God is Shrinking

Denying evidence has the Christian god stuck on a Tilt-a-Whirl going round and round. The more science deniers deny, the smaller the gaps that give room for any god at all. Their god is shrinking. Science doesn’t know everything, but it does know quite a lot. Data continues to grow, and as it does, false premises and pseudoscience themes are stuck in first gear on a round pedal car track, re-explaining themselves over and over, honing the wording to satisfy religious sophistry and maintain fear in its loyals.

When worn out explanations keep repackaging themselves, never coming out of immaterial spirit (what is that) mode and dualism to explain the explainable when perfectly viable research and answers in neuroscience grow steadily year after year, the religion that has bound the minds of men for millennia is finally making its way out the door. Soon. Very soon.

The Bible cannot be taken literally any longer. It is far from inspired truth and those that cling to its allegorical power too will fade. Soon the Bible will only be found in the mythology section along side the rest of the immortals that have gone missing.


Author: jimoeba

Alternatives to big box religions and dogmas

42 thoughts on “God is Shrinking”

  1. In an on-going discussion on abortion, a Christian cited Jeremiah 1:5, then was baffled when I asked him how that actually influenced the discussion… which was about the physical stages of foetal development.

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    1. Ah yes. That is a popular scripture that requires one to explain the soul/mind as separate from the brain which has been duplicated many times in neurological studies. Outer body experiences can be duplicated in the temporal/parietal junction, dissolving the theory that the spirit and body are separate entities. This isn’t even new but they keep repeating that scripture as some type of proof.

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      1. As I pointed out to him, the Templeton Foundation (a Christian research group with over U.S.$4 billion in its research fund) has spent over 30 years and over U.S.$1 billion specifically looking for the “soul.” They have funded actual research (some good, some not so good), but the important thing is that this very well-funded organisation is active and actively investigating the hypothesis. That’s a good thing. I support any and all research. To date, however, their efforts have returned exactly zero positive results. Zero.

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        1. You find fields that fail in evidence like homeopathy and telekinesis eventually die out due to zero evidence. 4billion$$ might take a little while to sputter, but it will. These guys know it doesn’t work but funding speaks volumes to Christian integrity.

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  2. The post I just wrote on evolution kind of ties into this (shameless plug). Christians don’t just deny science. Christians are taught to deny science by those whom they trust. Teachers, pastors and parents teach kids what they were taught and tell them that anything contrary to that teaching is evil.

    You are correct. Science can’t explain everything. But religion explains nothing. Nothing but the gullibility and superstitious nature of people.

    We need to teach our kids to think for themselves and look at all options and explanations. Don’t take one explanation and blindly accept it as truth simply because you trust the one who told it to you.

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      1. I don’t know about fine writings… but thanks. I wasn’t really trying to plug anything. I just noticed a similarity between what you wrote and what I just wrote… but for anyone interested: https://learningwhogodisandwhoheisnot.wordpress.com 🙂 Hey, how did that link get there?

        Anyway, it was kind of funny that I just wrote about how what I thought about evolution was told to me by those whom I trusted in my religious life and how I denied science because of my upbringing. Regardless of whether or not the facts supported what I was told, I trusted nonetheless.

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    1. We need to teach our kids to think for themselves and look at all options and explanations.

      Exactly right Ben! As I’ve mentioned to you before, “Teach them HOW to think, not what to think.” 😉 ❤

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  3. Hear hear Jim!!! This is spot on! Funny, it addresses exactly my situation with P. Mel Wild here…


    Geeezzzz, the hamster-wheel gets so SO boring when apologists TRY to keep moving the goal-posts, keep inventing & re-inventing new theological circus acts… within a Closed-system of belief!!! How can Faithers continue twist, turn, tweak verbage and exegesis from a CANONICAL Bible over 2,300 years old!!!??? It’s maddening sometimes and other times it is beyond hysterical what they’ll do and say!!! 😵😄

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    1. I was reading your latest on “that” blog and I have to ask … does he ever agree with ANYTHING? Even if he seems to go along with something someone has said, he immediately re-frames it so it sounds like something HE would say and you have it all wrong.

      Have you noticed there hasn’t been any new posts? Maybe you guys wore him down?

      Nahhh …

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      1. He did agree we are all human. Funny, if I only understood the classical arguments I would agree with him I guess, according to him it’s just that I am
        Not smart enough. Lol. All of his talk turns him to a deist, but he adamantly denies that, although it’s what everyone has noticed except him. Good to see you Nan.

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      2. That’s a great observation Nan. He does reframe everything in such a way that it DOES come across as if he’s correcting you or must IMPROVE everything fellow Believers comment/write even if it is a sentence or two on them. For anti-Mel-Wilders… nothing you ever write is vaguely correct… well, except for what Jim mentions below. Hahahahaha. “We are all humans” from planet Earth. But doesn’t that take an act from Congress to get from him? 😉 😛

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        1. He is afraid to confirm his doubts. I told him a while back that I have been in his shoes, maybe it would be fair to look at what we are saying. He said he’s seen the key points, but also accused me of being Ehrman and Dawkins disciples whom I have never read. He hasn’t really investigated any of it. He just wants to prove he’s right with what he believes. Silly

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          1. Yes. Ark and John Z have informed me that his conversion/testimony is VERY traumatic; i.e. he is super entranced and saved by his personal “life events.” Which does indeed STUFF a person’s (osterich) head way down deep in the ground where they may NEVER budge or “pull out!” 😉 😛

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            1. Agreed. When all of us have experienced those life-shattering events — and everyone does — the WORST thing one can do is make radical, overly emotional-mental knee-jerk reactions when we are so very vulnerable. :/

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            2. When religion bales you out it’s the equivalent of imagining things are ok now, so they are. Seen it happen time and again. Nothing has changed but the idea that someone is watching over them. Crazy

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            3. Yes. Seen it a thousand million times. Makes no difference if its Lakshmi, Buddha, Elpis, Osiris, Yahweh, Mary, Allah, Yeti, Sasquatch, or Oogily-Boogily… whatever is right there readily available becomes the God & Savior of your life. 😏

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  4. One can hope you are correct… that religion will fade. Otherwise we will continue to repeat the same things…war and discrimination over and over again

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