Made In The Image Of God

Let me break this to you all gently as “god” (author of the Bible) tips his hand in the very first chapter. “And God said, Let us make man in our image, after our likeness”… Genesis 1:26

“In the day that God created man, He made him in His own likeness”. Genesis 5:1

It has been repeated ad nauseum that we do not look like him for he is incomprehensible and unimaginable. So what likely is the correlation between man and god? What is his image and likeness?—Behavior—the capacity to be horrible. But, by quite the anomaly some of his creatures refuse to do his bidding. To some, the chaos, division, and brutality doesn’t bode well. So, a few now and then break away, and by calling our own shots find a peaceful calm and left guilt, hate, division, and the killing of everything behind.

Convincing his subjects they are evil is a bad parenting technique for human kind. Children raised in such a fashion with the belt, the ridicule, the threats, the name calling, struggle to find self worth and peace the rest of their days and continue the cycle initiated by “god”, who continues to shift his morality to keep up with the demands of man—at least the mankind that shows we know better. We are doing better. And as we struggle to break free from the tyranny, shaking the hive, so to speak, has angered the bees apologists, to the point of ridiculous wordplay to protect their Nero.

With the tongue we bless our Lord and Father, and with it we curse men, who have been made in God’s likeness. James 3:9 He too blesses himself and curses us if we don’t act like him. God curses us, his servants curse us. Man has proved difficult with his occasional inclination to be kind, to do good, to be accepting of others, which comes to full fruition after leaving the system of religious tyranny we became accustomed to protect.

Does it anger him that we have broken away from the system he created and refuse to contribute to the misery? I think so…It certainly angers his servants. If this life were actually a test, the test would be to see if man had the integrity to break away from an obviously immoral system that produces everything evil, all while calling it good.

“To those who believe in God I say, seek not in institutions, books or theological arguments to find God: look at your species and how it interacts with others and with its environment. There is the mind of God in action”—Sha’Tara

Man has created a bible to guide us in continuation of miserable human nature of the time, projecting itself on the “god figure” as a progenote to some type of authority, but it is us who have adopted this monstrosity we call god because that is who most of “us” are. Do you want to be adorned, become eternally heaven-bound, and also have the final say in everything as a judge in Israel? Welcome to godhood…Nero

Man’s indoctrinated presupposition that the Bible is good, is the only reason one could consider it good. It’s resulting bloodbath and genocidal rage has been inflicted on the world for generations in the writers name. And the author who despises us, is in our own image and likeness.


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One minute info blogs about breaking the faith trap.

59 thoughts on “Made In The Image Of God”

  1. “Convincing his subjects they are evil is a bad parenting technique for human kind. Children raised in such a fashion with the belt, the ridicule, the threats, the name calling, struggle to find self worth and peace the rest of their days and continue the cycle initiated by “god”, who continues to shift his morality to keep up with the demands of man—at least the mankind that shows we know better.”

    It is psychological abuse, no doubt. Christians are framed and shamed for a murder they did not commit. In a blog post on Patheos, Peter Mosley wrote:

    ” “I used to sit, silently, in deep meditation, every communion, in deep gratitude for what I thought Jesus did for me. Although I didn’t admit it at the time, it was humiliating to have that gratitude. The trauma of realizing how Jesus suffered crippled my psychology, I think. I don’t think it does this to everyone — but if you really feel, deep inside, what Jesus did for you, profoundly and sincerely…I think your sense of gratitude would also be perpetual and overwhelming. And with every smile and laugh in relief, you’re reminded that the fact you need grace is your fault.”

    What truly loving parent would want you to feel this way? Mosley nails it when he further states:

    “It’s like being accused of murder, and then getting pardoned for it. You’re grateful for the pardon, but every week you go to a building and thank the one who pardoned you. You also hear constantly about how terrible what you did was, and how incredibly nice it was to be pardoned. This makes you cry in gratitude. It changes your life and the way you see yourself on a fundamental level.

