3% Neanderthal

A second high-def complete Neanderthal genome has been sequenced from a 52,000 year old bone found in the Vindija Cave in northern Croatia (take that young earthers) remarkably well preserved, it has a story to tell about its own immediate ancestry and living arrangements.

Other than native Africans that carry none, most people carry about 1-2% Neanderthal DNA, much more than originally thought possible. My daughters boyfriend just got his DNA results and found he is 3% Neanderthal—30% more than the high average. If he is just a glimpse of life as a Neanderthal, they were carefree, goofy, a little bit of Alfred E Neuman, and no care for the future or the present—Blissfully traipsing through life without existential fear of death and what lies beyond.

To date the earliest known encounter with modern humans out of Africa was about 100,000 years ago, then died out as an independent species about 30,000 years ago, while many scientists believe the arrival of modern humans aided in the extinction of Neanderthal. Weird. Seems to be a long standing trend. I wonder if it had something to do with Neanders inability to adapt to the superstitious man’s need to run everyone’s lives with unbelievable religion or your life is not worth living. A tradition that carried on well into the 21st century.


Author: jimoeba

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29 thoughts on “3% Neanderthal”

  1. If I had a time machine (please let me have a time machine!) the second era i’d visit is 30,000 years ago; watching neanderthals, denisovans, and modern humans… especially those around lascaux and altamira.

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    1. Wouldn’t that be incredible? I could sell tickets to that show as the Christian protesters marched around picketing your machine that’s driving the last nail in religions coffin. What would be the first place you’d go John?

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      1. The first Palaeolithic burial with grave goods. That’s where it all began. I want to watch that moment.

        What about you, what three times/things/events you’d want to witness?

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            1. I was thinking more of visiting the natives with a little info. Lol. I would like to see the miles of old growth forests, rivers and streams full of salmon and wildlife teeming the banks, the grasslands where you can see for miles and see nothing at all, the canyons and unseen natural wonders of the world before our time in it’s grandeur. Then go back in ten thousand year increments.

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    2. Me too. I can see it now. A bunch of neanderthals sitting around a campfire, petting their dogs, and passing around a joint. “Ugh! Weed am good, no?” “Grunt. Indeed. Me can see a whole universe on my thumbnail. Awesome, dude.”

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  2. Have you ever seen the depictions of New York before Giovanni de Verrazzano or Henry Hudson? Fascinating! Now every river needs a restoration project.

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      1. You’re absolutely correct. I wish to send my deepest apologies to any and all Neanderthals. They were far more intelligent than he who claims to be bigly smart.

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        1. It is however easy to assume that way back then they weren’t too sharp, but I highly suspect differently. The best obviously doesn’t alway win, and many times through history the smart ones are rounded up and dissected by the dumb. Only the gentle or compliant have been assimilated into the new cultures system,i.e. Native Americans, Caribs, aboriginals of all types. Only those that would learn the new language and go to the catholic masses daily survived. All it takes is one person on an entire continent to discover steel or another advantage and change the course of history (or disease)

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  3. (puts the Devil’s Advocate hat on for a moment)

    Just like the Apollo moon landings was a total hoax by NASA, all this scientific genetics and DNA b.s. is a hoax by Satan’s tricksters! Whoa to you fools…

    ‘Professing themselves to be [genetically] wise, they became fools………’

    The word of God as stated in the book of Romans. Always spot on, in any age. God’s word is like that; always has the final say.

    (Now, no more hats…)

    Now the actual reality! … Remarkable, modern gene therapy: Terminal cancer patients in complete remission after one gene therapy treatment. Here’s the article:


    Here’s a quote from a Nov. 2017 article at ScienceMagazine.org entitled A human has been injected with gene-editing tools to cure his disabling disease. Here’s what you need to know:

    Hunter syndrome results from a mutation in a gene for an enzyme that cells need to break down certain sugars. When the enzyme is defective or missing, the sugars build up and can cause developmental delays, organ problems, brain damage, and early death. Brian Madeux, the first patient in what will be a small clinical trial has a mild form of the disease, but nevertheless has had more than two dozen operations as a result, AP reports.

    Someday, researchers may be able to use gene editing to repair the flawed gene in cells that causes diseases like Hunter syndrome. However, that’s not the goal of the trial, sponsored by Sangamo Therapeutics, a biotech company based in Richmond, California. Instead, the company inserts a replacement copy of the gene, using gene editing to snip the DNA helix of liver cells in a specific place near the promotor, or on-off switch, for the gene for a protein called albumin. The cells fix the damage by inserting the DNA for the new gene, supplied by the researchers along with the gene editor’s DNA scissors, and the gene’s activity is then controlled by the powerful albumin promotor. The idea is to turn these modified liver cells into a factory for making the enzyme missing in Hunter syndrome.

    Science and all its fields, disciplines, and subdisciplines is/are just flat out one of humanity’s BEST discoveries, virtues, and in all likelihood our TRUE “salvation” from extinction on planet Earth and on those future Goldilocks planets we will soon colonize!

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      1. 😍 Absolutely my Brotha! See, there are many, MANY things about humanity that are fantastic hopes and news, ESPECIALLY when we adapt, progress, and evolve… rather than desparately arrogantly cling-to antiquated foolish ideologies like the frog in the frying pan and osterich head in the sand! 👍 😛

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  4. I read that there was two species of hominids living for what we would think of as quite a long time together as neighbors in the same time frame. Yet over time the Neanderthals as a species died out. We know they bred with the other hominids because we have the dna in us now. The real question is why did our other fellow hominid die off? Did our ancestors kill them? Did they encounter disease they couldn’t deal with? According to what I could find out , they simply were as smart and tool using as our own ancestors, but they couldn’t deal with the change in climate. Yes according to what I read climate change killed off the Neanderthals. Yet today due to religious attacks on science, the known data on climate change and global warming is discredited. Because of that what happened to the Neathanderthal could easily happen to us. We are destroying the habitat we need to live, the environment we need to survive. We outlived them, but we may be destroying our own selves the same way they went. Hugs

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