The Good Shepard

Canaan Dog Breed

Keeping the flock together and protecting the sheep is the Shepard’s primary job. Most shepherds take care of sheep, although they may be responsible for goats as well. They often work in isolated areas and may work independently except for the assistance of herding or guard dogs.

The Canaan dog has a 3000 year history in the Middle East. Since the Shepard has derelict his duties in keeping the flock together, they frequently send out missionaries dogs to keep the herd together. The dog will say or do anything to return a sheep to the fold, and when resisted will resort to tactics of deceptive counter attacks and growls and even nips and verbal assault.

Propping terms like “The Good Shepard” would indicate a Shepard that has a tight flock, well protected, cared-for with medical needs, properly fed and trusted. How’s he doing? Remember, we never see what we hear when it comes to religion.

According to the Borgen Project, about 793 million people are starving in the world as we speak. Medical cost is the number one cause of financial ruin in the US, and worldwide more than 200 million children lack basic healthcare. Children of developing countries are twice as likely to die from treatable disease. Diarrhea is still a leading cause of death in many countries where 4 of 5 women lose at least one child before puberty.

He protects the flock—how many beheadings by Muslims are considered collateral damage too good to intervene for the just cause? The church is scattered with strange doctrines no-one group or person can agree on. Gods mercy is played with a blind eye of false hope and excuses with the wisdom of an abused spouse protecting her attacker. Gods bounty is shared amongst the wealthy nations that use manipulation and deceit in a system of cruelty and monetary deception to most of mankind, where the purveyors of faith sit on piles of hypocritical cash, leaving it to god to care for the poor, teaching them lessons they have no idea how to interpret. The children die a slow and torturous death for their own benefit though not a soul can figure out the riddle of why, but claim from the rooftops that god is good. Good for what?

So how is our Good Shepard doing? Even those that claim to be his sheep are in constant peril beneath his footstool. He has done nothing to protect even one person. Are things EVER what they say it is?


Author: jimoeba

Alternatives to big box religions and dogmas

7 thoughts on “The Good Shepard”

  1. I enjoyed this article, especially the last two paragraphs – very well written and said! It all reminds me that if the Christian God were real, then he’s a negligent asshole. Of course, if you’re a wealthy Christian living in the west it is easy to pretend that the poor don’t exist and so you don’t have that problem.

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  2. Hello Jim. One of the blogs I follow is of a sheep farmer in New Zealand ( I think ) . While some of his words and phrases are different than my own, there is no question of the long hours and patience he has taking care of his charges. What he goes through in the different seasons, the equipment challenges, the uncooperative weather, and the stubborn refusal of his flock to live by a human time table would be enough to snap the temper of most people including me, yet he takes in stride, he weathers the good as the bad, and does the best he can by his dependant herds. I find his stories so funny and down to earth I even started to learn about sheep raising. Here is the link if you are interested, . Great post as always. I get the feeling you are a man of deep thoughts. My grandfather was like that. Few words, but what he did say was well worth hearing. Hugs

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