Bad Things Happen to Good People

“Anyone who has to ask why God would let bad things happen to good people has obviously never drowned one of their game Sims in a swimming pool” 🙂

If we are his creation and if it is for his will and pleasure, if there is a god, he’s anything but caring, loving, all powerful, or unimaginable. I see what happens around the world and the grossness of the worst atrocities. I see the works of his hands, and I can imagine pretty well what is going on in his world. He created this for his own will and pleasure. His joy is the whole worlds miserable, depraved, starving, cancerous, dying lot.

He has commanded his greatest creature to subdue the earth and have dominion over it. Using animals for food, butchering other life without a care, or should I say, insisting on it so he can smell the “sweet savor” of burning flesh he is too magnificent to touch or feel. We are his Sims, his creation, and this is his doing.

If the atom is 99.99% emptry space, you are 99.99% empty space. Of course the majority of the matter you are comprised of is most likely consciousness, giving you the ability to feel. If there is a god and this is his doing, he has used the least amount of resources to create the most amount of misery that only a god could do. Is this the core of the great overLORD in the sky?


Author: jimoeba

Alternatives to big box religions and dogmas

35 thoughts on “Bad Things Happen to Good People”

  1. If there is a god and this is his doing, he has used the least amount of resources to create the most amount of misery that only a god could do.

    And with that, you, good Sir, have acquired the rank of Grand TOOAIN Aggravist.

    That. Is. A. Superb. Sentence.

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    1. Why thank you John. I’ll add that to my three other fleeting moments. Lol. Isn’t it interesting when you get right down to the very basic of basics, misery loves company is the love of god. If there was one. Christianity has to turn a blind eye to reality. Maybe in their weakened stature they have to live in denial just to cope with things that just “are the way they are”, but it is facing that reality that spurns the most growth. Not deferring

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        1. Labeling animals as dumb makes it easier to tolerate the cruelty. “Cows are just dumb animal” makes them easier to kill, but in reality they are as smart as a horse or dog.

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            1. He has to take that line of thinking to survive and tolerate the command to subdue and have dominion. I grew up butchering rabbits. It was very unsettling as a child then you get used to it. I became numb to it, I haven’t done anything like it in 30 years and I’m over the trauma and de-sensitivity of it (although I do miss the masturbation part) kidding

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            2. In his article about this great revelation he actually says he was so relieved to now *understand* this, because he was always trouble by non-human suffering. In other words, he does have a heart, he recognises the horror, but his need for the pantomime to be true is so strong that he created a complete fantasy blanket which he threw over reality.

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  2. What the f*** kinda “game” is this?! “Man, I just killed all my gaming characters in a big pool! What fun!” And people worship a “god” who supposedly does this all the time to us. Great religion there. Sign me up!

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    1. Yes. We cannot begin to understand, but the reason isn’t greatness, it’s apologetics moving to obscurity because that is where no sane arguments can take place.

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  3. Headline reads:

    “U.S. Catholic Church’s former public face on sex abuse crisis faces decades of misconduct allegations.”

    And honestly, is this sort of Christian behavior and hypocrisy exclusive ONLY to the Catholic Church!? Not just abuse to little/young boys, but girls/women as well. How long does it usually take for this type of Christian behavior to surface and go public? 🤔

    It’s all such a joke! Meanwhile, Puerto Ricans (and millions of others around the world are too) are STILL suffering horribly from Hurricane Maria and kids, adults, and elderly are suffering horrible conditions because most all of Puerto Rican doctors left the island for the USA… for better pay. What’s one of the EASIEST SOLUTIONS? Mark 16:17-18 is clearly the no-brainer answer for True Christians:

    These signs [attesting miracles] will accompany those who have believed: in My name they will cast out demons, they will speak with new tongues; they will pick up serpents, and if they drink any deadly poison, it will not hurt them; they will lay hands on the sick, and they will recover.”

    With these sorts of SUPER POWERS, why for over 2,000 years now is there STILL this level of suffering everywhere? If True Christians were actually following and obeying Jesus’ message, they’d have no time for internet propaganda and marketing!!!!! 😖 Geeezzzzz. So many frauds everywhere.

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    1. This is a major problem with the blood of jesus covering your sins if you just believe. “I’m not perfect, but I’m forgiven” does nothing to promulgate personal responsibility. St Augustine is an enduring example of the church, “lead me not into temptation lord, but not today. Deferring responsibility of your actions (grace alone) has been a disaster since inception. “It would be better that a millstone were hung about his neck and drowned in the sea” means nothing if all can be forgiven by belief. The church has zero influence on good behavior, and the very structure itself is counter to producing good.

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          1. If more humans at a young age were taught that THEY THEMSELVES have all the power (and naturally the flaws-mistakes and accountability) and more power collaborating with equal humans (not inferior under Satan)… imagine what this world and humanity would ALREADY BE DOING!!!! Wow. It baffles my imagination how much better everything would be.

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  4. I honestly do agree with you “bad things does happen to good people”.
    I actually went deeper into this subject, if you want to know more you can visit my latest post “Margo”.

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