    With that said, I want to share another comment from a deconvert who shared his deconversion story on YT under the channel name, Prplfox. This really stood out for me, especially because it’s so true:

    “If an idea can’t stand on its own truthfulness, it has to find another way to survive. And often the way that happens is by the gradual, intentional refinement of the hijacking of our emotional architecture. Possibly the most effective, most powerful way a belief could do this would be to devalue or eliminate all other sources of self-affirmation— which Christianity does with devastating efficacy—so that there is no hope or beauty, or meaning, and more importantly, no integrity of the self without it.

    If a belief can do this to you, you will have almost no chance of being able to critically evaluate its truthfulness. Christianity alters your identity to ensure the survival of itself.”

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    1. Nice work sista! Reminds me of this JZ sent me a while back “To continuously evaluate whether a being is good requires moral judgment, which requires moral autonomy
8. Therefore it is not possible to continuously evaluate if a being is good while also worshipping it
9. Therefore, worshipping necessarily requires abandoning one’s moral responsibility, which is immoral
10. Therefore, no being is worthy of worship”—James Rachel “God and Moral Autonomy”—Quote mining officially through the offices of TheCommonAtheist™️ and its subscribers, with special thanks to JZ (2018)

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  2. In the Polytheist mindview – the Gods are often pictured as human since that is how we can relate to Them. However, many Gods have no representation except what exists in nature or They may be depicted in animal form. To have a God create a human in their image is very problematic.

    To think of the Christian God as a human creating humans seems a bit human or man-centeric. That is humans are really God or something like that.

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    1. Well, on the flip side since I don’t believe in god, the writing of the Bible would b a reflection of a mans desire to have power over others and claim ultimate truth. As you said, it’s problematic for apologists or for those indoctrinated, but the casual reading of the Bible has little excuse that likeness and image were the words used. Why? Why not explain it it more clear, incomprehensible terms when those are the very terms one could use to describe their own children. If the Bible is true, and if there is a god, I think he would not be so inconceivable as we’ve been led to believe. He’s been made inconceivable by those trying to defend the god position, and they’re running out of room. That he is unimaginable to the human mind is the end of many apologetic banters where they have run out of answers.

