All Things Eventually End (I Hope)

After 35 years the worlds largest testicle festival at rock creek lodge near Clinton Montana has been cancelled. Held annually with free camping and all the Rocky Mountain oysters you can eat with a full belly of beer, it attracted about 15,000 guests every September.

As with everything else, all good things come to an end. How is it Christianity can outlast this? Let’s compare—

  • Both have live music
  • Both have things that make you squint
  • Both have nauseating potential
  • Alcohol is served
  • Both sponsored campouts
  • One fills you with bull testicles
  • One fills you with bullshit
  • The testicle festival actually happened
  • Testicle festival slogan is “come have a ball”
  • Christianity mentally gets you by the balls
  • Testicles can cause a man not to think
  • Christianity causes every participant not to think—and that is the kicker. Religion has a wide scale dumbing process while the testicle festival only affects participants five days a year by having a ball. Tendergroin steaks, without the high stakes of religion. I’d take that trade.

Author: jim-

One minute info blogs escaping the faith trap.

25 thoughts on “All Things Eventually End (I Hope)”

  1. All I can wonder is, were the castrations live, or after-death? If after-death, why were the bulls killed? Either way, this seems like something only a human could enjoy. However this happened for the bulls, I highly doubt they saw any humour in it. I am glad it is gone.


      1. Religion is definitely on the list, but I do not think it is as near the top as one might hope it would be. It still serves a purpose on the spiritual journey of life, and it will need something to replace it before it can go.
        If I may:

        Religon introduces the masses to the ideas of spirituality, in very innocuous ways. Before young spirits (those rising up from instinctual lifeforms, not those just born into new incarnations) they spend their first few incarnations as fully sentient beings in wonder and awe at the possibilities of life compared to what they had as non-sentient or partially-sentient beings.
        It is unfortunate, but we learned to get where we are by going through religion, and that is how spiritual evolution got us here. Now, those of us who can need to backtrack, and destroy religion without affecting spiritual evolution. It will not be an easy task, especially since our own learning is through religion. It’s like going through school taking arithmetic the way I learned it, then being expected to teach new math (whatever that means to today’s teachers) without ever having had a new math lesson. It seems impossible to those who learned old style arithmetic. But somehow teachers did it. Now spiritual people have to do it too, or religion will always be a necessity. God forbid!!!!!

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    1. No. The sponsor just said in an article that he regretted cancelling but it was the end. I was there last week. When I drive by Friday the signs were up, and Monday they were gone. Good to see you SD!


  2. How is it Christianity can outlast this?

    Well, perhaps man (like with bread?) CAN seemingly live without any balls. And hence, you eventually have large herds and mobs of (robotic) Eunuch-puppets? 😁

    But then of course those in “kingly noble” (religious) positions will refuse to be eunuch-puppets. LOL

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      1. As you rightly picked up on, it takes a LOT OF BALLS to go against the “old guard mainstream” when you eventually figure out that the destination is TOTALLY BOGUS and benefits only very few! Hahahahaha. 😛

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