During waking hours our brains build up proteins and other waste. During sleep, brain cells shrink and cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) washes and rinses brain cells. The importance of sleep to maintain brain function is critical to life itself. Without sleep we die after a few days. Alzheimer’s and every other disease linked with dementia have one thing in common—sleep disorders.

During sleep our brains are flooded with CSF. Changes in brain cells size and debridement of unwanted toxins are flushed of beta-amyloids to maintain healthy function. During this time we are susceptible physically and mentally. Sleep is defined “a condition of body and mind such as that which typically recurs for several hours every night, in which the nervous system is relatively inactive, the eyes closed, the postural muscles relaxed, and consciousness practically suspended”

Microsleep is also fairly common, especially during monotonous times of work, driving, or periods of sleep deprivation. Dreams and revelations can be heard as well as audible voices and other sounds, right in the daytime without the knowledge of the subject having fallen asleep. I had an old packing buddy that would have these episodes frequently. It was amusing that he never recalled falling asleep.

One of the most popular LDS revelations came from Lorenzo Snow during a time of financial difficulty. The revelation on tithing came to the 85 year old leader after an exhausting trip to southern Utah in 1899. He went into trance at the pulpit while speaking, and that is the backbone of the Mormon tithing commitment. It all fits a microsleep scenario and dream.

Every day comes and goes and nearly a third of it is spent unconscious for the sole purpose of rejuvenation and cleaning. During this time of washing, or lack of cleansing due to irregular sleep patterns, we are physically and mentally susceptible. Flies can rest on your face and intruders can enter your home. During cerebral cleansing, unwanted waste is flooded over shrinking brain cells, stimulating all areas of the brain inducing dreams, nightmares, and visions. If you want to trust your dreams in this state and call it god, know that even people blind from birth often dream visually. Spectral Evidence (if you missed it) is the backbone of religion, and even people that have never seen, can see things that were never there. Trust that to revelation or a calling from a god? I think not. More like recalling a B horror movie in a nightmare.


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16 thoughts on “Neuro-Cleansing”

  1. I need some of that brain cleansing after just reading that Justice Kennedy is retirings and tRump gets another SCOTUS seat to fill. It is so important we take back the senate this fall. Hugs

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  2. Ah, Jim, I wish you would stop giving me all these beautiful opportunities to disagree with your Science, I want to be able to agree with you at least occasionally.
    From the time I was in my 20s (possibly earlier, I cannot remember), I have needed only about 4 hours of sleep nightly. I had no trouble functioning for at least the first 20 years. It was only after I started putting on weight that my body began to fall asleep at inappropriate times, but kind of like your buddy, I usually did not know my body was asleep because my mind did not stop functioning at some level. However, I knew instantly upon awakening that I had been sleeping because the circumstances around me had changed. Once I did this while driving, IN A CITY, and I was at least five miles closer to my destination, including having gone through many traffic-light controlled intersections, and direction (street) changes, when I woke up. Why I did not die that day I will never know.
    This event took me to my doctor, who determined I had sleep apnea…
    But whatever you want to say about divine revelation, that has never occured to me, whether through neuro-cleansing, or LSD experiences. Yes, I have seen other planes of existence, but none of them have ever resulted in religion or gods.
    Am I the exception that proves the rule? Or am I just fooling myself by interpreting my vision through a spiritual atheistic lens? Doesn’t matter either way. I have experienced life on a grander scale than is possible on earth, and it has changed my life for the better. Be it brain or mind or spirit, I would not be the person I am today without it, and in my books, that is my reality.
    But keep on trying (am I showing signs of paranoia by thinking at least a part of you is challenging my belief system?), my mental processes are improving because of you, lol.

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    1. I’m not challenging but presenting what I know. Somewhere in the middle is usually where the truth is. This spark you speak of may be true, but quite possibly life happens as elements organize and are grown to each other as naturally as hydrogen and water. 96% of our bodies are four elements that work pretty well together. Thing find their balance. Put oil and water in a jar and shake it up. Their is no life force that separates them, they go to their respective places without coercion or question. Many many elements behave the same way. It may not be as complicated as you think.


      1. No, I am certainly in favour of life being more simple than it is in our present societies and cultures, but I cannot find it in myself for life to be without purpose, whatever that purpose might prove to be. Having said that, I see absolutely no purpose in being here only to worship a god or other super-being. That is completely useless for anyone but the gods. Yet, if the gods are the way most humans believe them to be, they would not need worshiping at all, that would imply imperfection.
        A poem I wrote many years ago ended thusly:

        But god was made in the imagination of man
        So we do not hear his laughter

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  3. You are right about neurocleansing but the relation with dreams is a bit inaccurate. Infact science proves that our brain in REM sleep in which dreams occurs is actually associated with the same EEG waves that is generated when the brain is active and awake.In REM sleep, the neurons in the brainstem sends signals to the cerebral cortex, the part of the brain involved in thinking, learning and moving.

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