Quantum Retrocausality – Changing Truth

Quantum Retricausality demonstrates a strong link to Christian history

It is an important feature in Christianity that none of the writers or founders were present when the alleged events took place. Enough time had past that no living person had seen the events to dispute them with knowledge of fact, effectively changing the past by manipulating the future through choice dependent ignorance—a type and shadow of religious devotion and a real principle of physics that is where a decision is in front of you and you don’t know if you are going to choose “a” or choice “b” because you don’t know enough about the facts to make a choice. As you pause in limbo (ignorance is required at this phase) deciphering what little information you have to go by, history lays in the balance. Choice “a” is to make no changes, choice “b” is to make the change and accept the story. Note here that actual knowledge of the history (or of the partícle behavior) negates the effect of retrocausalityRetrocausality or Backwards causation is a concept of cause and effect where the effect precedes its cause in time. (1)

The magic with physics is being able to get your point across before people start sleeping, but brevity and physics are not friends, so bare with me.

Altering the parameters of the double slit experiment after its initiation can change the manifestation of the particle to a wave or viceversa—retroactively! The particles hold no virtue or predicability but behave in specific ways based on how or if they are observed. It is quite fascinating actually. Researchers have shown by interrupting or manipulating the experiment after the photons have been fired, changed the entangled electrons results after the readings were recorded by the device—yes, retroactively, meaning they are going back in time changing the record and the results. These particles and waves are not related to the handwaving, virtue signaling, interruptions, retroactive changes in the records embraced by apologetics, but it shows the origin of the behavior at the quantum level, and by so doing have effectively changed history for 2.5 billion people. Ignorance is the key to successful religion, and since ignorance is the prevailing m.o. to faith, it’s history can be changed and explained away without regret, literally to them, not in a figurative sense. Retroactive causality proves science can prove religion after all.


Author: jimoeba

Alternatives to big box religions and dogmas

28 thoughts on “Quantum Retrocausality – Changing Truth”

  1. Great analogy.

    Retrocausality is mind-bending. I know it’s been done, most recently by Andrew Truscott at ANU, but it has to be one of the hardest things to wrap ones head around. The experiment is simple enough, sure, but the implications are out of this world.

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    1. It is pretty fascinating. The implications are truly lacking superlatives. I see the Chinese are claiming to have demonstrated the world’s first 18-qubit entanglement. This is the largest entangled state ever in all physical systems, and represents a big step towards large-scale highly efficient quantum computing. In the future of processing power is where additional advances in every field from human genome to space travel, robotics and way more. Stuff we have never seen. It would be fun to live a little longer and see some of this coming.

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      1. 18-qubit entanglement… I don’t even know what that means, but it sounds gooood. Read recently that it’s not just particles that are/can be entangled, but electromagnetic and other fields, too.

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        1. I think I could explain it in book form. Lol. A qubit is a unit of quantum information. Unlike an analog bit, information carried by a photon can be in multiple places simultaneously regardless of distance, as long as sender and receiver have the equipment. Implications— Imagine being connected to the internet from anywhere in the universe without wires or transmitters, but using electrons that appear and reappear instantly carrying information. These quantum computers will have unmatched speed and processing power Basically your most advanced sci-fi concepts are coming to life.

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          1. These is utterly fascinating, mind-blowing, need-to-know… GOT-to-know stuff Jim! I just hope that the Knowledge/Ignorance gap (particularly in science) stops widening and widening between a minority of Earth’s population and the MAJORITY of the world’s population. 😦

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            1. Ark posted a comedy video last week with the train analogy. A few people (mostly atheist) are the engine, the train goes forward with tons of useless baggage slowing it down. Imagine if everyone dumped religion and spent their time working together on something real? Incredible!!

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    2. JZ:

      I don’t ‘do’ science. I lack the education and these days the ability, and the confidence.
      Much science (at least from my perspective) (garden slug) is mysticism writ large and peddled by initiates—initiates who retain a tight priesthood and monopoly control.

      So I love the questioning rogues—the mavericks who keep on rewriting the books and altering dogmas despite Establishment ferocity and too often the threat of excommunication (loss of income is important to some); such that yesterday’s ‘scientific fact’ is often tomorrow’s Big Giggle.

      I read summaries and conclusions that trigger my ‘Wotif’ reflex—”Wotif this bugger is actually right?”—and take it from there for myself.

