Climate Hoax

The ruling party of religion has controlled society from the top down for a thousand years. Nice job!

The memories of summers past are fading. I remember the Pacific Northwest with the bluest skies in the world, and now because of the climate change hoax, I can’t see the skies through the smoke for 7 years or more. Call off the hoax, join a good church, pray like hell and keep using every resource imaginable. That should clear things up.

The ultimate say in morality is once again, the most damaging model to humanity. Christians have had the majority say in the destruction of our world and not one has taken the lead to end this stupidity. Regardless about how you feel about your faith, the overall picture of what has happened under your watch is disgusting.

I don’t think we’ve had a clear day this month. Thanks climate hoax! Fire season is only six months long now. Good job. Praise the Lawd!

Here’s the air quality in our Beijing NE Washington area today.

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Alternatives to big box religions and dogmas

44 thoughts on “Climate Hoax”

  1. When I moved from Seattle I half-jokingly said it was because it was becoming like LA in the sense of traffic and arrogant folk; now it’s atmosphere is almost as bad too.

    But with regard to your point here I must say I’ve been troubled by relatives who have thrown away their futures and ambitions by abandoning plans for school, work, or business because The Rapture was night and all efforts would be a waste other than for full commitment to Jesus.

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  2. Far Northern Alberta and the Northwest Territories are also suffering from smoke-filled air, and no rain for over a month. Our forests are like tinder, and could go up in a minute. The USA might not have climate change, but we sure as hell do up here. Winter cannot come soon enough, the earth could use a good covering of snow. Hallelujah!

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      1. WEll, Jim, just wait till California drops below sea level. Then the fires will all be put out. You won’t have to worry about south winds ever again. Up north, Vancouver Island will probably disappear, flooding the rerst of the coastline. Hopefully the Rockies will protect us plainspeople.
        But, you know, I’ve never heard mention of what is expected to happen to Washington or Oregon. The coastline will move east, at the very least. But what happens where you are?

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          1. Basically where I am, except not in the mountains. We are in muskeg country, kinda like the everglades of the north, but betwee the low-lying bodies of water we have dry forests. All it will take is one match, one cigarette butt, or one strike of lightning.

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        1. My kayak is ready! Or I can always take the rims off my van and make a raft. With the winter spares, that makes six great floatation points… Family Robinson, move over… and by the way, fires and floods are just fine but where’s my major San Andreas fault earthquake I’ve been promised since I moved to Chilliwack from the “nothing ever happens here” Peace River country in 1963? Isn’t it supposed to be shake and bake, not soak and bake?

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          1. THat’s what I was talking about. I haven’t heard much about that lately, it’s almost like people have decided to forget about it so that it can no longer happen. I hope they built the Bay bridge better than they built the bridge in Italy.
            As for the Alex Fraser bridge, I wouldn’t want to be anywhere near when it starts to go. That will be one huge death-trap.

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            1. I don’t know much about bridge construction – most of the modern ones look pretty spindly to me anyway. In an earthquake I wouldn’t want to be on, or under, one either, or either one (AF bridge or Port Mann)! Maybe it’ll happen the day they put my ashes in the kayak and send it down the Fraser in flames… well, yeah, it’s Celtic, and a distant part of me claims some Viking ancestry (even if it was from rape!) so I’m entitled to a proper “burial”! Is that “Flame on!” or “Let there be light!”?

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    1. That’s the problem….smoke is everywhere!

      We had a good snowfall last winter for all the good it did for the drought conditions. In 2016, we had rain almost daily from May to November, & 2017 was the worst fire season record! This year, we have more fires…..but they are somewhat smaller than last years.

      I still say the climate change deniers should be fighting these fires & helping in the resulting floods!!!!

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  3. Meanwhile the zealous “End Timers” and “Rapture-lovers” (Apocalyptors) are singing praises and smiling that so many (including Islamic radicals) are perpetuating the destruction of the world (not God or Satan – lol) and maybe the entire human species. Imagine that. 🙄

    It reminds me of millions of hyper-eschatologists like David Koresh — if you want a death-wish for immediate entrance into heavenly bliss, then just go ahead and eliminate yourself and let the rest of Earth and the Universe go on its way! What’s glaringly obvious is that they won’t let God do it when He wants to. Isn’t that an obvious demonstration of a LACK OF FAITH in their God? 🤔

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  4. I had to call in a fire last night. “Fortunately” it was close to an area that burned a couple years ago. Our visibility today was incredibly bad. Not from that fire, but the multitude. It’s sort of like multiplying the fishes, but in a bad way.

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        1. I have a memory for humor. I don’t think I’ve ever forgotten a good joke. And as for waiting…it’s never too late to regret, but people only regret when it’s too late.

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  5. Here in Florida we are facing both higher water levels such as sea water invading Miami and where we live the homes in places are threatened by flood waters that never were before, along with much stronger hurricanes and storms. I am sorry your air is not clear, humans need to be able to breath and clean air is needed for that. I can not understand the attitude of not caring if the habitat you need to live is destroyed. I know several congressmen who are theist claim god wont let humans destroy the environment, but to me it seems their god has gone on vacation. Sorry again about the loss of the wonderful vistas you had, I guess I will never get to see them now. Hugs

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      1. Yes and when it comes to destroying an environment they are champs at it. They forget we need the right habitat for humans to flourish just like every other animal. Destroy the habitat and we destroy our selves. Hugs

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  6. Dude, I do love my pot, but it’s the air I breathe that makes my eyes a bloody sight and something resembling a smokers hack. With pot I get High, this shit just makes it hard to breath. FYI, the smoke from the burning of much of the western portion of North America is about to ring the planet.

    To deny the human connection and the species threatening urgency of the predicament we’re in reduces that persons prospective to that of a parrot. Repeating sounds without comprehension.

    To quote Trump, “sad”.

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            1. Are you in Williams Lake? I’m currently here from Chilliwack doing volunteer work on rebuilding some houses lost in last year’s wild fires… I’d love to meet up with you, I’ll be here for another two weeks…

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            2. Yes, Williams Lake. I don’t get out much as I am waiting for a hip replacement, but maybe a meet for coffee could be possible. I am not much of a people person, so it would make me feel a bit strange. I get somewhat tongue tied in face to face.


            3. Hey that would be great. I’m no people person either, socially speaking, but it’s always good to discuss issues face to face, quietly, and to ponder them. I don’t want to impose or cause you any discomfort, but if you want to chance it, my email is I’d give you my phone number via email, or you give me yours and I’ll call you.


            4. I personally despise phones & avoid them unless absolutely necessary. I do email, or texting rather than talk….hahahaha.

              I may send you an email with my screen name in the subject so you know its me.


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