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    2. That’s exactly what most Jews say. Made in the image in the ethereal, not making Yahweh into a humanoid. If you can read Hebrew then you know what I mean, but the number of failed predictions by the Old Testament prophets would make one think they aren’t really having revelations or visions…. since they keep getting things wrong. Malachi- failed prediction. Zachariah- actually the opposite thing happened than he predicted (the Persians conquer the world instead). Isaiah- busted copying Gilgamesh. With the lack of credibility and accuracy it’s very strange that the 2 dominant Judaic sects haven’t been properly reformed. Yea, Christianity and Islam are both Judaic sects that say the same thing. 1. The world will be destroyed. 2. The dead will get resurrected. 3. All the good people go to a magical alternative universe that no one can see (One pitches an additional 72 virgins). Most scholars and Rabbis don’t bet on Moses and Abraham being historical people that actually existed, the consensus is they were mythic people. The same is true for the Jesus of the Gospels, who most academics think was a non-important, normal Jewish Rabbi that inspired some people to start a religion. Maybe “charismatic guru”, but the recent application of proving history using the Bayes’s Theorem stacks a lot of evidence against Mark, and points Luke’s anti-Semitism out pretty clearly. The earliest Christian writings are the 7 of Paul’s Epistles that are deemed authentic. The Gospels appear decades later. But here’s the theory- Judaism is a revelatory cult already so take Mormonism as a model. Joseph Smith has revelations and dictations from the Angel Maroni which The Book of Mormon records. The same revelatory origins are in Islam, as Muhammad receives revelations and visions from the Angel Gabriel, which the Qu’ran records. So the actual founder of Mormonism is the Angel Maroni, and the actual founder of Islam is the Angel Gabriel- 2 non-historical people. Now Paul receiving visions and revelations from the Jewish Archangel Jeheshua would make Jeheshua the founder of Christianity. But most are sensible enough to concede this. YES Joseph Smith is real founder of Mormonism, Muhammad is the real founder of Islam- and Paul is the real founder of Christianity. 3 Apostles instead of 3 messenger angels. But as for the Bayes Theorem, notice Paul doesn’t talk about any miracles, no details of a ministry in Jerusalem, no denial by Peter or mentioning of the disciples at all, a Eucharist meal with no lecture, no reference to a historical man. Then Paul’s revelations and Isaiah’s removed Jewish Gospel “The Ascension of Isaiah” are both talking about the same Judaic Archangel. As most gods were Euhemerized into mythical allegories at that point in history, it makes sense that Paul’s sect would do the same and write a fable. Regardless of what Peter was doing in Jerusalem or what fallout from the Messianic movement in Jerusalem produced- it was Paul with the successful church, the massive Roman following and the big money. Going to Peter and saying “I had a vision and Jesus changed his mind about a few things” was something only Paul could say. About 30 years later Mark’s Gospel appears with a pro-Roman theme, and very much resembles the incident with Jesus Bin Ananias at the Temple, with a trial in a kangaroo court, the same quote from Jeremiah, and sticking to Josephus verbatim until the end. When Jesus Bin Ananias is killed by arrows, not crucifixion. Jesus, Son of Onias and Jesus, Son of Damneus were also militaristic Rabbis that are used as source from Josephus, with still no crucifixion. Then suddenly in the 4th Century “The Testimonium Flavianum” sneaks into Antiquities and Jewish War with a new, different Jesus named “Christ” that says all the nice things. The problem is that Josephus would not use the word “Christ” because it wasn’t a word in Gentile vocabulary. The closest is the Latin word Kristus, but Josephus would have had to explain what that word meant and why it didn’t show up in his work until the 4th Century. Obviously inserted by Eusibius or Pliny, because the Testimonium isn’t something a devout Jew would write. So Abraham’s one God is actually 1 original God and 2 revised sub-gods that are all revelatory messengers and 3 different gods with 3 distinct personality disorders. Incidently, the one thing they agree on is the end of the world. I’m betting on my Sumer/Babylonian 5-Headed Dragon Goddess Tiamat, also a creator deity… but she creates Demon Armies, loves the Yezidis, Taoists and Satanists and wants everyone to know that she’s been in the religion scene since 4000 BC, and Baghdad is nothing compared to her Babylon- and in ancient Sumerian “Allahu Akkbar” means “I’m your dinner, please eat me.”.. Shemhammles.

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      1. “So the actual founder of Mormonism is the Angel Moroni, and the actual founder of Islam is the Angel Gabriel- 2 non-historical people” I like that. BTW, I had a revelation that you would comment here. I should’ve written it down with a time stamp, but you’ll just have to believe me. Great comment. Thanks for stopping.

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  3. Interesting note: I have rarely met a vocal atheist who is kind to others (especially Christians but any Theist really). Rarely are they “accepting” of others… unless by accepting you mean ridiculing, condemning, name calling, looking down upon with disgust etc…. but if that is what you mean… then YES they are VERY accepting.

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    1. Good to see you again Keith. I have found a different experience overall. Things can get a little heated with frustration at times. Christianity does tend to be the focus of discussion since that the majority here. By accepting I meant promoting equality among all people. Gays, lesbians, women, etc. I don’t automatically judge people anymore nor try to find an angle to convert them. I do enjoy pointing out the contradictions and hypocrisy of faith. My mind just works it out in every aspect of life. Hope you enjoy the blog.

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      1. Jim you are an interesting fellow… that is to be sure. And my comment was not directed at you, but more the idea presented in your article that Atheists have “broken free” so to speak… and are now able to be kind to others.

        In this article you clearly state Christians are guilt ridden, hateful, divisive, and desire to kill everything???? I guess….?

        But you don’t stop there, you then claim God ridicules, name calls, and tries to convince his followers they are evil.

