—The Observers

Through luck, genetics, and circumstance of just one astute individual, test group A had became aware early in the experiment…by employing natural psychology and manipulating the foibles of human nature, exploiting group B would be a cinch. Though a simple idea, subjugation would occur on their own terms—with a willingness and endurance unseen in the history of humans.

Creating a god for all to believe while secretly excluding themselves, they would grow in power, wealth, and control while the rest of humanity stagnates in endless debate over choices that are neurotic imaginations—and easy as fear-teaching to a child. They now sit back and just laugh, having no idea at the time just how successful they would become. They would control the world for millennia, all on the choice of the enslaved, while their own pretentious facade of faith would guarantee unfettered loyalty and support.

“I would have to say the early missionaries did quite a number on the world, especially the preachers and priests who accompanied people like Marco Polo, Columbus, de Gama, Cook, Cartier, etc. They spread their lies to almost every corner of the world, and now we are paying the price—rawgod

The syndrome is so bad that prophets imposters pop up from time to time claiming new contact and information coming directly from the illusion itself. A powerful psychosomatic response we’ll be lucky to survive as a species.

Author: jim-

One minute info blogs breaking the faith trap.

16 thoughts on “—The Observers”

  1. Quote: “A powerful psychosomatic response we’ll be lucky to survive as a species.” And yet friend, that is what we are as a species. All of my life I have “walked and talked” with entities not of this world. That is my reality. Where I chose to focus was not on denying how I perceive life, but on how I can use this “expanded” awareness to be of greater benefit to myself and those around me. I learned a lot from these “unseen” entities. The deepest, most meaningful lesson was my coming to terms with the concept of compassion. You could say I fell in love with a concept and chose to make it a life purpose. My point is, we should be careful not to throw out the baby with the bath water. Ten people are using a knife. Nine of them cut themselves or each other with it. One performs a life-saving act of surgery with it. The knife is neutral.

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  2. Don’t be alarmed! Once in a while when I sense something’s not right with WordPress accounts and followed blogs, I “unfollow” then I “follow” again to reset the thing. I’ve just done this and we should be back on now…

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    1. That’s another side to a bit of a different post. Any resistant genes were killed off and compliant submissives lived on. It always amazes me how in this day and age there is one Latino, Native American, or black Christian. Celebrating their oppressors method of oppression. My eyes cross. It a shame, and they pay to have it done to them.

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    1. I feel atheism has become the third party observer to an obvious ridiculosity that preys on humanity at the most basic level. How simple it is to deceive a child, and how easy it is play on the intellect of man through his imaginations.

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