They Should Be Thanking Me

How the opposition is sending Christians to heaven.

Wally Fry made a comment on Mel’s site between him, Mel, and IB (the dream team) that it was nice not to have haters on the blog today. That he actually prayed for it. My comment kinda ruined the mood—”Prayer unanswered…again for the trillionth time“. The efficacy of prayer was proven once again—ineffective.

Hey, without us they would not get to increase in faith by overlooking fact. The plan of salvation would be thwarted, and the churches would collapse due to disobedience. No opposition, no faith, disobedience, wrath of god comes in a kills us off. I’m saving humanity!HERES a link if you want to take a stab at it…or not. Wally is pretty far gone mad.

My apologies to Doug for breaking the code of silence, but this was just too much temptation for a mere mortal such as me.


Author: jimoeba

Alternatives to big box religions and dogmas

41 thoughts on “They Should Be Thanking Me”

    1. It was actually the mere fact that I peeked at a melpost and once you see it, no unseeing will do. Wally is sure easy to piss off. He’s an angry man. You can see the pure boredom of Christianity without a smudge of truth injected once in a while.

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      1. He got very upset once when I suggested he had latent anger issues and might lash out.Naturally he labelled me a liar and more besides.

        I don’t believe he is a real christian but rather one of convenience – a fence to hide behind – and now he sidles up to folks like Branyan and Mel etc, basking in their fundamentalism hoping some intellectualism might rub off.

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          1. Oh, I can’t remember all the details. I do recall he went to church again because of a woman and I suppose he got back into it from there.
            He mentioned he was an atheist – but this was merely a ruse.

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            1. He really can’t make up his mind what he is.
              I think this is half the problem. Even as a YEC there is a part of him ( like with all Christians I suspect) that recognizes all he claims to believe is utter crap, which is why so many of them won’t actually come out and state what they truly believe and why they converted in the first place. But the guilt trip he harbors is what keeps him tethered.
              And like the vast majority of xians, he is fairly ignorant of his religion – its history etc and he doesn’t consider it is important either, as long as he has his faith (sic) .
              And you will notice that he loves to jump to the fore and tries to get ”clever”, but quickly reveals he is not quite up to the task, which is why he always resorts to trotting out how stupid and ignorant he is, or that he is a moron or an indoctrinated fool or somesuch.
              Also, he invariably gets aggro because – according to his reasoning – you do not address the content of the post.
              And when he gets shown up for the twit he is the others will circle the wagons and come to his defense – even though they probably disagree with his YEC stance.

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            2. As I’ve said, for me, engaging Wally is a waste of brain cells. I learned that the hard way. There is only so much stupid a brain can take. (Although he is not half as bad a Branyan )
              Unless, you are able to get him to answer direct questions and don’t allow him (and others) to dance then I reckon he is simply a waste of time and the ”benefit” of such dialogue is all his.

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            3. Maybe. But that’s the way the ol ball bounces. I’m ok with that. I’m pretty sure though his split screen would be porn and not me. Hehe

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        1. This is just a joke Sunday should have been the title, but what started as a mild sarcasm has turned into raging tropical storm Wally. Cat4 soon to be dissipating to irritating drizzle/dribble

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  1. I tried being an interested observer and peruse dialog to explore our common humanity and the experience left me more incredulous than edified. I no longer filter my speech to accommodate the sensitivity or feelings of the faith based cousins that pontificate on the virtue of god worship. This is no longer about who’s right or wrong it’s about a potential for a civilization dedicated to a secure and prosperous environment for all to self actualize and a world view that is clearly antithetical to that end.

    Or not.

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    1. It it true. What maybe was in evolutionary terms a benefit to survival, has worn out its welcome. It worked a little better than it should as we approach 8billion breeders.


  2. Well, for us devout, far right, religious extreme Muslims, it’s “Thank A Christian” week. Why? Well, without infidel Christians, who’d we have to declare jihads on? I’d be bored without ’em! Now, DEATH TO THE INFIDELS!!! (Thanks, Christians! I luvs ya!)

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  3. Yer just so dang thoughtful. Ah gots crocodile tears in my beer, cuz I am so happy for them whose lives are made mo’ betta’, cuz ol’ Jim’s info-natin’.

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    1. Well, my chops are totally dependent on a great variety of good people here. Everyone has their expertise and logic. Thanks for your contributions. They have one drum.

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