Religious Echolalia

Having someone silently mouth the words you are speaking is called echolalia. Many of us know someone that does this and there are a few causes to address, notably left hemispheric brain injury. Also, some subconsciously do this conversational lip-sync to enhance memory when short term memory is becoming problematic. Nonverbal echolalisis is normal in some, but combined with religion it has proven damaging to entire continents. Religious echolalia is a common practice to polish lies, mimicking and memorizing lines of bullshit horseshit to later flow from the lips of the once silent puppet.

Silently mouthing and audibly floundering apologists have perfected this technique in seminaries across the country. Conversational lip-sync from both sides of the mouth is a skill-set usually reserved for top ventriloquist, but apologists have now taken the industry by storm. Here below our favorite apologist duo, Mel and John caught during warmups

And this dress rehearsal secretly photographed of apologist Wally and Colorstorm. Not sure who is who in this one.

While each team has their own style, rigorous rehearsal and bromance has made the four indistinguishable in print. The cure to religious echolalia is unbelief. Dry your eyes you weepy guys. Jesus ain’t coming, and the truth, however painful, is a reality you can learn to live with.

Insanitybytes in a paid “Ask the Bigot” performance with pastor Ryan Faust, grace church, Seattle.

Mel learning from dad, eventually honing the craft to blow smoke up peoples asses.

Echolalia (also known as echologia or echophrasia[1]) is defined as the unsolicited repetitions of vocalizations. made by another person (by the same person is called palilalia In its profound form it is automatic and effortless.

(N)ow yo(U) (K)now h(O)w it (A)ll h(A)ppen(S)


Author: jimoeba

Alternatives to big box religions and dogmas

28 thoughts on “Religious Echolalia”

            1. Yikes. You know what I really dislike about guns? You can pass the background checks and live normally with them
              in your closet for years, then, as happens to every single human we have a crisis. No background check in the world can predict how someone is going to behave when we enter the darker regions of humanity. Sometimes no fault of your own. Every single person has them at some point, and there is no way to know who is going to do what. Nobody ever EVER talks about that.

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            2. Have you seen Jim Jeffries comedy skit on guns? “One day you’re happy, and then you’re sad, and…”

              Apparently Amanda went nuts with gun once. Not sure if she was trying to kill herself, or everyone in the family. Ask Ark, he heard the story.

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  1. Good one, Jim. We start it off early with the “Children’s Catechism.” I still remember the first several. By the way, I wouldn’t mind being part of the Insanitybytes duo you have pictured; I’d just toss the dummy and the blossoms.

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    1. I was hoping to find her more current picture with the long teeth and loose fang. But yeah, that guy in the left is no dummy. You’re right about the rote memorization to kids. I still remember them as well. Lots of them!

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  2. Branyan’s daughter suffered Post-partum depression. Not nice. Wouldn’t wish that on any woman.
    Anyway, she considered the benefits of the afterlife and a gun was involved.
    Apparently Jesus/God came to her rescue telling her that her room in Heaven wasn’t ready or something, as Jesus’ Mexican maid was on leave applying for a visa and God said he couldn’t get involved as his hands were tied. I knew bondage was involved somewhere.
    Or some crap like that.
    But all things passed and now she has a relationship with Jesus, a spiritual menage a trois and her husband is okay with it.
    Repeated inquiries whether the gun was still in the house met with a wall of silence.

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    1. That’s the point I was trying to make. We’re all fine at the moment, but when human conditions change and darkness settles in, hormones, divorce, death of a family member, no one knows how that gun owner will behave, and here the option is often an AR15.

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      1. John mentioned Jim Jeffries take on American gun ownership. You should watch it is you haven’t already.

        To my mind, a family of devout re-born Christians owning a firearm goes against everything I would imagine following Jesus stands for.

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          1. If the gun is secure it is of no use as protection.
            If it is not secure there is a fair chance one of the children may pick it up and fire it.
            Based on the stats this is happens on numerous occasions.

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