Ultimate in Pious Bitterosity

The ultimate quest for many in the faith is appearance. Many have someone close to them that continues to use their faith in jesus, communion, music, and tv selections as a complete cover of the real them. Filled with demons of their own, strict determination of religious discipline will insure the spawn don’t turn out as horrible as you. This has been brewing for decades, and as Latinagem was forced to square off with the problem at hand, her pen came alive as a therapeutic release. Feel the feel, if you will in five spontaneous versus. Try to see the humor if you can. All I can do is laugh any more, but hypereligiosity in parenting is a style to cover your own rotten core and fear.

Pinch Faced Lady of Mercy

Praise and Misery

Hush Little Child

Declaration of and Orphan

Ode to the Clueless

Now you know why it’s good to keep peace with Latinas!!


Author: jimoeba

Alternatives to big box religions and dogmas

14 thoughts on “Ultimate in Pious Bitterosity”

    1. Lol. Funny how some people would have led a troubled miserable life from these experiences, but Latinagem has defiantly remained on the civil high road in dealing with her. The mother of all mommy dearests has been forcing her hand again lately. The cruelty has bled over into the grandchildren now. But, all is well. She’s forgiven in the blood of jesus, and her little Mary statue has a removable cap she squirts holy water on herself. The tyrant has a bible in her hand and tbn on the tube 24/7.

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      1. You may already know this Jim (and LG), but there are some diagnoses in the DSM-5 for Hyper-religiosity. Since many of the online articles are in science, neurology, and psychiatric/psychology journals, the Wikipedia page is a good intro to it:


        And of course most highly qualified Dr’s of neurology can emit electronic pulses into ANY human brain into a very specific region/zone of the brain and essentially illicit all sorts of God-like, religious, spiritual, paranormal — call it whatever you choose — experiences that basically mimic all those you might here about in churches, mosques, synagogues, pilgrimmages, etc, around the world. This is well know… well, in the medical community it is. LOL 😛

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        1. Great link….I’ve always thought religious fanaticism was some defect in the brain and a true dysfunction of certain areas.
          There are those right here who occasionally partake on these blogs that are afflicted. I do not waste my time with them.
          A cult is a cult whether it be religious or political and is beyond the normal range and is in the area of an aberration.

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          1. Isn’t it nice to guide your own life and thoughts, find your own spirituality if you need it, but not be a part of some turnkey system that measures your actions, condemns them, then absolves them for you? All in the one size fits all mono-theistic religion contrary to the differences in us all that could be celebrated.

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  1. Thank you for sharing jim! Latinagem, my husband’s story sounds so much like yours. Very sad. He walked away at 15 with only his boxer shorts on in the winter after his mom threw a fork at his face. He had finally had enough. I am glad you are now able to express it and you do a wonderful job!

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    1. Jim is a wonderful partner and helps me with great patience. I’m sorry about your husbands struggles. I wish children did not have to be subjected to this type of behavior.

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