Religious Carbon Monoxide Poisoning.

Carbon Monoxide has a 250 times higher affinity to hemoglobin than Oxygen. CO poisoning can be fatal, and when poisoning is survived it takes about 6 hours to remove half the CO from your blood stream, then gradually over the course of days you release the rest. It bonds in the same place as an oxygen molecule, therefore limiting the bloods ability to carry enough oxygen to organs and tissue.

We are born as a blank slate, but during our youth we are susceptible creatures with a high affinity to believe what we are told. As superstitious as we are, a sudden realization eventually unfolds that we have been tricked along the way. From the birds and the bees to Santa, the Easter Bunny, and the tooth fairy, we are tricked as children at nearly every turn—especially when it comes to gods. Religious indoctrination has a high affinity to human thought, and even after calling BS on the whole game, it can take years to purge all the nonsensical belief from our systems. Religion is every bit as dangerous to our mental health as CO is to our physical. Although they both effect our lives in similar ways with irrational confusion, dizziness, nausea, and making you perpetually weak. I am confident you can hold your own just fine without believing in something phony that says you need it, but in reality is a curse to your development.

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15 thoughts on “Religious Carbon Monoxide Poisoning.”

    1. Guarding and teaching the realities should be a parents first line, but most of the time it’s lines of cr@p from the minute they are born. Surrounding the nursery crib with pictures and music of unbelievable nonsense, conditioning for a life of accepting fantasy without a shred of fact. It’s embarrassing really.

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  1. If baffles the mind even more that a world class scientist, such as Francis Collins will still cling to Christianity.
    One has to wonder if his fear of death would have been so profound had he been born in India or even a much more secular humanist environment?

    Unfortunately, when such eminent individuals confess to being part of this death cult garbage it allows Giant Nobs such as Branyan and Mel, to claim some sort of respectability for their idiotic worldview, without realising that sadly Collins is just as much a Giant Nob for believing a reanimated corpse has the power to forgive his sins(sic) and is his ticket to the ”good life” in heaven.

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    1. It is amazing isn’t it. It’s a badge of honor to believe the unbelievable, wink, smile, know it’s crap all along and carry on. Deception 24/7

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  2. I personally think that it is in the culture we live in. It is in the air – the values and assumptions of Monotheism stalks us all. I do believe that people have to recognize the hidden aspects of Monotheism that they may carry around with them. Such as evolution = social progress (always). Evolution is a neutral event that rewards the most adaptable, not the most deserving.

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    1. Where’s my “agree” button? Those willing to bond to a large group, no matter how ridiculous it is, have multiplied uncontrollably and are hell bent to continue. As my cousin Wally says, “this deer has too many tics” time to get off.

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  3. Indeed. My first awakening occured over a quarter century ago, but I am still discovering many insidious ways that religion starved me, and continues to starve the world, of oxygen. Thanks and peace.

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  4. Perpetually chasing invisible rabbits when humanity could be spending time focused on something real. We could really do something special to the world, but no, god is in control.

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  5. It’s depressing that we don’t get to choose our beliefs. Exploring and forming one’s beliefs is not accepted anywhere. We don’t get to choose and when we realise, we’re old. Non religious people are often criticized. Even I was asked a number of questions about why I didn’t believe. I don’t believe because I don’t want to.
    And they label me as someone who’s going to hell.

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  6. As I understand it we are the product of biological and environmental processes. Top dog sapiens. We would do well to remember this when trying to understand anything having to do with human interactions with each other and the environment we occupy.
    A fundamental change in these relationships must happen if we want to stay ahead of the extinction conga line. And then, with a modicum of effort, we can all enjoy a society focused on wellbeing.
    Come on people, we can do this. It needs to be a good, good life for all.

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    1. Our well being also depends on the well being of other creatures. Being “top dog” should teach us all species are connected and important to the natural world.

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      1. Just as sheep herding dogs protect and guide the flocks, we should also be protecting and helping the flora and fauna of the planet to thrive. When they go, we are done also. Hugs

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