What Is The Meaning of This?

“What’s obvious is that you have no understanding of this verse”—Mel Wild

This is the answer I was searching for. All my life I sought for truth, only to have a book secretly placed in my hotel room by an unknown—a Gideon of the gospel to answer life’s riddles. Now my quest—to find meaning outside of myself. Who am I? Where did I come from? Is this life all there is? Where do I go when I die? As an idiot not trained in the correct ways of god, I thought it best to give reading the nod. I had heard so much about “The Good Book” I couldn’t wait to read it, when it mysteriously appeared in the top drawer of my night stand—appearing like a thief in the night.

It was a real page turner as my mind eyelids raced to keep up. I had always imagined if there was a god he would be really cool, like a good teacher, but it seems I was wrong. Vagued by subtle omission, plagued by violent commission, varied in different renditions, the Bible was a complex, but obvious penning of disturbed control-men with massive egos. The LORD it seemed he was a curse, to opened eyes on every verse, with ramblings of severed foreskins, the fever churned out new revelations to the nature of this paranormal being we strive to emulate. This unseen god commanded authority and men were convinced to do the things his parents would never allow, nor would he do on his own. Mass murders were a way of life, while wives came in scores, but were treated like whores. So I moved on to the Quran.

There was no Muslim book in my extended-stay-express, so I google the book and gave it a test. I called a toll-free and wondered to him, “why no Quran in the nightstand herein,

He gave me an answer, this kind Muslim man, told me of why there was no Quran.

“because guests may take it to the bathroom or other improper place.”

Ah said I, after reading some terse, my thoughts exactly after an hour of verse.

So, Torah and testaments old and the new, Quran and the commentary of some old Jews, stories of Moses who didn’t exist, Noah and Jesus and YHWH’s iron fists, to distance myself from the odd violent word, and all contradictions that flowed so absurd, a snapshot from time of a long distant caste, from authors and prophetic dreams of the past, where violence was king and oppressions reigned true, alone I decided was the path I should choose.

No premixed learning of religious odd ways, no groups on Sundays and limitless praise, no dogmas laundry would I choose to embrace, and rather than sell for integrity lost, I’d call my own shots at no matter the cost.

That verse came in question so plain to be read, but requires a doctorate explanation instead, to offer the grandest of oblique excuse, that not even one such as Satan would use.


Author: jimoeba

Alternatives to big box religions and dogmas

20 thoughts on “What Is The Meaning of This?”

  1. Hey, Jim, given what you just said, earlier today I read the essay to be found on this site, and believe me I disbelieved with all of my might the unbelievable words that I found there, speaking of concepts so unusually unrare, that God is but god is not Allah but Yahweh, and Islam is not Christianity but God-damn-it I think I am screwing this up, so read on please but start in your cups, or tears will prevent you from reading the lies this assinine writer puts in front of our eyes…


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  2. you have no understanding of this verse

    Well, isn’t it great that an omnipotent being can state exactly what it wants to say, and do so free of any and all ambiguity.

    Hiddeness of being, hiddeness of intention.

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    1. Hidden results too. How is it that this and every single verse can get a pass due to context? Their idea of god comes from an evil time, evil people, incompetent principle and miserable morality. But, we just don’t understand.

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  3. It’s sort of like getting right English in billiards. Ya gotta squint the left eye, tongue to right cheek, lips pursed, and head slightly cocked either way, while standing on one foot. Cue up. No understanding? None? Wow, Jim. This may be serious. ‘specially if it’s ‘obvious.’

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    1. I know. My troubles are mine. But, Bill, English to a cue ball is like using a bridge behind the back while reading the Bible with a mirror. That is the Bible code secret. KJV scholars were masters encoding magic billiards into unseeable meanings. Of course, the context of the shot is the key. Hidden in plain sight for to be seen only through crossed I’s. I get it now.

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  4. Yep, yep, and DOUBLE yep! 😉

    Btw, I’ve thrown a big wrench into Mel’s latest Kierkegaard post. Hehehehe 😈🤭 But I’m quite sure he will ‘dismiss it’ in all sorts of magical ways. LOL 🙄

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        1. Well, he basically stated there is nothing can be said or demonstrated to wain his faith. That being said, was never my argument to begin with. My argument was the fact that Christianity leads to atrocity for individual families, towns, and countries when left unregulated. He brought up his faith at the end, so I know he thinks about it.

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          1. Exactly. I could care less if he believes Unicorns. Our contentions are the rampant problems and failures of Christianity/Hellenistic Christology and its horribly flawed content and history! And to your point of atrocities, etc, and what I’ve mentioned multiple times before… the psychologically damaging aspects of Christianity/Christology, the unhealthy Codependency to name one, are diseased subtleties that cannot be ignored!

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