Born Atheist, Raised Google Scholar

Wouldn’t that be an interesting way to start life? Resisting the herd is still a bit unnatural as a human. Our species is evolving away from the herds, but for now the majority stay in the current and follow the flow. Most of us (not all) were raised in religion and had to paddle our way upstream to take rest in a secluded inlet, shaded in the trees and out of view. Courage mounded alone in thought and after a little respite from religion we found clarity. Now, sitting in the comfort of our own spaces we watch the current carry the masses in a never ending flow that ends adrift in oceans of contradictions. But that’s all you knew so you defend it. After years and more of aimless bobs and sways, going nowhere, you realize that the bandwagon argument is the best case for religion. Everyone else can’t be wrong, can they? Alone as it should be, you are able to take courage—Alone. Outside the never ending wheel of explanations is where you find yourself. Alone is where you come to realize that yes, everyone else can be wrong, and for the first time in your life you become yourself. The walls that divide crumble down and we finally become us. The religion that promised everything delivered nothing. “Studies have shown that we’re prone to copying the body language of a person we’re speaking with, and some studies have concluded we experience the same emotions as the people around us”. Resist the herd! Here are some good and simple tips.

Find yourself, by yourself


Author: jimoeba

Alternatives to big box religions and dogmas

14 thoughts on “Born Atheist, Raised Google Scholar”

  1. I never thought of the marketing side of religion, yet that is sort of what the prosperity gospel and mega churches are all about. Hugs

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    1. I have to say I do hope you are wrong. In my experience every atheist has their own brand of atheism, even me. And I pity any atheist who does see life as I do, not because I think what I do believe is untenable, but because of what I had to go through to get where I am.
      Of course, there is the basic belief that there are no gods of any kind, though my preference is there are no superbeings of any kind. But from there I believe we are all different, IMO. No matter, the main thing is that the break from religion or, more precisely, from a god has been made. That is one of the most important decisions any being can make. And all beings will eventually make that decision, though not necessarily in their current incarnation.
      Meanwhile, maybe some atheists do need to share their beliefs with others, strength in numbers and all that crap, but for myself the strongest number in the universe is 1, and until I meet my 2 I will go on happily as a 1. Mind you, I have met a few beings that come close to my beliefs, but so far no one who believes precisely as I do.
      Why do I make such a conjecture? Because in my experience no two beings, not even twins or triplets, etc. have had exactly the same experiences, or have allowed their minds to wander down exactly the same path.

      However, when it comes to the word “alone” I do have to disagree. I believe we are all joined in the same “spiritual” community (with spiritual having absolutely nothing do do with religion, and everything to do with being alive). And right there is where my path branches off from the road most atheists start on…

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      1. Hello! I am very much inclined to agree with rawgod! Furthermore, I would like to add to Jim’s post that apart from the bandwagon effect, herd mentality and persuasion psychology, there is also the equally important impacts of Authority Bias, which is discussed at length in the expanded section of my post entitled “Authority Bias and Author Bias: Expert Influence, Creator Persuasion” at

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  2. I plan to attend a panel discussion about religion and prayer tomorrow. I decided to go because I do not want the one atheist on the panel to be the lone atheist in the room.

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  3. Hello Jim. I understand how you feel. You believe that us Christians are simply following what other Christians are doing. However, you are wrong. No two Christians are the same, and there is a lot of personal self-discovery in Christianity. Take spiritual gifts for instance, some Christians have the gift of wisdom, some have the gifts of prophesy, others have the gift to dream of future events, other see visions and so on. All of these are personal gifts and no two are the same. Even the gift of tongues, no two tongues are the same, it is a personal gift that exists between a single individual and God alone. The only Christians who share mass mentality are maybe the new converts, the mass mentality stage only lasts for a little while, any Christian who is serious about their spiritual growth and personal journey with God knows that they have to come correct and alone. It is a personal journey. A father does not intercede for the daughter in heaven, on the day of judgement we would all be judged alone, therefore God relates to us alone. I do not think leaving religion to truly face being alone is of much help, because that is already within the religion. I understand that you may have questions about God, feel free to ask me and I would clarify based on my understanding. I would like for you to give God a chance.


    1. I did give god a chance. If you’ll allow me kindly, 50 years of explaining contradictions and failures. Each has gone his own way. What you single out as individual discovery, appears rather obvious that you are all partakers at a religious buffet picking the parts you like. Your answer is very courteous and thoughtful. It kinda reminded me of this post. Thank you for your input. I love to see your views


      1. Hello Jim, I will try to read the post when I get the chance. However, is it okay if I say that there are indeed cherry pickers within the religion, but to generalize that we are all cherry pickers is a broad statement. What I told you is my truth, and what the bible tells me. No two Christians are gifted the same, and we have different battles. Some struggle with lust, others dont. Some stuggle with the extreme love of money, others dont. Although Christ is the cure for all of our iniquities, usually everyone has different personal steps to take to keep their situation in check. I hope this helps.


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