Modern Religion – Verifying Nonexistent Events By Revelation

By fine tuning something that never happened, pioneering prophets of religion have dug themselves in deeply.

Muhammad (pbuh) has rehashed the Moses story and added his own elaborate touches as revealed to him in a cave. Noah is praised by God in the Quran, which shows his great status with Muhammad (pbuh).

Others prophets have added to the Moses story as well, quoting and ad-libbing to the prophecies. Joseph Smith wrote an entire new book of Moses which also includes flood lore. The book Abraham also has flood details and well as the doctrine and covenants and Book of Mormon. And while inspired prophets recount the story year after year as though inspired by god, geology, archaeology, and good ol’ common sense is enough to debunk Noah’s Ark.

Fundamental Christians still teach Noah and Moses as though they’ve never seen the evidence against it. Mega church leader Joel Osteen has recent sermons confirming the ark story. Money does not mean intelligent. He also still preaches the Moses story and the exodus. Inspired? Like Ken Hamm? More like caught in the stream of fables and easily debunked bible stories that never happened. But, truth matters not if the outcome is a peaceably blind addiction to someone watching over you. They know it’s not true. They say our truth and morality is relativistic. Well theirs is irrelevant.

Proof their prophetic prowess is a hoax. The Jews have abandoned the Moses story and the exodus, bondage, buildings of brick, not stone (which don’t exist from the time) and the entire sensible world knows the ark story could not even be executed by our largest modern freighters and a thousand deck hands. If they were truly prophets, there’s no way they could have been blindsided by the facts that these events never happened.


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29 thoughts on “Modern Religion – Verifying Nonexistent Events By Revelation”

  1. The straightforward conclusion: Both Christianity and Islam, in all forms, in their reverence for the mythical Abraham, are sects of Judaism. The irony is beyond the reach of the most superlative superlatives… and would incite raucous laughter if the resulting division and strife were not so damned serious and consequential for all of us.

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  2. Personal revelation is another way of saying “I made it all up but you can’t prove it never happened.” Unless there is a worldwide revelation, there will be skeptics and rightfully so. Personal revelations rely on hearsay to be spread to others and hearsay is not what you want when trying to convince someone of something.

    ” fine tuning something that never happened”
    That’s religion in a nutshell. No other words are necessary.

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    1. I am convinced the foundation of abrahamic religion is spectral evidence. The same dreams and impressions that convicted the Salem witch, is the backbone of religion.

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  3. I had a dream recently that had my mother in it. She died 11 years ago yet she seemed more alive than ever in my dream. If I told someone she is alive and speaks to me through my nighttime “visions”, they would think I was crazy. If a story in the Bible says something like that, the person is considered a prophet. It’s amazing that someone’s dreams can be considered visions or some sort of divine communication. Is it possible that maybe the primitive understanding of the people who wrote the Bible is to blame? You know, like how seizures, now treatable with medication, were once thought of as someone being possessed by demons? I think we can agree that the scientific accuracy of the Bible is questionable at best and at worst is downright scary. Visions were dreams and nothing more. Just because a dream seems real, doesn’t make it so.

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    1. Having had personal experiences, that could have counted as revelations, in my life, it doesn’t matter who believes me and who doesn’t. I am not offering the experiences in any kind of religious light, though they were spiritual in nature. I do write about them, and talk about them, but that is more like scattering seeds. If anyone cares to grow them fine. If nobody adds water, also fine. But I KNOW what happened to me, and I will die knowing. Nothing and no one else matter.

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    2. If I am to go about telling people that I see ghosts, there is a good chance I would be taken to the hospital to check my mental health

      But if I replace ghosts with angels, I will still be considered a mentally healthy individual

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  4. One thing I should add is that the Bible is not an inviolate document by any stretch of the imagination. There were hundreds of documents that could have been included but which were left out because they included material which contradicted the beliefs of those in power at the time the Bible was assembled. One has to remember that “The Bible” doesn’t really exist until it was created, partly during the Nicaea Council in 325 AD, by collecting various writings that the powers that be felt best supported the beliefs of the most powerful members of the early organized church. Many of the sources were spurious, and often they were extensively edited. And even more often mis-translated. A lot of material was rejected because it contradicted someone’s beliefs, even when the material came from the same sources as that which was included.

    To put it bluntly, the christian religion was not founded on the Bible, the Bible was created to support the religion.

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      1. No kidding! That’s why you sometimes see notes in the hand-written manuscripts from the monasteries where the writers make snide or even obscene remarks about their superiors and the conditions under which they were working.

