2.4 Billion and 1.6 Billion and no Bliss

With all the power attested by Abrahamic religion you would think the world pure bliss by now, especially with most of faith in the multigenerational stage by fertility, passing on those good christian genes. Late yesterday Professor Taboo made a comment that deserves some attention. “These signs [attesting miracles] will accompany those who have believed: in My name they will cast out demons, they will speak with new tongues; they will pick up serpents, and if they drink any deadly poison, it will not hurt them; they will lay hands on the sick, and they will recover.”

Here is the world as we would know it if any of it were true. Now remember, christianity has been the dominant, most populous religion in the world for about 1000 years, and is soon to be outnumbered by Islam, who also lays claim to the healing power of scripture and prayer.

The Blind would see—As world domination has maintained numbers of about 65% abrahamic you would expect ophthalmology to be in decline, but the reverse is true. Recent headlines read; “Growing demand for eye care highlights shortage of ophthalmologists”, “Growth foreseen for ophthalmology sector”. However, new technologies through science research and development, many colorblind may now see color, and some deaf are hearing with otic manipulation, computers, and advanced hearing aids. 2000 years into this faith you’d expect they’d have improved the quality of life in some minor measurable form, but evidently nothing what the scriptures says is true. And all done in his name…Well, at least reality gives apologists some employment.

Sick would be healed by prayer—Social media has quadrupled the number of healing prayers, likes for prayers, and shouts-outs of “praying” to bolster the efficacy of prayer, but statistically it appears the overblown passionate flowing of prayer has irritated the big lord of love into hiding. The advent of cell cameras and the internet has actually slowed prayers, healing, and miracles to zero.

Nothing in abrahamic faith can even remotely be verified, nor has it improved life on the planet. Studies have shown their doctrine to be ineffective at healing anything at all. Here’s their answer to that problem. “Study of the supernatural is out of sciences reach“. But statistics show prayer does nothing to heal anything, and quire possibly increases anxiety causing untoward effects on healing.

In His Name the only new tongues that have been spoken is honing, bassackwards splicing of words to obfuscate reality and maintain control through incremental increases in apologetics. Finely tuned inscrutable phrases and religious intellectual verbosity is the purest form of deception.

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Alternatives to big box religions and dogmas

29 thoughts on “2.4 Billion and 1.6 Billion and no Bliss”

  1. Jim, you don’t know that it is god who directs the hand of the ophthalmologists

    You don’t know that scientists are the present day miracle workers. In the past it was priest and prophets, now the baton is in the hands of men and women in lab coats

    The lord works in mysterious ways

    All ye men of little faith

    Repent from your sinful path and the lord will forgive you

    ( sarcasm for those who don’t get it )

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    1. Why are the all powerful gods drip fed advances in morality and medicine always about 500 years later than science? That, imo, is the ultimate in immorality when you have the cure and crumb feed the knowledge through guesswork. Glory to god

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    2. It’s all True! …except where he says it was sarcasm! 🙂
      No more prophets, they are called doctors now! If it wasn’t for Gawds infinite wisdom, we would not have medicine!


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      1. If that gawd inspired surgeon fails, here come the lawsuits. Lawsuits are religions way of getting justice ahead of the curve of god. When prayer fails—sue them bastards!

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    1. What matters is the dominant system in place is deferring responsibility to another entity in another future time. It does matter to me that we survive as a species in a place my children can enjoy life without living in a cesspool. Nobody is coming down out of the sky to fix everything and purify the earth and rule in righteousness. It’s up to us if we are going to carry on.

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      1. Truly spoken, but not what most humans want to hear. The easiest way between two points is a straight line. This straight line takes us all to hell, literally. In a offering basket, no less.
        We will carry on, because nature needs us to. LIFE needs us to.

        But, if we do happen to blow ourselves up, that’s only setting life back a few billion years. Life is ahead of its game, it now knows what we are presently discovering. Biologically life may have to evolve again, but the trail is laid, at least as far as we go. Spirituality also can start at this point, whenever it gets to sentience, which will not take so long as we took. Besides, what is a few more billion years compared to eternity…

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  2. Alas, attempting to bring reason into any discussion with the TBs (true believers) will fail before it even gets started because they have the ultimate fall back position to rely on: “It’s the will of God.”

