Modern Religion

To sum up what we’ve inherited—we have a machine we never asked for and have no idea who made it. We’ve never seen it actually do anything productive but curiously have no courage to turn it off. We see no actual usefulness for it, but are convinced forced to live with it at every turn in our life using up precious energy and thoughts. Attempts to disengage the machine are met with raised eyebrows, skepticism, and accusations of evil while those dependent on its psychological hold can’t seem to live without the constant hum of what they won’t believe they can’t live without. The machine has no actual usefulness. Its constant whir numbs the beauty of life with useless tinnitus and distraction, blocking human potential as waves of tv white-noise and cooling fans of the purposeless motor soothe the soul like a dripping faucet they are just to lazy to turn off.

Under careful examination decisions are made. Do I clip the red wire, or the white wire, or just live on hearing it do nothing but interfere with ones clarity. The best I can do is distance myself from the blast zone and hope it runs out of fuel.


Author: jimoeba

Alternatives to big box religions and dogmas

10 thoughts on “Modern Religion”

  1. It appears that modern-day evangelists are doing their part in feeding the machine, eh? A self-perpetuating , comforting delusional one at that. 😦

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  2. By no means am I preaching…
    What if the biggest truth to late christianity was the fact of human death?
    It might just be natural human instinct to put a decaying body under the earth… that body of life might have been an inspirational being that once thrived and gave hope to many… yet short lived a life that left many lost for a moral compass.
    It just might be a good natured natural feeling to give belief to rituals to get the great good of the group on board to do the heavy lifting in the heat of the hotter climates.
    Let the story telling begin.
    RIP Peter Bunny

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