Undeveloped Film

Nature is an excellent teacher to the obvious inadequacy of faith.

I read a book when I was a teenager called The Tracker, by Tom Brown. I still have a copy and my 7 year old daughter is a big fan of identifying tracks we find out on our hikes.

Anyway, I was living in the mountains working as a wrangler, guide, and packer for an outfit called High Country Packers and I read The Tracker. There’s a section about stalking deer, and if you’re patent and do it right, you can walk right up to them. So I gave it a try. There was a two point mule deer enjoying a salt-lick we had near camp to attract wildlife and I started after him. I guess it took an hour or so to walk up to him. He kept staring, dipping his head, and shifting his ears with a curious look on his face. Deer are reactive to movement, sound, and smell, so the trick is to be downwind, only moving when the deer isn’t looking—and be patient (and try not to laugh). I got to within ten feet and I gradually knelt down, took my little 110 out of my shirt pocket and took a whole roll of pictures. When I was done I moved a little hand wave and said “boo”. That deer bolted with an ass-over-tea-kettle stumble and off he went. Boom! I got back home when winter came and the film was missing. It’s a great story but I have no proof.

One difference between my story and religion; you can test the story for yourself and I am confident many if you could have similar results. Christianity has a story too, and if you test it you will see that it doesn’t add up in even one category or catch phrase.

I would like to find that film someday but no worries, I have honed the craft pretty well over the years. Unlike religion, it can be tested and demonstrated without excuse. Religions deferred method of responsibility is killing the planet. Nobody is coming to fix this, but unlike the deer, it won’t seem to go away with a hand wave and a boo. But like the deer, their colorblind to the obvious standing in front of them.


Author: jimoeba

Alternatives to big box religions and dogmas

10 thoughts on “Undeveloped Film”

  1. If you are going to be so picky, we might as well deny all of history then I suppose?

    God I farking loathe it when Christians use this ridiculous angle believing it is a fool-proof rebuttal.

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  2. Corroboration would be an easy proof. Historians and governments that kept meticulous records might have mentioned him. Or even one gospel truth that is not at odds with we view in reality? Just one

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  3. Regarding the deer’s inability (not yet evolved to a higher sophisticated level?) to see the entire color-spectrum, especially at night — like when you shine bright lights in their eyes — and predators like lions have MUCH better vision at night making it much easier for them to catch, kill, and feed on deer-like animals to also feed their own lion-cubs, this is another wonderful analogy Jim. 😉 I liked to add what I just commented over on Ark’s blog about the factors contributing to “blindness” to traps, danger, and habits which might lead to extinction you’ve allude to… I think it also applies here:

    Jonathan, you make a valid point about Jennifer G not even bothering to read the entire page OR much less check the veracity of her source: The Bumbling Bubble Bee? LOL

    Acute laziness and stubborness that puts ANY jack-ass mule to shame is what I find so prevalent with radical, zealous Fundy-Evangy Christians when it comes to critical-thinking skills, tools, and fact-checking. And that is what tunnel-vision “Faith” nurtures. Over the last 3,000 years how would say “Faith’s” effectiveness has been? Increased apathy? Increased complicity? Increased disempowerment? Increased UNaccountability? Increased “praying”? Increased detachment from reality? Increased Monism and binary-systems? Geeezzzz, I could go on and on. 😬😖

    The way I see it now since deconverting and greatly improving my day-night vision 😉 too much “Faith” is actually devastating stagnation which leads to extinction… or in your analogy here Jim, DEATH by lazy blindness.

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  4. We have families of deer visit our yard regularly. We live in a small city, but the wilderness surrounds us, & the deer have lost their fear of humans. I have lots of photos for proof, but don’t know how to get them into a reply here with no add image icon.

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    1. Get the image on the screen of your phone, then fill a bowl with water, tap your phone on the computer screen then put your phone in the water bowl and count to five. Then the transfer should be complete.

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  5. Hello Jim. When we lived in New Hampshire we were in the country and had a greyhound. We had a power line and access road track that snaked near our place and it was surrounded by woods and thickets. Ginger the greyhound loved to chase the wild turkeys that lived in the area. Typical of a greyhound she loved to run and keep moving, often going in circles if we were too slow. One day she got to a point in the track and slowed way down and stopped. Then while looking at one area off the track, she slowly careful walked past. I was curious at this weird behavior from her so when I got the that point I look hard in the same direction she had. Ginger had already trotted off. As I stood there looking I slowly realized there as a deer in the thicket right near me off the edge of the access track. I was stunned. It just stayed there. I then slowly walked off and joining the dog. I have never been so close to a wild deer and would not have noticed it if Ginger had not changed her behavior so. I have always wondered why the deer did not just charge off. Ginger did look like a small deer herself in her coloring and stature, but I was clearly not a deer. Needless to say the deer was not there on the way home. Hugs

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