hopefully) humble and quieten those radical Believers. I’m just tired of answering and addressing the same ole apologetics and challenges they present. It gets extremely boring and repetitive. When the Page is finished, I’ll just refer them to it and BE DONE WITH ‘EM! Woooohoooooo!!! 🎊 🎉 😁

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    1. Good luck. It is fun for me to post something unusual or interesting, but yes, the arguments get old. Winning the same battles over and over and just creeping along. I did another round with Mel. There’s a new guy, spartan atheist, and he just had his first brainyawn experience. Can’t remember which post but same ol. He caught Branyan lying if you can believe that! I hope you’ll keep yours under 10,000 words :)). I’ve had bad pneumonia this past week. Still alive for now though. Good to see you

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      1. Yes, I’ve also chatted very briefly with TheSpartanAtheist (a couple) and warned him/her about ColorfulSprinkles. I’ve caught BrainYawn in lies as well; that’s why he stopped visiting my blog. Too ashamed/embarrassed?

        Hahahaha! Under 10,000 words? It is already up to 5,300 and I STILL have all the many major failures/problems with Christian “Special Revelations.” If there weren’t 100’s to 1,000’s to 10,000’s of problems/failures with the religion’s General & Special Revelations, the Page would indeed be much shorter! LOL 😛

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          1. Have already done just that Sir — sort of — with separate clickable files should anyone have the time (or the gonads?) to do ALL the legwork/homework such a task/journey for truth requires. 😉

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          1. That is something I considered for a long time Nan. Thank you Ma’am. ❤

            I just decided that either way, the person/people that really want to honestly and neutrally consider (as is humanly possible) the vast evidence, proofs, sound reasoning, fallacious history, misunderstood and/or mislead REAL 2nd Temple Judaism/Messianism, etc, etc, AGAINST Christianity/Hellenistic Christology will stick it out either way. Post-series I've done before often lost previous commenters/participators toward the end. Now that could be entirely because of my writing-style and subject matter and how pedantic I can get sometimes/often. Hahahaha! 😉 But I don't care; I'm thorough, detailed, and prefer accuracy over convenience (laziness?) or internet ADD. If most people use Facebook or social-media for their sources of truthful information, then no matter WHAT I do they will not get it and be lost to rhetoric and propaganda anyways. LOL 😉

            As always, thank you Nan for your support and feedback! I always want to hear/read it!


            1. Of course it’s entirely your choice on how you want to share information. But I can tell you straight-up … you will never find me reading an extra long academic post. Not that I don’t want to learn … but I guess I’ve become accustomed to the “instant” world we live in … and I don’t think I’m alone.

              Now if it’s someone sharing their personal life experiences … things I could/would relate to … that’s an entirely different situation.

              Anyway, just sharing my thoughts. It’s your blog … your post … your decision. But you already know that. ❤

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            2. I think what I might do Nan just to try and cover everyone’s preferences is do both formats. IOW, I’m drafting the single Page (not a post) right now. It will go in my Main Menu as a subpage. When that’s completed, then I’ll just break it up into 800 – 1,200 word separate posts in a series! That way, hopefully, EVERYBODY is happy and smarter!!! LOL 😛 😉

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  7. I think a part of it is that people like the idea of the world always being orderly. If you have a God in charge of everything, then you don’t have to worry. Even when bad things happen since it is a part of God’s Plan for you, which makes you special.

    I see the universe as random. There is order and chaos, which move together.

    I have a brain injury from a wall falling on me. It was a random event, nothing more. But such randomness means accepting that safety is an illusion. People prefer to think that they will always be safe. I think that the idea of God’s Plan for them is a part of that.

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    1. Is this orderly desire what keeps the fascination alive for the kings and queens? I would think so. It too is a running joke but people still cling to wanting a leader, a savior. Good to see you.

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      1. Yes. It is hard for people to manage groups without some sort of leader. There is a whole religious history behind kings and queens. The Romans kept the office of Rex after they established the Republic, so that the Gods would have proper offerings. The Rex became a priest.

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  8. Same old, same old … if you want Reality in this life, try a new approach—give away the mental masturbation that is arguing with diehard religiosi (of any ilk) and instead go to the roots. Do what they do, but do it with Reality on your side—


    (a) get hold of the young, and
    (b) inculcate them with one simple tool

    that will serve them forever. Read on, for tool.

    That tool is simply the Law of Contradiction.
    Nothing more, nothing less.

    The LOC states simply (I beg rebuttals!)—

    IF you find an apparent contradiction,
    look to the premises—
    —one of them at least is false

    Think about it … a loving God and a plague? An all-powerful compassionate God and Satan? A merciful God and napalm? The love of the Omnipotent and the Holy Inquisition?

    You can have a field day with the one … get the young thinking.
    Give them the tools to think with~!

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    1. I do like your tried and true method. I’ve been employing it frequently since the first time I saw you mention it. Work very well on the Bible too. Thanks Argusimiondo Sir


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