Gremlins and Fairies

How superstition trumps reality and mere fables survive generations

I have a plan when I return to Panama. My neighbor up the way has gold buried in his yard. Yep, real gold buried years ago to hide it from the Spanish. He has sworn me to secrecy, but pretty sure y’all could never trek to his spot in the jungle.

One day he came by the house to borrow my metal detector (I think it’s the only one in Panama) to see if he could get to the treasure before the gremlins move it…again. Every time he locates a spot, they shift it away from the hole faster than he can dig. Every time we’d get a good tone, by the time he digs deep enough, all we find is a clavo de concreto or some other iron junk and the gold is gone…Mostly the gremlins would leave a nail. Superstition is deep in the interior. Old ways are slow to die, especially with these oral superstitions passed on like a religious legacy. I have a plan…

Maybe I’m too cruel, but I’m fashioning a few these small doors to cut into some trees on his property. You think he’ll appreciate my sense of humor?


Author: jimoeba

Alternatives to big box religions and dogmas

26 thoughts on “Gremlins and Fairies”

    1. He’s a pretty serious fellow. We were discussing this literally in the middle of nowhere, and he was whispering and peeking around. I think a couple of well placed fairy doors might just put him over the edge. Hehe

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  1. I agree with Bill. I have heard to be careful opening a door, you never know what could be on the other side. Why it could be a person wanting to know if you found Jesus because apparently he has been missing for about 2000 years and his people are getting desperate. 😜😋🙀😃😄😁 Hugs

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        1. Conversing with him seems to be a waste of time. I don’t know why he hangs around us, if he wants to have a productive conversation (one that actually goes somewhere) with us then I’m all for it, but nope we can’t have that. So I’m over it. I asked him why he visits our pages all the time and he responded with: “I do it all as a labor of love… providing alternative views as a public service to my fellow pilgrims.” He then followed that statement saying that we shouldn’t patronise each other. Such irony, much wow.

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  2. One thing that’s pretty amazing… even the most ridiculous assertions can be passed on for hundreds of years. Superstition of this type are in the hundreds, and carry on for generations. Religion has perfected this technique by adding threats and judgement. You can see by man’s nature that a hoax such as Christianity could endure the way it has.

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    1. True. What is also utterly astonishing is how many times — too numerous to count — it has morphed, changed, and fragmented into various new and different versions that the “original” Sectarian Movement, i.e. Second Temple Torah-abiding Essene-Nasorean Messianism, was never intended to be! Today, quasi Christology/Christianity looks nothing at all like Jesus’ “The Way” movement. Period. They’re not even in the same hemisphere. LOL

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  3. Anyone who can’t appreciate your superb sense of humor Jim needs to be tackled and thrown to the dwarfs, gremlins, and fairies… who THEN have all four limbs bound (Gulliver’s Travel style!), spread-eagle, suspended from two Trees with Doors, and stripped bare!!! Then ALL dwarfs, gremlins, and fairies (along with all their hungry little pets!) can tickle, torture, slap, and do any number of embarrassing unsavory acts of twisted perverseness no matter HOW MANY TIMES your “gold-ladened” friend screams for mercy!!!

    That should help him find a sense of humor real fast. 😈😁

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      1. ‘The program for this evening is not new.
        You’ve seen this entertainment through and through.
        You’ve seen your birth your life and death
        you might recall all of the rest.
        Did you have a good world when you died?
        Enough to base a movie on?

        I’m getting out of here.
        Where are you going?
        To the other side of morning.
        Please don’t chase the clouds, pagodas . . .

        – Esme sat with more than one Jim upon the Cloud


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