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    1. While I was still a christians, I got suspicious of the bible was while I was studying the Gnostic christians and realizing that we didn’t have the gnostic books in the bible because those who choose the bible books already have beliefs which they were trying to reinforce so sure the bible would agree with the proto-orthodox Christians

      What is the best way to make your actions/beliefs legitimate?
      Tell the world that they are in accordance with the will of god

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  5. It is ultimately a sad and tragic story how Christianity has panned out. Poor ol Jesus who was absolutely convinced that he was bringing about the new kingdom. It’ll happen in our life time, he said. And then it didn’t and he found himself being tortured and dying and his last words were to the absent god whom Jesus felt had forsaken him. So one tragedy begats another, even more monstrous, i.e. Christianity.

    I’ve come to the conclusion that organized Christian religion is nothing more than a prosperous, big money-making business. It has nothing, zero, to do with god or heaven. So, why does the preacher preach. He does so because he wants the lambs to plunk coins in the plate. Why so? He needs his job. He needs a pay check. If he loses folk, which he is doing by the way, he loses funding. Two things are at stake: his financial status which determines to a great extent the second thing: his power. Power and Money. If I develop a spiritual life around meditation and nature, folks like Joel Osteen declare me to be a pawn of Satan. Why would they do such a thing? To keep others from emulating that peaceful and satisfying lifestyle. And why so? Cause they want that money!

    I have a friend down the street. He’s a great guy. He’s a deacon in the Lutheran church here in Decatur. What does he do during the boring sermon. Well, they take up offering early on. Some churches I know do this twice. He and few other deacons go in the back and simply count the money. They talk finance. They talk assets, debits, outtakes, intakes. They don’t debate fine points of faith and theology. It’s all about the money. And money in America, indeed the world, is power.

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    1. I agree with you although I didn’t consider it at the level you are suggesting. I suppose that is the disadvantage to not attending church anymore. You tend to forget those little nuances of truth you just recalled. The last time I visited a church and the plate was passed, it felt like an obligation to buy a ticket to a B movie. You pay a little money whether it was any good or not. So much performance and no spirituality at all. Showmanship and money. And we were visitors

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      1. I realized while eating breakfast that I was allowing my frustration to overwhelm logic…that happens a lot when I talk about religion! Of course there are plenty of preachers out there who believe what they say. But, on the other hand, the church is big business. It all reminds me of sitting in on decision-making meetings at the university where I worked for thirty seven years. Ninety percent of the meeting would be about funding in all its various guises. It was extremely rare for anyone to talk about education of youth–the very reason for our existence.
        And yes, the current drop in church membership is a huge disadvantage. This past spring, I tutored some disadvantaged youth at the local Lutheran church. One evening while waiting for my young charges, I snooped around the lobby and found a church bulletin. It had a financial section. The church operates in the red. They couldn’t match their financial goal, and they intend to borrow more money to cover what they owe as well as their upkeep and many programs. The great irony is that if all churches failed as a result of financial disaster, it wouldn’t be the end of Christianity. Hell, they would use that failure to rev it up! One aspect of Christianity is its Protean nature, to shape and reshape itself.

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        1. I work at the local high school. Very small town, but it is odd that most of the teachers should just leave. Go away. No one is there but a select few that care at all about teaching. Your funding comment really rang a bell. I think the best teacher at the school is the friggin janitor. He has passion and interesting things to talk about all the time. There’s a cool science teacher but most are there biding their time to make a check, and as a poor rural community there is funding up the yin yang and waste like you can’t imagine. The whole thing is a running joke. Teachers getting free iPads that end up in the trash, etc. The school generates an unbelievable amount of trash. Now I’m ranting. Lol

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          1. Jim, I just watched a TYT network report on a lawsuit brought in Detroit Michigan because the schools were so bad. In some cases class had no teachers and the kids were left to teach themselves, with older kids trying to teach their peers and younger students. No books, no supplies, no heat, no a/c , and black mold from the leaks when it rained. The judge declared that the kids had no right to literacy. They got access to a school regardless of condition or staff and that was all the law required. I will post it as soon as TYT makes it available on YouTube. Horrific what we are doing to education in this country. Hugs

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    2. Why do preachers abstain from making their congregation communicate with god directly and get the message from the horse’s mouth. The answer is quite simple if they did that, they would no longer be needed

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    3. And money in America, indeed the world, is power.

      You just made the most profound and honest statement anyone could possibly make! What’s regrettable is the number of people who are totally blind to this truism and blame it on a myriad of other things.

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