Crossing Wires of Religion

Abrahamic religion is like wiring a house—only backwards with no connections

Pulling wire for a house can go a couple of ways. Drill holes. Start at the panel and pull wire through all the holes to each room so each has its own circuit, or if it’s easier, start at the room and pull it back to the panel. Usually it works out to be a little bit of both.

Next, run wire to each outlet and light, connect all the hot with hot, neutrals to neutrals, and grounds to grounds so essentially every wire in the building meets up back at the source. Even little bits and pieces have to be connected or it interrupts the entire circuit. The final step after stapling everything in place is to install each breaker with the appropriate run and wire the panel. It has to look neat and organized so the inspector can understand what you did and pick out any apparent problems or mistakes you may have made. Very good idea to have another set of eyes check your work. It can be quite mesmerizing—a little like editing your own book.

Current flows from the source to each room and appliance, but currently abrahamic religion flows backwards, searching from each outlet, straining, reaching for a source of power that does not exist but in wishing. and disconnected from reality. Each denomination has its own style trying to connect. Their wires are crossed with dead-ends, gaps, looping circuits and shorts, all the while they swear it works! But alas, not one concept would pass inspection even from a casual observer with its contradicting catch phrases, scripture, and imaginary results. Explaining all you want will change nothing if it’s wrong. I am hoping this house wiring works—but just to make sure we are connecting everything using real wire and real electricity. And, if the inspector finds a mistake, I’d be happy to know about it.


Author: jimoeba

Alternatives to big box religions and dogmas

38 thoughts on “Crossing Wires of Religion”

    1. 1400 on a a full basement. Supposed to be an unfinished basement lol. Have one more room to wire downstairs and run the smoke alarms and finish the panel. Insulation is the 25th so we’re in good shape.

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  1. Those who wired religion didn’t want a second set of eyes to inspect their work. Someone correcting their mistakes could alter their plans and they surely wouldn’t stand for that. It was wired with intent and design with no concern about anyone’s safety. Sure the lights come on for awhile but sooner rather than later the wiring will fail and religion will burn, taking out the multitudes of people who trusted the ones who ran all those wiring connections. Many were deceived, having been told the lights would last forever, never suspecting their faith was built upon faulty wiring and the end of their “eternal” religion was coming soon.

    Nice post Jim. The house looks great.

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    1. It was important that the 60-70-100 years had passed, then, hey BTW, god was here to save the world through belief. All you have to do is line up and never question it and Boom! It’s all better now.

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  2. Nice house!! 1400 sq ft is about the perfect size, too.

    Interesting analogy about the wiring. I never thought about religion that way before but you have a good point there. There are so many “breaks” and short circuits in the evidence trails and logic used in most religions that the whole thing completely falls apart when examined closely. Science is verifiable and traceable. You can follow the experiments, verify them, track the entire history of the discoveries. Everything is documented with reproducible tests and experiments. Religion? Nope. Religion relies on anecdotes, stories, often thousands of years old, with no actual evidence or proof. Even a casual inspection is enough to make the whole thing fall apart.

    I often wonder what makes people try to believe in things that even a casual examination can prove are wrong.

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      1. now that’s a fascinating idea about the inverse square law. You’re right, as we get more distant in time from the origins of Christianity, the less true to it’s origins it becomes. I suspect the early Christians (circa 100 AD or so) would be horrified at what Christianity has become.

        Jesus’ original teachings were almost communistic in nature – everything owned in common, selling off personal property or giving it away, contempt for the wealthy, etc. Even the concept of prayer and worship is totally different. Jesus’ teachings said nothing about elaborate, multi-million dollar churches, ridiculous costumes, gold adornments or even gathering together in large groups in churches as requirements for prayer. You were to do it in the most modest manner possible, without pomp and circumstance. He condemned the Pharisees for the ostentatious manner in which they worshiped.

        Most modern versions of Christianity have changed so drastically over time that it isn’t even recognizable any more as being connected to what Jesus actually said in the New Testament.

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        1. And the disconnect is so obvious to non believers. They mostly think the others are doing it wrong while they themselves are going their own way with buffet style religion. I’m ok with it. It is an interesting observation.


          1. What always amazes me about most Christians is how disconnected they are from the actual teachings of Christ himself. Almost all of them completely ignore what Jesus actually said in the New Testament. Jesus taught we should do everything we can to help the poor, the disabled, children, even sinners were to be treated well. Modern Christianity seems to focus more on how they can amass as much money as they can, keep all of it for themselves, and not give a penny to help the poor or disabled. Instead of forgiving sinners and trying to help them, they have adopted a philosophy of punishment and vengeance.

            Instead of actually being Christians, i.e. people who follow the philosophy of Christ, they instead grasp at a few obscure phrases taken out of the Old Testament, taken out of context and often mis-translated in the first place, and use them to justify their own personal prejudices and greed. The term “Christian” shouldn’t even be applied to 99% of the people who claim it.

            I suppose we shouldn’t find this surprising, though. The same thing happens in every religion as soon as the founders die or fall out of favor. You end up with people using the teachings of the founder of the religion to take advantage of the followers, jockeying for power and control, and warping the original teachings to serve their own desires. It started happening with Christianity as soon as Christianity became a religion. Christianity almost immediately began to break off into different factions and the fighting was intense and often involved bloodshed as various sects were suppressed or even exterminated. Heck, even Paul was part of the disconnection early on with his misogyny and rather odd ideas.

