Climbing the Walls

A year ago we built a small climbing wall inside our house. It’s only about 9 feet tall, but the kids have used it well. Now they climb doorways and trees and narrow hallways. Anyway, last night we finally got away and I took her to a climbing gym. Now she’s 7 mind you, and this is her first real climb. I sent this pic home to the mrs.

This was the reply; “wtf Jim? Jesus h Christ!” Lol.

We stayed four more hours and my daughter met and climbed with some older girls. Here she is (now a professional) picking a route

She chose her routes very well for a beginner on the big stuff. I hope she continues to choose her own way instead of falling in line and following some pre-designed, fine-tuned lifestyle that restricts her ability.

Author: jim-

One minute info blogs breaking the faith trap.

36 thoughts on “Climbing the Walls”

    1. Thanks. She’s my surprise baby and full of surprises. She’s got aunts and uncles that are younger than her. It’s a pretty neat dynamic around here

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    1. Oh I know. We had one in the yard when she was 5, and she was trying to help Carmelo lasso it to take it back to the pond. Got a little too close for my liking.

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  1. Hey, Jim, is it possible you were once a writer for the bible in a past incarnation. Your parables are spectacular. Too bad they are “wasted” on atheists. LMAO!

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    1. I don’t have many religious followers although the few that I have are courteous and inquisitive from time to time. I do think it’s important to encourage people to think, as the power to make the changes we need will come from thoughtful and self aware people regardless of what type of god they prefer. If there was a god I don’t think he’d be happy with how we treat his creation as a means to monetize the worlds resources. We can do better than that.

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      1. Hey Jim
        Sorry, missed this comment somehow. Being courteous is the best way to get along with anyone, not just religious people. I have my bad days, but I try not to let them happen very often.
        Encouraging people to think for themselves can be a risky business. I find that the best way to encourage is bynot encouraging. Just make statements over and over a few times, but by using different words, or an occasional question. It might never happen that it makes them think for themselves, or it might take 5 or 10 years, but the question or statements roll around in their heads until it works its way to the conscious mind. Then they ask, What did he mean? And so the thinking grows.
        As for any god, IMO, there are none, so why bother thinking what if. That is like a smoker who quits, and counts the days, or maybe hours, from their last cigarette. I used to be involved in hrlping people quit, and one of the most important things I could tell them was, don’t hive cigarettes any time in your mind. It you do give themba toehold, you’ll go back to smoking. Same for alcohol, other drugs, gambling, virtually any addiction at all. Quit, and forget about them. Keep them in your mind, and they will haunt you. Religion is the same, because it too is an addiction. You give away responsibility to anyone but yourself, and you are kidtreating your self. Self-responsibility, in my mind, is one of the greatest personality traits (or whatever you want to call it) that a person can learn, and become. (IMO, you can’t just learn it like you learn arithmetic, you need to live it, or it is not real!) What say you?


        1. I agree RG. Personal responsibility is also the antithesis of abrahamic religion. Deferred punishment and “grace” through faith is a copout strategy that breeds the worst in people. “I’m not perfect, but I’m forgiven” is an acquiescors dream.


    1. She fears no bug, snake, gator, or her parents for that matter. Lol. She’s a jungle child and very fearless and curious. And she’s got her own ideas. I like that. One generation of non indoctrination and empowerment can change everything.

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        1. You mean as long as “I” can get through her teens. Lol. No worries. She learning to weigh things out already. She’s well aware that enthusiasm and passion don’t equal truth.

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