Comments of the Week

A few great comments from the last week.

If you need faith to believe it, then “it” doesn’t exist except either in your own imagination (“I want it to be this way”) or in the sales pitch of those whose job it is to suck in the unwary. Sha’Tara

The damage of religious self-disempowerment, whether imposed or choosen, creates a ripple-effect of contradictions and intellectual dissonance. Professor Taboo

Your first two paragraphs are almost a scarily accurate description of what happened to me. At one point in my life I managed to convince myself that my doubts and fears were my problem, not the church’s. I was doubting because there was something wrong with me, not with the religion. I pushed deeper into the faith, GrouchyFarmer

incomprehensible, unimaginable, and beyond human comprehension… Until being personal, engaged, and a handy tinkerer with the genome is required. john zande

And lastly, Jonathan had a take on a Thomas Aquinas quote that was pretty good. God is incomprehensible, at least how many theist use it seems to me to be a convenient excuse when carrying out an inquiry on the existence of god

It is like me claiming to have a unicorn and upon inquiry I say it is unseeable

Thus we are unable to apprehend it by knowing what it is. Yet we are able to have some knowledge of it by knowing what it is not.

I think this statement is nonsensical , reason being that, the first statement is saying that we can’t know what god is, then the second says that we can know what god is not.

If Aquinas did not know what god is:

How did he know that god is the creator

How did he know that god is good

How did he know that god is not evil

How did he know that it is god not gods

How did he know what god is not

You can’t claim to know what A is not, if you don’t know what A is Jonathan

House is painted

Upstairs drywall hung

Kids are loving the big basement walls. Hope to be done hanging the downstairs sheetrock this weekend.


Author: jimoeba

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30 thoughts on “Comments of the Week”

          1. A funny thing — or maybe not depending on how full or empty the glass? — age, time, bodies, and the cycle of life. We start out in the world completely unable to walk or control our bowel. Later we get better at it, then… without any permission from ourselves, except diapers again(?), we RETURN to that state. Makes me laugh. 😄

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            1. I just have half a glass. But I too, have gone down that thought road. I tell my kids I’m going to be bad grandpa, walk around THEIR house in my diaper.

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  1. Man, I think da Lawd is mad at you! It looks to me like he’s sent child-sized shadow monsters to invaded the walls of the basement of the wonderful house you’re building. Want some advice? When you finish the house, be wary of going into the basement alone. I hear shadow monsters can be very, very scary.

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        1. I’ll let them know. Then I’ll ask them if, when they are down here alone if they’ve ever seen the shadow jump out of the wall at them? That will keep the basement clean huh?


          1. Yeah, but it’s likely to dirty their clothes by scaring the poop out of ’em. Though, as a kid, I’d have thought that would be really cool. Also, I wasn’t that bright, so I would’ve stood by walls, looking at my shadow, waiting for days for it to jump out at me. Hell, if someone had told me that, I’d probably still be there waiting now.

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  2. Unicorns are real. All I need to do is capture one to prove it to you. For that, I need the assistance of a willing virgin, right? As soon as I locate one of them and we catch the horned horse, I will trailer it to WA to prove to you that my deep and unwavering faith in one-horned, white equine was true. Working on the want add now, “Wanted. Unattached willing female virgin to sit as bait for the capture of mythical creature no one has ever seen. Hours long. Pay and benefits short.”

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