The Ark—Written For Our Time? A Prophecy

How the least amount of truth, may turn out to be the most accurate statement in all of scripture.

The story of Noah’s Ark, thoroughly debunked as fable from days past is now considered a parable. A myth written to our time? A lesson to be learned? A prophecy? Possibly. If it is from god, there are two choices (maybe more) about the significance of the story. What is the lesson to be learned?

All flesh had become corrupt. But Noah was perfect in his generations. (his genealogy was not corrupt) Genesis-6 Genetic engineering of plants and people could possibly change the world as we know it. All flesh has the potential to become corrupted, but who will resist it? Genetic modifications outside of natural selection is an unknown consequence waiting to happen. Alleviating human suffering may just cause the greatest suffering ever told. Who will remain perfect in their generations through natural selection?

The earth had been corrupted. Boy isn’t this the truth? Why is it the very people that believe these scriptures hold the most contempt for our planet and it’s limited resources?

All the animals needed saving from extinction. Species are dying off at an unprecedented rate since recorded history. Disregard for the sanctity of all life is a religious problem, not a people problem

Global flooding was immanent. Climate deniers wake up. Even if just a metaphorical sense of the story of Noah is true, the flooding is future, not past. The story of Noah is prophecy, because we know it’s not history.

The two choices; continue the way we are headed, or stop this nonsense. Interesting turn of events; Now it is the Humanist and scientist calling out the warnings, while the religious right fights for destruction of our world as an inherent right. In the end, the story that had the least amount of truth, may turn out to be the most accurate in all of scripture.

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One minute info blogs breaking the faith trap.

35 thoughts on “The Ark—Written For Our Time? A Prophecy”

  1. I would not call it prophecy. No, far from it. But I see how it can be relevant to us today. Recall just like any other book written by men, it speaks to things that had happened & we are dealing with the same material here: human beings have not changed much, extreme climate events have always been there, so looking at where we are, one would almost want to treat it as prophecy which it ain’t

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    1. I wouldn’t call it prophecy either Mak, but a Christian should at least be able to apply this as a parable but they aren’t. And they ain’t helping solve much by denying what lessons from their own book should be teaching them.


      1. Well, when you think about it, god brought the flood and saved those it did, same thing as now. The believer doesn’t have to do squat, god will save those it will

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  2. Nice article, Jim!

    But one thing that always bothers me is so often with the biblical stories is people tend to ignore what happen after. Like what happened to Lot and his daughters, what happened to poor Canaan after the flood was over.

    Canaan, well, he was Noah’s grandson. After the flood one of the first things Noah does is plant a vineyard and get stinking drunk, takes off all his clothes and passed out naked in his tent. His son Ham went to see what was going on, saw his old man laying there naked by accident, and Noah, who was probably still three quarters in the bag, cursed not Ham who saw him naked, but Ham’s son, Canaan, who had nothing at all to do with it in the first place. Canaan is condemned to be a slave for the rest of his life because his father, Ham, saw old Noah after he’d drunk himself unconscious and taken all his clothes off. Not exactly the kind of thing we associate with divine justice.

    Then there’s Lot. They don’t talk much about what happens to Lot and his daughters after they escape Sodom and Gomorrah because, well, Lot gets drunk and gets *both* of his daughters pregnant. Well, considering Lot already offered up his two daughters to be gang raped by a mob to protect two total strangers who showed up at his house I suppose we shouldn’t be all that surprised at what happened later. But it does give one an insight into the divine justice of a god who destroys whole cities for unspecified crimes but is perfectly okay with Lot sexually abusing his own daughters.

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    1. There’s a story behind every new law. I’d like to know what happened to posit this one—”When men strive together one with another, and the wife of the one draweth near for to deliver her husband out of the hand of him that smiteth him, and putteth forth her hand, and taketh him by the secrets:
Then thou shalt cut off her hand, thine eye shall not pity her.”
‭‭Deuteronomy‬ ‭25:11-12‬ ‭KJV‬‬
      It was a violent time and violent men who wrote this crap. I can see it now. “Moses, I was kicking the crap out of this guy and his wife came up from behind and grabbed me by the balls. WTF are you going to do about it”? “Off with her hand,” says he. “So let it be written…so let it be done”. “And go ahead and post date the law so there’s no problems!”

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      1. No kidding, some of those laws are so specific that you have to think that they had personal meaning for the person who wrote them. I remember that law now that you mentioned it and someone once told me that there was more going on than her just grabbing him by the privates. She (this was a nun telling me this, mind you) didn’t just grab him, she either castrated him or kicked or hit him so hard he essentially was castrated to get revenge for him beating up her husband.

