Titius-Bode Law- A Religious Type

Titius-Bode Law is a formula that suggests, extending outward, each planet would be approximately twice as far from the Sun as the one before. While the theory sounds intriguing, the six known planets at the time out to Saturn, only loosely followed the law (the theory was presented when there were only 6 known planets).

As more plantes were discovered, it was also discovered that the law didn’t accurately depict correct spacing. Neptune and Pluto, and the discovery of the asteroid belt removed Ceres from the list of planets as well, and the distant planets were way off the mark. It was time to abandoned the old premise and regroup. Turns out some of the planetary spacing is just coincidence and no real pattern is predictable. However, that doesn’t stop some circles from trying to prove its validity.

What was theorized to be true was changed and the journals are no longer accepting papers trying to prove Titius-Bode. I appreciate that about the scientific community. The ability to discover and rediscover in the quest for accuracy is more important than clinging to a false premise.

Religion too, has been superseded by knowledge. What was maybe the best explanation of its day in the life of an ancient sheep-herder, is not the best explanation today. Religion must employ faith and belief and promises they are unable to keep to hold any ground at all. We are at a crossroad, and as every belief in ancient gods has been met and eventually defeated, so too will the current models. Here’s to hoping it’s sooner than later. Just because something sounds good, and you wish it were true, doesn’t make it a reality.


Author: jimoeba

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10 thoughts on “Titius-Bode Law- A Religious Type”

  1. Planets? OTHER planets? Seriously, you atheists NEVER fail to amaze me. There are NO planets but Earth. Those things you see at night in the distant sky are simply the well-lit neighborhoods of angels hovering in the firmament. And the “sun”? HA! That’s simply God’s porch light that he often forgets to turn off. Once atheists like you give up your fictitious notions of “planets, suns and stars” and take up more serious bible readin’, the world will become a calmer, more highly educated place. 🙂

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  2. Points-of-references, points-of-measurements versus decaying Stagnation, huh? 😉 Pluralism-Subjectivity versus Monism-Egocentricity. Human Knowledge balanced and tested by ignorance relative to Time, Motion, References, & Measurements. How can ANY of this Conscious stuff be accurately understood without any kinetic energy spent!!!? HOW!?

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    1. I do enjoy following some of these old advances. If religion were to follow the obvious awakening moments it would fail in freefall. Here’s hopin’

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