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  3. You are the uncontested Master of the Analogy Universe…. and I wish I had just 1% of 1% of your handyman knowledge. Changing a washer for me is like open heart surgery, in a lake of nitrogen, on an alien world, while trying to burp, fart, sneeze and cough all at once.

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    1. Hahaha!! At least you don’t have faith going for you John, but that right there is hilarious mental skit. Lol!! When I was a believer, everything was gods way of teaching us something. Now I know that that’s bullshit—no, horseshit, it is absolutely the easiest, most obvious thing I see each day. Faith opposes reality in every discipline known to man, and I’m faithful that includes every discipline yet to be discovered. In many ways it’s like your book “On the Problem of good”. When one sees things as they actually are, nothing is they way it is preached. None of it.

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      1. The philosopher Christopher New posed this question, why isn’t there a theistic tradition studying the actual world and the malevolence it seems to indicate. He never really answered the question, not directly, but it’s quite simple: that type of theism doen’t push the warm-fuzzy buttons people want/need pushed.

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        1. It is the most avoided elephant-in-the-room question on the planet. It’s just so obvious, but only before you wipe your mind clean from obvious reality through deferred contentment. We’ll be happy later. God’s got this for now.

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        2. Religions have always had trouble trying to explain why the universe doesn’t seem to give a fig about us. The “why do bad things happen to good people” question has plagued religions for, well since religions began, I suppose. Christianity’s way of dealing with it has generally been with pat answers like “we cannot understand the mind of God” or something similar. But answers like that don’t make sense within the context of religion, because the religion claims from the beginning that it *does* understand the mind of God. The whole religion is based on someone’s claim that they do understand God. So their attempts to avoid the question are illogical from the beginning.

          Many years ago I saw Hal Holbrook doing his portrayal of Mark Twain on stage. One line he said has always stuck with me. It went something like this: “Man is the only animal that thinks the diety sits up nights admiring him.”

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            1. Gosh, it’s been decades since I read Letters. I need to dig it out and read it again. Twain had a wonderful way of rather gently (sometimes not so gently) pointing out the hypocrisy and illogical beliefs of his day.

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        3. Like my mother and some of my elder relatives used to say when I as a little kid asked some “kind” of questions about god and the bible

          They are some questions you should not ask

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  4. Ah-HAH!!! After near 20-years I have finally FOUND YOU!!!

    YOU are the one they call The Prince of Light & Electricity! YOU are the one they also call The Carpenter’s Son! YOU are the one that had all kinds of celestial events occur leading all those Magi (from 500+ miles away) straight to your barn/cave cradle so everyone on Earth knew you had arrived! YOU are the one that caused the massacre of thousands and thousands of little boys! YOU caused the entire kingdom to be mortified; everybody heard about you! There was a contract out on your head by Roman spies and authorities! YOU are the one that by 12-years old completely DUMBFOUNDED all Rabbis in Jerusalem! YOU are the one that Jews and Israel have been wanting for many centuries to SAVE them from the Romans! Absolutely NO ONE could NOT have known about you after such a colossal foretold birth, boy-hunt, and spectacle caused at the Temple! YOU are the one that connects everything and gives up light and power!!!!

    Now how in THA F*CK did you stay hidden, non-existent for near 20-years… RIGHT UNDER THE SEARCHING ROMAN AUTHORITIES and without one single Jew ever talking about you!? Did everyone suddenly develop acute amnesia and went into a catatonic state when “Messiah” was brought up!? And you’ve been right here — under our desperate noses and piercing eyes — the entire time! And if THAT is not shameful enough to Roman Investigators and Rome glory hunting down any and all revolting possible Kings, you waltz straight into Jerusalem under parade and Rome does nothing!!! WTF!!!? 😱 If you are THE ONE TRUE SON OF GOD… how in the world did you manage to vanish for so long? That is NOT possible!!!

    And we Jews have needed you so badly for so very, very long… then you waste more time, more Jewish lives by taking off for 17-years!? WTF!? Are you REALLY who you are claimed to be? Who they claim you are… especially over the next 3-4 centuries? SOMETHING does not add up dude!

    Hehehehe 🤭😉

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      1. Am I suppose to just accept that (on faith?) as the Gospel truth!!!??? 🤔

        Are you completely mad Sir? What universe do you live in? 🤣

        (you know I’m teasing good Sir) 😛


  5. Of course, the term ”Pulling wire” has another, more colloquial, urban meaning which I tend to think describes many of the fun-da mental Christians we regularly encounter.

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  6. As a construction worker and a wannabe engineer this analogy rings resounding logic. I really appreciate your ability to take something from life and make a lesson from it in ways not intuitive.

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    1. You can see from my endless analogies how deeply rooted my religious upbringing was. I attributed EVERYTHING to god. Now I see things as they are in reverse. Everything really. Lol

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      1. Yeah I can imagine. My diversion from religion was near when I was 16. When I was 20 I began my study of social science. I somehow found my burden of religion alleviated upon learning how humans think and live in diverse ways. Regardless, I always find religion and it’s rebellion critical to my belief systems foundation.

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