      Often I feel like the poor blasted Christian who has met ‘God’ and speaks to Him on a daily basis, yet none of us atheist bastards will believe a word of it … but reality for him isn’t reality for me. The sad thing is he knows quite as much as we know otherwise.
      He’s happy, he’s found his answers … I’m not, the more I find the more I realise how little any of it makes sense—other than the ‘fixed’ universe in which nothing actually moves but our point(s) of perception. This is important but almost impossible to accept, that

      In this static universe
      Nothing at all moves
      But our personal perception
      Through Time

      Quite loopy, huh?

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      1. Yep. The less you know the less you know. Lol. It’s fun to think about the possibilities, which in my opinion, if it can be imagined by the human mind, most likely it’s possible.

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      2. Saw you post on time earlier. Your brain is dancing, and not loopy at all. Considering we only know about 10% of this particular universe, then that leaves a lot of room for WTF? Why though do you say the universe is static?

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    3. Synchronicity, anyone? I’ve just blitzed yet another ‘Time For Tiny Tots'(!) book in which this very subject is discussed.
      Having blitzed it I’m now going to go back and find out what it’s about and if it makes any sense.
      Author also mentions double-slits and stuff and retro-causality.

      Just think, if we can master this we can go back in time and stop those pesky Romans nailing ol’ Jeez to the cross, and thereby save an awful lot of lives and prevent a truly awesome amount of pain … don’t wait up, I’m off to thump Pilate … to warn the people of Sodom and Gonorrhoea, drill holes in that ark … divert some angels away from that too naive virgin Mrs Joseph …


      1. Well, up to this point ignorance of the event is key to changing the history. Once you know the facts as they appear, the pesky electrons are on to the game and hide themselves in observable time. So Argie buddy, maybe you can pretend you didn’t know. Seems to work for Christians who pretend they do know.

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        1. Hee hoo time again. Hee Hoo controls the past controls the future. So academically, the guy with the biggest gun gets to (re)write the book and history along with it. Sweet.

          But factually?

          Try this one for size: right now, as in “at this very moment” (as I type and you read this) the arrow that killed will kill King Harold at Hastings (England, 1066) is just about to be loosed.



          1. Yes, and no. King Harald has a descendant that is the current king of Norway. No? The pesky descendants know your story so game off. The jesus story was important for 60-100 years after it didn’t happen to establish the true history. No one knew him, and therefore now he existed. Kapeesh?


            1. I don’t know either. Lol. But descendants would’ve ruined it for Jesus too. Less evidence the better when it comes to faith.

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            2. I read a paperback of which I can remember nothing more than it had a guy who claimed—with some apparent validity, they reckoned—to be a descendant of JC.

              But he couldn’t have been, his name was (from memory) Blanchard, not Christ. Anyway, Pierre Blanchard is more credible these says than Pierre Christ. However, there’s ooooodles of Jesuses in South America~!

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            3. Different strokes for different folks—my own surname is difficult for many to deal with (which is why I very rarely use it) and I’ve heard ’em all. Noble tries, some of ’em, but no banana …

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          2. And before anyone mentions it: I’m not babbling on about ‘alternative universes’. (Just this one is quite enough, thank you~!)

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  2. No disputing of facts, but if they ever get it up and running, how long will it take a normal person to learn how to use it. They will probably never be able to understand it. How many will be able to understand it? Probably not even the inventors, or the engineers.
    The part I don’t like about something being usable without understanding is that it will be misused and abused before regular people even finish learning how to use it.
    The world we live in right now is proceeding by leaps and bounds. I am not yet 70, and I already cannot understand most of what I do with computers. And this is why hackers could easily outwit me if I am not careful about what I do. Hell, even if I am careful, they can still outwit me.
    Think of what 18-cubit entanglements will be used to do by hackers with even a minimum of undertstanding of the product of such a tremendous jump. Mutiply what they do now by, what, 10 followed by 18 zeros, would that be close to the right figure? Probably not. The internet will no longer be a tool, it probably will be intelligent, without the artificial in front of it. I doubt any human can think on that scale of speed and ability. We are good, but…
    Pandora’s Box will be nothing compared to this. Do we really want to open that door? If it can be opened, it will be, there is no doubt of that. Can we alive today control it? I would not even want to try…

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  3. The real or illusory nature of retroactive causality is beyond me, but it’s result is not doubted by me. Most importantly, here, it makes for a great analogy to religion and another intellectually interesting connection and perspective by our “Common Atheist”.

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