Eliciting Emotions—The Goal of Religion

How emotions are interpreted as spiritual experiences.

Subjective feelings cannot be observed; instead, the person experiencing the emotion must describe it to others, and each person’s description and interpretation of a feeling may be slightly different. For instance, two people falling in love will not experience or describe their feeling in exactly the same ways.

Physiological responses are the easiest part of emotion to measure because scientists have developed special tools to measure them. A pounding heart, sweating, blood rushing to the face, or the release of adrenaline and other hormones in response to a situation that creates intense emotion can all be measured with scientific accuracy.

People have very similar internal responses to the same emotion. For instance, regardless of age, race, or gender, when people are under stress, their bodies release adrenaline; this hormone helps prepare the body to either run away or fight, which is called the “fight or flight” reaction. Although the psychological part of emotions may be different for each feeling, several different emotions can produce the same physical reaction.

Lies also elicit emotion. Enter the public speaker, motivational speaker—the preacher. Clever wording and fabricated stories verbalized in just the right manner, accompanied with personal testimony of other “feelings”, such emotions are then described/assured to be the ‘Spirit of god‘ moving in them. Reassuring tones and velvety prose from the preacher (or downright showtime) who himself has been duped by his own physiology, demands that you need his brand of salvation through obedience, and to save all of mankind requires one thing—Money.

Money alone is the vehicle to reach out to the world, with small profits held aside to perpetuate the machine to the tune of billions. Mansions and jets setting popularity is but a mere byproduct of starvation and poverty. The stricken or afflicted of the world supply the fuel, while prayer apps and lying sermons bring it all back home in a circulus web of of a fouled downrigger, holding the bait and the fish at the bottom, drowning in a sea of lies fueling even more chemical reponses and fear of the reality of life and death, which is nothing like the warning signs suggest.

It’s actually the safest time in know history to be alive. People are also less religious than ever before. Makes ya wonder, doesn’t it?

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7 thoughts on “Eliciting Emotions—The Goal of Religion”

  1. This reminds me of Christian camps I went to during my youth. Back then, I thought they were the bees knees; that the Holy Spirit would really move through people during these sessions and that the youth leaders were real men of God. Of course, now I know that these were simply emotional responses elicited in everyone, regardless of how strong or ‘real’ they felt. During those times, the preachers would, of course, ask for money, saying that you were sowing a seed or that you would be blessed. But looking back at it now, it makes me angry. Most of these kids were still in school, with no job or minimal paying part time job, yet some of them would give THOUSANDS of dollars to these preachers because they thought it would be life changing and God inspired.

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    1. Indeed. And a case for making the basics of psychology part of every primary and secondary school curriculum (college may be too late for some)… teaching people how our brains work… in particular how susceptible we ALL are to classical and operant conditioning, not to mention our susceptibility to a host of self-serving biases. Mere awareness of these universal vulnerabilities would go a long way to inoculating people from falling prey to the scam.

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  2. Think of the money these jet buying, mansion owning multi millionaire preachers could do to help poor people around the world, disaster area victims and war torn lives. And it’s the people that tithe and contribute to this that are complicit as well. They are feeding greed and an ego, trying to buy their way into heaven.

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