10 Things I’ve learned this year

After surrendering your will through indoctrination, repetition, and meditation, the ability and faith to ignore contradiction is now physiological. Hardwired neuropathways are the problem.

Spectral evidence is the foundation of religion.

Physics tell us that matter is comprised of 99.9% empty space. If there is a god and this is his doing, he has used the least amount of resources to create the most amount of misery.

Hall bath done

Those of us that lived the gospel with devotion wound up leaving after gaining knowledge about the details of the faith, while apologists who continue preaching it as truth have yet to live it. Their disgusting behavior is proof they only know the words.

Religious sidetracking and indoctrination stunts the learning potential of some of the greatest minds.

Demanding freedom and autonomy, then in the next breath giving it away by subjugation to a god that monitors their every move and thought is a contradiction in ideals.

The key to understanding the mysteries of god is unbelief.

I believe the full term is, Love thy neighbor as thyself, which says a lot about their self respect considering how they feel about others.

Faith is only hope to live again. Religion plays a psychological card that every animal and element already possess—the desire to carry on. But in the end they have no more surety of that happening than you or me, and they know it.”

Gods are reported by their believers to give humans free will to choose. (Or is that a bait and switch going on?) Half of the worlds religion is administered by force. The other half used to.

The system of religion naturally leads to more torture, division and violence, and the decline of such things has been because of less religiosity, not more.

Christianity naturally has led to the most amount of torture and misery (whether intensional or not) if on purpose shame on him, if by incompetence, some perfect deity? Of course whoever set it up couldn’t see the horrific outcomes, or they could.

Unchecked religion naturally leads to misery, torture, and divisiveness. Not in pockets led by an errant masochist or two, but widespread in every hamlet around the world. It continues to be the end result of uncensored religion.

On Goupthink; people in groups become more extreme in their point of view.” This is why when people leave Christian faith they become decent again.

Religion contains things one would never believe if they didn’t believe it themselves.

Talking out loud to no one is a form of mental illness. Talking under your breath in prayer to no one is also a mental illness.

Master bath with home-made barn door.

Inside of barn door

Author: jim-

One minute info blogs escaping the faith trap.

22 thoughts on “10 Things I’ve learned this year”

    1. Thank you John. This idea developed a lot in part because of your book. My mind just kept working on some of those ideas and Boom! Thanks buddy. And if anyone gets a chance, “On The Problem of Good” is a superb read.

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  1. I’m chuckling at you Mr. M. No one else would notice that except you. . .. I didn’t! 🙂 But now that you’ve mentioned it. . .

    Liked by 2 people

    1. I see the world in grids/patterns 🙂 And I don’t mean that figuratively. It’s very good for analysing objects and even information – but apparently very unpleasant for people who work with or for me.

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    1. Lol. No. That’s a temporary. There’s a barnwood light bar that goes over the sink but it hasn’t arrived yet. Could use your expertise though. Catch the red eye flight?

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  2. Lovely tile work, and I really like the door.  I designed and hand made a similar one (with a glass window) for the kitchen. If one has the wall space, sliding barn-style doors are really cool.

    Quote: “Talking out loud to no one is a form of mental illness. Talking under your breath to no one is also a mental illness.”

    Does that include those who “talk to themselves” while working or thinking about stuff? I do that all the time.  I also talk to “entities” who only exist for me as no one else can hear them (or see them).  In fact I’ve had conversations for years with “Teachers” who only exist for me but the information I receive far exceeds anything I could find in man-written books.  I suppose I must be insane – well, I’d rather be in sane than out sane! Seriously, in making such a cutting statement aren’t you denying those of us who exist in a different reality the right to do so, denigrating our person-hood to your own understanding of what is insane? How is that different than what you condemn religion for doing? I mean, why would you label me as insane when I speak to unseen entities or hear “voices” in my head? Curious, or maybe I misread your expressed thoughts on the subject?


    1. I meant praying. Lol. We’re all a little crazy somehow. If you call it praying you get a pass. Other than that, your next appointment’s at 3:45 🙂


  3. Here in Canada, the hardware cost $60 and hubby just recycled the same door. . . it doesn’t look as good as yours but it’s upstairs, where the only person who sees it is me! 🙂 I must show him yours, though. He makes his own lumber (in fact, he’s up on the woodlot right now, cutting battens for the garage next door) so it’s a possibility.

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  4. Bit of irony there, Jim, with the picture of the toilet interspersed with a reflection on religion? 😉
    Lovely construction and especially love the barn door – it solves the problem of a door opening into a small space. My husband eventually came to that decision as a solution for that same problem in my sewing room – it worked marvellously (I couldn’t have a pocket door because you lose the wall to hang things on. . .). Yours is the nicest one I’ve seen! (although our neighbours have a recycled antique door which runs a close second!)

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    1. Thanks. It is pretty cool. We’ve had a little time to do some extras and it’s really cool what you can do with that. $10 worth of pine and a couple hours. $40 for the hardware.

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