        This could not be further from the God I worship or the Bible I read. In fact I have written several articles on this topic and in one particular I talk about Christians discovering their TRUE IDENTITIES…. not the identity Satan would love us to latch onto… but the one JESUS sees in us.

        If you feel guilt and shame as a Christian (as I have) then you have bought into the lies of the Devil (as I once did)…
        but guilt never comes from God.

        I just thought I would share this with your readers who may be under the wrong impression.

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        1. I also have readers here, if you followed along have left faith because of the damage it has caused with the strict, biblically defensible upbringing and abuse. In many cases reparations are in order. Individually you have found peace in jesus due to your nature and pure gullibility, not in a bad sense but in a childlike sense. I have read some of your comments on your blog and others, and quite frankly sir, you need to broaden your intellectual horizons. Too much of any one thing is a bad thing. Endless tbn or other religious programming has you living in fear and your ability to see the obvious has been shrouded. Everything is ok out there, really! It is the safest time in the history of the world to be alive statistically, and that due to the curtailing of the religious war path. Christianity has had to evolve to be palatable. In evolutionary terms, Islam is about where Christianity was 600 years ago. Touting free will and taking it away by force to please a violently interpretive book that condones a gods actions as permissive because it’s in the name of the LORD. People are tired, and while the intent may have been honorable, the outcome is the epitome of unintended consequences that has continued to divide one from another with Jim Crow style laws that set one person or group above another.

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    2. You should talk to the Scottish Rite or Prince Hall Masons. The atheism isn’t really militant, nor is the crazy idea of refuting evolution ad big-bang. The York Rite and the Templar Knight Lodges require that one be a Trinitarian Christian. But some of us can tolerate Thor and Spaghetti Monster. But calling religious people “unscientific” is always reversed into scientists being called “non-spiritual” or “apathetic”. But if someone is a firm YEC then I may chuckle. Or the really, really strange Charismatics speaking in tongues, having “Holy Spirit seizures” makes me crack up- but I don’t ridicule anyone unless they’re saying the earth is flat, or they’re claiming to be possessed by Satan, or that they hear voices… C12B1

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  4. That’s a good quote from Burning Woman. When one examines how other species interact with each other it calls into question god’s loving nature as well, despite several examples creationists use for ‘god’s amazing creation’.

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    1. Good point. Everything is in a state of anxiety to survive, live another day. I read “On the problem of Good” by John Zande. It. Is. Awesome! And leads you though the details on this topic. “If” there is a god and this is his doing, it is far from good.

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    1. And it’s imagery. We only get to picture it in our our minds and debate what happened for 3500 years. While the cousin went into a cave of wonders, and came out to terrorize the world for centuries. The masters bidding!

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  5. Perfect.
    “In the day that God created man, He made him in His own likeness”.
    It makes me think, did we create God so that we can have something to put the blame on?

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      1. Maybe taking a rib out is a metaphor for not funny or not fun. Everyone could use a good ribbing, but, god has no sense of humor and teasing a prophet can get you a bear mauling.

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        1. I am still wondering whether a lot of this writing is tongue in cheek or really serious! Not sure which, yet! Look, you cant say that God is cruel if we are, or vice versa. If we are angry; wicked or mean then why not say its barbecue we have deviated from the teachings of God, rather than us following God? That’s too easy an excuse.

          He told us the way to live and gave us free choice. We can either live his way or not. No one will worry about it, yet! I still think Holy Books of whichever religion do help SOME people stay on the straight and narrow. Others will , forever reason, always look for the dark side. But you cant blame that on God.

          I am not a Bible basher and I have had my fair share of living on the dark side, but I think ultimately that we do have a freedom of choice to live as we wish. Be that for the benefit of others or just ourselves. Anyway its a great feeling being nice to other people. Who wants to be in a shitty mood all the time

          Hows the Paining coming on?