        Fertility was a huge issue back then because the survival of these little groups of nomads depended entirely on being able to have children who could continue to tend the flocks, hunt, gather food, etc, especially as the older members of the group became less able to care for themselves because of age. On top of that they lived under very harsh conditions. They were often malnourished, were under enormous stress just to survive, and were subject to other factors that drove the fertility rate down. The harsh conditions also meant there was probably a frighteningly high infant mortality rate.

        That was the real sin of Onan. He wasn’t killed because he was practicing birth control as such, he was killed because he refused to give his dead brother’s wife children who would care for her as she grew older and she could become a burden on the rest of the tribe as she aged. Unfortunately a lot of the more religious out there fail to take that into consideration and now look at laws that were necessary for survival at the time as some kind of religious dogma that must now be obeyed whether it makes any sense for us or not.

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  3. Is your house finished now Jim? Then it is time to start building a state of the art ark. You have just over ten years to complete it. Take with you at least 2 seeds of every plant presently alive on the earth, so that you will have the ability to rid the air of excess carbon dioxide, and replenish the oxygen so important to animal life on this planet. Take reproductive pairs of people af all races so that all races can intetbreed and in just a few generatoons you will have only 1 race of beautiful brown. If you have time and room, take reproductive pairs of all species of animals and insects, fish and birds, and do not forget to take microbes. Remember to build big, things might get crowded over a century or two.
    And if any should laugh at you, and call you insane, tell them rawgod said you should do this. Then they will understand. You really are screwed up!

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  4. I find it interesting that I also, as a believer of sorts, could not understand why so many did not agree that we were to be caretakers (stewards) of god’s creation (some did agree). Now I see that they just want to piss on it. Ruin it for greed (one of seven deadliest). I now think we are screwed. Saving the environment in a way that provides a survivable environment for humans is hopeless. The loony-tune carrying the sign, “The Kingdom of God is at Hand” may not be so wrong. Sometimes it is good to be old.
    “I do not feel obliged to believe that the same God who has endowed us with sense, reason, and intellect has intended us to forgo their use.” ~ Galileo.

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    1. A trend as far back as I can remember, is to want to preserve the earth and environment, only after we get our share. On the other side of hypocrisy is the environmentalist (one who already has his house in the woods) I know there has to be some balance, getting rid of disposable plastic for mere convenience would be a good start.

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      1. Tonight, and not sure this is even topical, but my mind is thinking, ‘you know what really pisses me off? It’s people with a book chock full of commands to be obeyed who huff and puff to make others accept the contents of that book when none of them even try to live by its most basic commands. It’s as if functioning as a top notch, first class, hypocrite was the most important commandment of scripture and the highest requirement for a Jesus follower or God believer. That’s what pisses me off.’ I’ve read the Bible, as I’m sure many who follow this blog have and I know there is a ton of commandments in there, but particularly in the synoptic gospels which if they obeyed THOSE commands they would make Christians the most compassionate and empathetic people. But they don’t want anything to do with those and so make themselves an ignorant laughingstock and the stupidest people one could encounter. So, why is that? I’m stopping here because my mental wind is blowing on the embers and they’re dangerously glowing.

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        1. Oh it’s relevant. You just ranted for a lot of our behalf. All the good they could do is being held back for the one-world leader they’re hoping shows up soon. We know how dictatorships turn out. Only the yes-men survive. One of my favorite sayings? “Google clicks don’t lie”. The states that have the highest religiosity have the highest clicks per capita of porn. Total hypocrisy. Utah and Mississippi lead the pack, and Utah has the highest rate of consumer fraud in the world. You nailed it. Good rant! I could go on as well!

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    1. Thank you Yassy. This is one I had worked out many years ago as a believer. It was one of my searches to combine scientific discovery with biblical concepts. It seems no one really reads the Bible in this obvious light (to me) My brain takes seemingly disparate ideas makes a lot of connections out of them. Although I am not a believer any longer, I can see how this might give insight to those that are. Thank you for the compliment.