    When prayer doesn’t cure cancer, well, God had a reason for not doing it. When prayer doesn’t turn aside the hurricane, God had a reason for not doing it. We poor lowly humans simply aren’t intelligent enough to understand why.

    We need to follow “God’s law” as laid down in the Bible, they tell us, or God will smite us. But it seems we’re going to get smote whether we follow God’s law or not.

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    1. It’s the will of God.” Or the treachery and deception of Satan!!!

      These neverending excuses Grouchy fall so clearly into the catagories of classic Denial and Delusional Disorder in the DSM-5. :/

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    2. The thing is that once they listen and see reason, they instantly cease being TBs. Truth and reality are useless against ignorance and the supernatural.

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  3. Thoughts and prayers…
    The good lord HAS answered our prayers of pain and agony. He has blessed us with essential oils. The only reason they haven’t cured blindness yet is cause peppermint and cinnamon burn the retina right off yer eyeball.
    Essential oils has helped Puerto Rico’s energy crisis in some way or another… like puttin it on the feet of them electricity workers so they can feel better and stand on their feet longer between union breaks…


  4. However, new technologies through science research and development, many colorblind may now see color, and some deaf are hearing with otic manipulation, computers, and advanced hearing aids.

    Yes. Religion is not healing the sick or letting the blind see. Technology is.

    Even the greater demand for ophthalmological services reflects the fact that average life expectancy has doubled over the last century and far more people are living into advanced old age — again, because of technology like vaccines and antibiotics.

    But I’ll grant them that snake-handling is going strong, at least among certain fundamentalist sects. I think of it as natural selection in action.

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    1. Hahahaha! Outstanding Infidel! But nonetheless, I still think True Christians should “drink poison” (Mark 16:17-18) often with no fear and a WHOLE LOTTA EVERLASTING “FAITH”!!! 🤩😄


      1. It’s curious that, unlike with snake-handling, there don’t seem to be any sects which emphasize poison-drinking. The Biblical rationale would be perfectly equivalent.

        On the other hand, any sect which did so would very rapidly and effectively eliminate itself from the “population” of religions — natural selection in action again — so from a Darwinian perspective it’s not surprising that we don’t see them.

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  5. It does get rather old, hearing that the Bible story is “coming to life” before our eyes when nothing in this world mirrors that story. Miracles do not happen, we can’t cast out demons (hard to cast them out when they do not exist) and certainly cannot just drink poison unharmed. Why would anyone want to do that anyway? Promises made but not kept are a staple of religion. Lying by the church about these promises actually being kept is also a staple of the religion.

    The Bible is a story. If you pick out all the good parts, it can be a good story. If you focus on the bad parts, it can be the worst horror story ever written. Focusing on good, bad or both doesn’t make it true however. Evidence of these events happening would convince me that it’s true. Sadly evidence of such events is lacking and we are left with faith in its place. Faith in a story that is thousands of years old with no proof that they are true? That’s just a little bit more faith than I have.

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  6. The actual truth and tangible facts, stats, and trends simply do NOT backup Abrahamic claims of superiority, especially the more radical zealous Christians and Muslims do they? I think it is quite embarassing; I’d be a bit ashamed to be part of that group after 1,000 or 2,000 years. And unless there is an astonishing “turn-around” of these facts, stats, trends, then it’s only going to get MORE shameful and embarassing — the two faiths become more fraudulent. But hey, that’s just my opinion. LOL 😄

    Thank you for the link and mention Jim. ❤

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  7. The gospel coalition explains it; “the miracles of the Old Testament age authenticated Moses and the prophets as men of God,” and “the miracles of the New Testament age authenticated in turn Christ and his apostles. Now you just have to have faith that it happened, which would oppose red writing of the scripture as well. Endless explanations to cover inefficacy always equals bullshit

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    1. Lol at one of my old churches they said that miracles don’t happen anymore and were used back in the ‘Bible Days’ by apostles to advance the Gospel message. But apparently we don’t need miracles for that anymore…

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