Making Neural Con ections

How intensional omissions create a more powerful narrative and induce greater faith.

Missing part of the story is what we do as humans. No worries, we can fill in the __________ fairly easily with our imaginations. Even with ideas a bit more complex, a normal person will assume conclusions. In writing, drawing conclusions for your audience is un-engaging. For maximum _________, its best to leave some gaps in the story, even implied gaps.

Leaving blank spaces that have multiple possibilities is even more effective, stimulating the most possible conjecture. Intensional gapping works best with religious faith. Its ability to generate the highest levels of presupposition is unmatched by any other topic. Whenever an author can get the audience to fill in the blanks for him, the missing information can stir a life of circuitous inquiry—prime spawning ground for deeper religious conviction and faith. The more holes the better. Even more effective is multiple versions with varying gaps (the gospels) where differing audiences can fill the holes masterfully as inspiration the imagination allows.

While there are many holes, some have been philosophically filled with more ambiguity. The ecumenical councils are heralded as founding precepts of faith, while all along the first meeting took place to ultimately define the nature of god. Why? They didn’t know. Adding a word at will is also a neat trick. Take the word Filioque,(1) for example. Initially rejected after the first ecumenical council, then 700 years later the Catholic Church adopted it as truth. The council at nicea was also set nearly 400 years after the supposed Christ. Think about that! Can you tell me something accurate about a little known family member from the 1600’s, what he specifically said, his deeds, headcounts at sermons, and his travels? No! So you make it up and call it god. And to really make it convincing, the record must be gathered from sources that never personally knew the individual. Masterful!

(1) Filioque is a term that creatively determined that the Holy Spirit not only came from the father, but also the son. It was a neat add-on that immediately divided the western churches and eastern churches. It was a masterful stroke injecting immediate conjecture that keeps the churches debating the nature of a fictional character—God. Will humanity ever learn we’ve constructed that too?

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Alternatives to big box religions and dogmas

43 thoughts on “Making Neural Con ections”

  1. Excellent article that leaves a million pages unwritten! To wade into this topic, mud boots aren’t going to do it, you’ll need a full diving suit and a couple of spare tanks… It’s got more front doors, side doors and back doors than Carter’s got pills! Already I’m thinking: prayer. Healing. Salvation. The quality of heaven. The physical appearance of God. The morality of God per the Bible. And I’m just opening up the notebook.

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      1. We have records of the catholic church having meetings throughout the centuries to define and redefine the nature of the “supernatural” and “divine”, and many people still don’t see how this serve as evidence that their god is man made and subject to human authority

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  2. Good grief, Jim. There ya go with the gaps. You know how I am about them. They must be minded. Imma Bogartin’ JZ’s meme. Never know when I might want to god-up for some reason. Instructions help. Great post!

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  3. All of the tens of thousands of pages of texts that have been written, millions of words, arguments, excommunications, imprisonments and even executions that took place over attempts at proving the unprovable… It’s mind boggling that with all of the real problems the human race has that so many of us get involved in this nonsense.

    They aren’t even internally consistent with a lot of their own doctrines. My mother watched ETW a lot, and I vividly recall one show where this priest was arguing, no, ranting, really, that celibacy was vital to the welfare of the church, that priests would always have to be celibate, always were celibate, and that would never change. And then half an hour later on the same station there was a blurb about how married Episcopal priests who converted to catholicism could remain priests in the catholic church.

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    1. It is a massive, unfunny joke, this entire charade of big religion. I could accept a persons personal journey and need for spirituality, but this one-size-fits-all is even more ridiculous when they can’t even decide what that size is. And btw, I think the word was mistranslated… it was supposed to celibrate [sic] with an r.

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    2. Well now, obviously you lacked faith! With faith you could have never made the connection between the two contradiction. Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. Off to confession with you, or no wafer on Sunday and everybody will know you for an unrepentant sinner!