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          1. The Painting is done. Started the flooring yesterday. My knees are screamin’. The writing here may not appear to be serious, but most of what we see in reality is diametrically opposed to what is taught and read in the scripture. I make connections to everything. That’s how my brain works. I have spent my life doing my own things, living my own way, never have I been conventional in my life and never follow fads, fashions or pop culture, and when a crowd is going one way, I get curious and go the other—except religion. It dawned on me a few years ago, so I started looking at religion as a bit of a skeptic. Turns out none of it was what we were taught. It was propped up and excused at every turn. The byproducts of faith are the epitome of unintended consequences. Literally rife with division, hate, murder, genocide, guilt, and so on. The apologist say that those people were not following jesus, and conveniently give a pass at every turn. But, the truth is these things are a byproduct of a psychology that can’t be ignored. When I realized it was all a skillful trick, a masterful deception that plays on the most basic instincts of human nature, I no longer believed. A tremendous light bulb went off and I see the contradictions of religion everywhere and I mean everywhere. I had my own thoughts for the first time in my life. I was embarrassed for the things I thought and said and felt about “those” other people and I also felt a great calm. I was in charge and realized that I loved everyone for who they are without excuse or addendum. Since the Bible is a reflection of the people who wrote it, “god” (the writers) were a nasty bunch and control was an obvious motive, very similar to the great apes. Everything was about controlling food, sex, and territory. Reading the scripture is rife with crossed I’s and dotted t’s, and the byproduct, no matter how well intended, grace by faith is a cancerous deflection of personal responsibility. Who is against social justice? Who is against climate change? Who is against science and virtually digging in their heels at very turn. Women’s rights? Check! The morality of the Bible has lagged behind humanist values by centuries, and only when the pressure is on does “god” make course corrections. The Christian mind is fearful of secular education, for that is where his world begins to crumble and they are so faithful, but show no faith. If what they have is so good, why does it have to have an intellectual wall built around it to hide the kids from a broad based education? Because once they learn about the real history of the Bible and its people, they can no longer excuse the outcomes. They can no longer align with its immorality and death. Regular people would never do the things that religion has done, nor make excuses for it. We read the Bible with a presupposition that it is good. Prophets, god, religion, all good things. We make excuses and hear the lectures and the simplicity of the gospel requires miles of explanation and apologetics. I could no longer do that.

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            1. I read that three times in fact. As you can imagine it was not easy to digest the first time and re-reading it would show to you, I hope, some sort of interest on my part. Thank you. I never thought you were light hearted but I do think that some of your followers are quite strident and vocal. Some of these are not necessarily in a positive way and thats a shame. We all have things to say but dont need to brow beat others. In fact I could go sofar as to say that some of your followers are acting like ” God” ….. its my way and if you dont understand it you are stupid.
              I digress….. its a great point and one I would like to discuss further. So when you had your light bulb moment, what did you follow instead. Are you saying you believe in nothing, other than being good to fellow humans

              I absolutely accept that the Bible and those that write it and have a life around it often use it as a whipping tool. And it then becomes everything it was not supposed to be, although again you could argue that it was turning into everything you thought it was
              Do you believe in another life?
              I dont believe that ” God” is not forgiving…

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            2. Most memorable to my aha moment was nothing I had said or believed, was me at all. I virtually did a 180 in nearly every way. I do not follow any prearranged creed or dogma. I had lost my belief in god, realized I was now alone, and I always had been. Nothing changed that way. I had a surge of confidence “I got this” and I do. What changed was my outlook and love for life and others regardless of their position or orientation. All the things that continue to,divide us, the things religion has cornered the market on, were gone. I have heard similar expressions from others like Ben, where he finally knew who he was, and all the moral high ground and divisive attitude disappears. It wasn’t planned, nor could I help it. It just happened in a day. The key to unlocking the mysteries is unbelief. We really don’t have a people problem, we have a religion problem. Hope that helps. I’ll,send you a link off my about page

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            3. I’ll reply to your other comment in a bit. Thanks for the compliment. I have about 300 if you keep digging it covers pretty much the whole spectrum of contradictions. But wait! There’s more! Lol.

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