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  5. A good take on the Noah story, can’t miss the parallels. The danger here is, if one “buys” into the prophecy, then how to choose biblical prophecies, the ones to “buy into” and the ones not to? For example, the biblical Eden is a prophecy, if there ever was one. God (the Yahweh character, that is) clones himself some GMO creatures, isn’t happy with the results-the obedience gene didn’t take-and kicks them out, prophesying that the earth was henceforth cursed to produce thorns and thistles, that sort of thing-he should have mentioned blackberry bushes!-and there would be sickness, disease and death and women’s pangs of childbirth(which interestingly no woman had yet experienced?) would be greatly increased. Yes, we get the picture. The accuracy of that prophecy is enough to make one believe in God! Then there’s the book of Revelation with all of the fun stuff we are yet to experience. Enough on that. I question the statement,”Disregard for the sanctity of all life is a religious problem, not a people problem” I think that if you traveled earth and times you would soon discover that isn’t correct. People on the whole do not exercise any moral sense of the sanctity of life, just a sense of entitlement and immediate needs and wants to be satisfied, damn the costs to others. It isn’t, and wasn’t, religion that plunged our modern world into its horror wars which continue to this day. Believing or not believing has made little difference. The no belief may in fact have made things worse overall for man. China for example is a relatively non-religious country. Would you say there is greater awareness of the sanctity and interconnectedness of life there?

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    1. Agreed…Mostly. I guess my statement was a little too broad—that’s why you’re here! China is a great example, but have they replaced their lack of belief with a well reasoned morality or thought? It is possible, ya know. Sam Harris has a great TED on that. “In my own experience”, I should’ve said, the awareness and sanctity of life only really happened when I realized no god was never going to bail us out, and the love I feel for all things, without excuse, is more than ever as a believer. Each of us has the ability to live beyond any dogma if given the chance. Or I’m just a dreamer?
      I would also add appealing to China as an example of what we might be like in the west has never been the case. China’s pollution doesn’t excuse us from ours, although the deflection is common. They’ve been odd ducks for 5000 years.

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  6. I’ve always considered the Flood narratives — in any world culture; there are several — as mere story-telling of history, recording the obvious events that took place. Since we better understand the cyclical patterns of our planet, sun, and celestial bodies in the night sky, which OF COURSE have always been the system of motion for many millenia… our polar ice caps freezing harder over millennial stages, then softening over other stages. Based on what we’ve learned from the past, chances are very high it will happen again. Duh, right? LOL

    However, what is going on right now, the gross negligence, ignorance, and passive aggressiveness of which you referred Jim, of the Abrahamic religious WANTING that “rapture” to happen AFTER the possible 6th extinction event asap, is not at all related to any “divine act or willing,” it is the dysfunctional mindsets and defeatist ideologies that pushing that train-wreck forward. It begs the question, “Why don’t all of you just commit suicide and let US secularists, humanists, and atheists save this 1-in-a-trillion type life-giving planets! At least until we’ve advanced enough to colonize other planets!?” Is that too much to ask… for SOME tiny level of humane, sensible, compassion on your parts? Let us get on with the work that needs/must be done free of your apocryphal B.S.!!!! Geeezzzz. 😉

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    1. Where’s you passion man? Lol. Very well said. I’ve heard all the bs allegories about preparations, obedience, blah blah. But in reality they disregard reality. This scripture should serve as a warning to all believers but hey, they’ve been promised no more flood—we’ll see. Thank you for the great comment!

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      1. Was I too tame? Should I have put more UMPH into it with a pelvic thrust that would make any Rocky Horror Picture Show fan envy with lust!!! Here, this might do it then and given this deliciously DARK past Weds night… “It’s just a jump to the left…

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    1. Science fiction has dealt with this story many times over the last 50 years. Mostly the inhabitants of the books survive. But fiction is generally more optimistic than truth. Ark Earth will probably not support human life.

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      1. I think there is a set amount of intelligence/consciousness in the world that is now being shared amongst more and more people. Some are getting a very small piece of the pie…obviously


  7. One of the best posts you have written.
    Did Yahweh reveal himself to you ( He’s a bit of perv like that, you know?)
    I’m all right up here in Jo’burg – 1750 metres above sea level – but those down at the coast – well, as God said to Bill Cosby in his Noah sketch:
    ”How long can you tread water?”

    Bit of trivia.
    There is a steep windy road not far from our spot where I used to hill train called Stuart’s Drive. Half way up is a metal plaque informing any who care to read it … like me … that the entire area was once under water, part of a sea. This was a long long time ago, even before Days of our Lives.

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    1. Thanks for the compliment. Of course during the development of the earth, prior to our arrival and at sundry times parts of the earth were under water. Even Mount Everest 30million years ago. Since the dawn of man there has been no global flood. And it is this datapoint where we begin our journey. It hasn’t happened yet, so maybe (if any part of the Bible were true) this would be it. One errant transcription (which there are many) turn this to prophecy vs history. And we know it’s not history. The exercise is really the futility of abrahamic faith. The mission is to make a catastrophe happen. Whether this is a subconscious effort or just plain stupidity is your call. It’s interesting they call it a parable now, but take no meaning or warning from it.

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