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  4. Have you ever seen written Olde English? The letters are so similar one slight inkblot could change a whole sentence, if not more. Now imagine trying to copy a dying language, where spelling was probably not important, and then translating the copy into another dying language, where spelling wss still not important. The slight inkblot was probably copied too, and the spellings changed according to the translators’ whims. Then add homonyms and homophones, its no wonder christians hate homosexual people. And looking at Roman Catholic priests, it is no wonder they hated themselves.

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    1. No kidding. And so many items were just omitted because it didn’t sound good on the faith. Surprised? Not me, but I am thinking the valuable pieces of the whole thing could be published in a small pamphlet. They were actually so immoral compared to today that they couldn’t see the problem with the atrocities in their story and left it in.

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      1. Just wondering, in the LDS church, how loyal is the current Book of Mormon to the original, whoever wrote that. I’m sure there have been changes to the canon as originally presented, I presume it changes as culture and society change. It should be a microcosm of the macrocosmic christian religion. (Talk about making mistakes! As I typed “macrocosmic,” I made a slight error: macrocomic. I thought you would appreciate that one.)

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        1. Book of Mormon changes have been mostly grammatical but there have been some interesting changes. They had to remove the racism where good people were “white and delightful” and the not-so-whites were dark and loathesome. An oops, byproduct of 19th century propaganda against native Americans. There are other too if you google it.

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    2. rawgod: You’re right about the translation and transcription problems. Monks copying old, stained hand written documents, doing it by hand, in horrible conditions, unheated rooms, poor lighting, so of course mistakes were made all the time. Then add in the fact that the “holy book” was made up of documents that were picked and chosen, cherry picked if you will, by powerful people who were attempting to find anything to support their own personal beliefs or to support a government’s power over people. Dozens of texts were discarded that were equally as valid, had similar provenance, as those that were included, because they contained information that contradicted the claims of some bishop or philosopher or politician.

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      1. Yes, there are so many ways to censor old books and manuscripts, etc, that it is impossible to trust anything that might be “controversial.” Yet people who want to believe don’t even consider they might be being lied to. It’s not up to us to shove it in their faces, but there are times I would love to.

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    3. I came across the following when writing my book. It’s an English version of what the Hebrew text would have looked like to the scribes (Genesis 1). Yet people swear the bible is 100% accurate.


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      1. Wow! You must have had fun typing that. Imagine the poor scribe transcribing it. As for me, I gave up reading it after the first line, my poor eyes were aching.

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      2. But, Nan that just proves the Bible is inerrant in every way. Naturally no one can translate that. Remember the gap theory: first, you write this all down carefully in longhand, then you go to your own Pentecostal church special meeting where the Holy Spirit is present in the person of a special interpreter. You give your note to the pastor, who looks it over, nods and hands it to the interpreter. Then there is a long, long sermon on speaking in tongues and proper interpretation, after the proper number of “Amens” and “Praise God” and “Thank You Jesussssssessss” and people begin to mumble, groan, wave their arms swaying back and forth and fall down in the aisle, then the interpreter puts the note to his forehead and tells what is written therein. Pretty basic, really. The one thing you can be absolutely sure of: whatever is interpreted is the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth… “Argllbts nrdllwpsnze frtswpntmprtbgd.” (Anyone who fails to interpret that is not spirit-filled – having just returned from the pub does not count.)

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          1. You know what? No need to be embarrassed, no more so than remembering having dirty diapers as a baby. Stages. The trick is to become potty trained… so many never quite manage it, do they!

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  5. Woah, 400 years after the event is a long time to discuss something. Recently I’ve become of the view that God is a man made construct too. God made sense once upon a time but now we should know better. I’m open to there being some kind of entity which started this universe ball rolling but… my belief in them or lack thereof is of no consequence.

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    1. All the conjectivity and alt fact leads one to realize the truth. Really? It’s all buried in word play. Facts don’t matter as long as he can wind his way into jesus.

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      1. Jim, haven’t you picked up by now that facts are simply another word for propaganda?!!?

        Personally, I just love to jab and poke … and giggle at the responses.

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