God or Math

I suppose not much is more irritating than a Calvinist evangelical with advanced math, science, and theology degrees—and teaches university New Testament. Enter Vern Poythress..The argument is that mathematical laws, in order to be properly relied upon, must have attributes which indicate an origin in God. They are true everywhere (omnipresent), true always (eternal), cannot be defied or defeated (omnipotent), and are rational and have language characteristics (which makes them personal). Omnipresent, omnipotent, eternal, personal… Sounds like God. Math is an expression of the mind of God”.

I say 7+5=12 irrespective of a god, anywhere, anytime. The idea that we are explaining a completely incomprehensible being that has grown in grandeur to the point the faithful have given up, acquiesced to the level they cannot even comprehend comprehending. It’s a sad state of affairs when a myth overrides the desire to gain knowledge. “We lie when we claim that unexplainable things are in fact explainable. God is transcendent and beyond even the shadowy wisps of imagination in our finite minds. The Trinity, for instance, is not as simple as a metaphor of water (ice, water, steam) or an egg (shell, white, yoke). Sometimes I think we would be better off if we just said, “These ideas are so beyond me that if God did reveal them to me, I am pretty sure my brain would explode.” (1)

The line of reasoning in Christianity is defeat, and here we see the blind assignment of god to the trivial and the true, the obvious and the obscure—just because a unimaginable construct of human minds, that in itself is contradicted the moment we wonder about the nature of god. We disprove this unattainable jargon with imagination, theory, and testing. We have unlimited capacity to learn and understand. They just have no god to actually present. Christian faith promotes self defeatism of knowledge.

Augustine expressed interest in perfect numbers, which have a curious connection with Mersenne primes. A perfect number has the property that it equals the sum of its proper divisors. For example, the number 6 is perfect because its proper divisors are 1, 2, and 3, and 1 + 2 + 3 = 6.” Therefore, god had to create the earth in six days, not by planning, but because he had to. He had no choice but to be perfect. That is the line of connection faith deludes.

I say 6 is sequentially ordered after five and before seven because it is. Even before the universe came into existence it had “perfect” properties as perfect prime numbers do. There is no magic or god about it.

I can imagine a being so grand he controls billions of light years of space. He travels by mere thought in yonder galaxies checking in from time to time to see see if your burka covers enough or if you cut your hair. He helps when you need to find a contact lens, but turns his back on the hungry. He is deeply concerned if you play with yourself, but condones genocide using “divine command theory” to let his worshippers off the hook. Religion is a huge excuse for the masses to smugly sit back and administer cruelty because god said so. The only math I see that stems from religion is where divisions are multiplied. The mere fact that we can see we have a problem is hope that maybe we can fix it. At least that is on our side.


Author: jimoeba

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11 thoughts on “God or Math”

  1. One other thing; according to Vern Poythress “I do believe that the foundations are not simply theism but specifically the Christian God”—No bias in his science I suppose.

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  2. acquiesced to the level they cannot even comprehend comprehending.

    Nailed it.

    Interesting that in his bio it says “As an Evangelical, Poythress advocates the complete, divine authority of the Bible,” yet outwardly his perspective on “Yhwh” seems quite the deistic.

    They are true everywhere (omnipresent), true always (eternal), cannot be defied or defeated (omnipotent), and are rational and have language characteristics (which makes them personal).

    This is nonsense, and he should know it is. Inside black holes (which have a nonzero temperature, meaning they are physical bodies) physics/spacetime (therefore maths) breakdown completely. Perhaps even more weirdly, inside the ergosphere physics/spacetime (therefore maths) are only half-broken.

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      1. Mel absolutely, and Branyan. I think they’d both be much happier if they just admitted it, but I suspect their *Christianity* is more because they both live in Jesusville and don’t want to leave the local club.

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  3. Ahh, highly advanced mathematics. Very few brilliant people can manage (much less utilize) high levels of calculus and theoretical calculus. Fibonacci was one along with many brilliant Arabian-Persian mathematicians. Fortunately, there’s enough today that do and can always offer their peer-review and scrutiny on other mathematicians. I should think they all WELCOME the criticisms.

    I would love to hear what Stephen Hawkins would have to say about this Vern Poythress and his “blending” of Supernatural theology with tangible, complex mathematics. I do know this, most/many brilliant mathematicians, e.g. Hawkins, Gelfand, Penrose, or Smale to name only four, understand (in part due to prior mathematicians like G.H. Hardy and S. Ramanujan and others) that this Universe/Cosmos has a whole HELL OF A LOT of paradoxes! That doesn’t bode well at all for ancient ideologies like Poythress weakly clings to in order to gain self-comfort and peace-of-mind. 😉

    P.S. Did you get my email from last night Jim?

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    1. I did. I read a little of the comments and fell asleep. It looked a little long for the sleepy Jim. He is very cordial and something felt off, like fake. What do you think? House is ready for framing inspection. Windows Monday, I start roofing Tuesday, and decided to hire someone for siding. I mixed concrete for the deck piers today and finished the drywall in the shop apartment. I be tired. Happy Father’s Day para mañana jefe.

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      1. What do I think? I’m not completely sure at the moment, but it probably won’t make any difference in the end — in my many years of experience on a 2,000 – 3,000 year old subject like religions (or rather convoluted man-made ideologies) who have serious hangups with just being themselves/different… way too many would rather just go with the crowd, the path of least resistence and most affirmation, until it no longer serves themself and their family. LOL 😛

        Outstanding on the house Sir! You deserve a rest. Hahaha! And Happy Father’s Day for you too! ❤

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  4. Math and God only share that they are realized purely in the human mind. Unlike God, math has direct representation and relevance to the world. Unlike math, God is a misunderstanding of the world.

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