Reincarnation Permits

China to require permits for Tibetan monks to reincarnate

China is in the process of requiring permits for Tibetan Monks to reincarnate—Bureau order #5 has been drafted (no kidding) and requiring the next Dalai Lama be born in China. The current leader is 83 and leaning towards not returning at all to preserve the sanctity of the position. Monks from around the world will soon be converging on India where talks will be held later this week.

There is no guarantee that some stupid Dalai Lama won’t come next, who will disgrace himself or herself,” the Dalai Lama told BBC in 2014. “That would be very sad. So, much better that a centuries-old tradition should cease at the time of a quite popular Dalai Lama.

In any case, China has already declared their right to pick the next Dalai Lama and requires all high-ranking Lamas to have a permit to reincarnate, undoubtedly will choose their own Lama while announcing the Tibetan as a pretender.

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62 thoughts on “Reincarnation Permits”

    1. I didn’t either. At first I thought it was going to be a parody or some sarcastic piece. Although got me thinking…a resurrection permit first century with accompanying docs would’ve been helpful.

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    1. I’ll check it out. Trying to process all the variables and upcoming conjecture, the word conundrum keeps popping into my head. Then if he decides not to return, how many crackpots will come out of the woodwork to claim it?

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      1. In Pratchett’s book the reincarnated monk in a lucid non-dribbling moment as a baby explains that breast feeding with the young wet nurse is a bit embarrassing.
        You can just see it can’t you?

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      2. That’s the thing, is the government is less worried about the reality of reincarnation, but rather how religion can be used for a means of population control so they want to choose the next Dalai Lama.

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    2. That one is my favorite Pratchett book…perhaps because I have a big interest in time, but it’s one of the funnier ones for sure. It has Death in it as well which is always good humor.

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    1. Good point. And who decides if it’s real? In 1995 the Chinese imprisoned the 6 year old Panchen Lama (#2) and replaced him with their own. To control one controls who chooses the next. So they’ll do whatever they feel is necessary (they’re the Chinese ya know).

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  1. Don’t they already have a Beijing-appointed Lama? Good though to see they’re bringing some order to this whole process. Gotta’ have complete confidence you got your guy.

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  2. This is an old tactic that China has used for many years to gain increasing influence and control over people. The Catholic church was fighting for decades against the government’s attempts to take over control of who could or could not be a bishop and finally more or less just threw in the towel and agreed to permit the government to have input into the appointments.

    But this is far more serious than simply another religious issue. China is attempting to take total control of every aspect of a person’s life, including their mental attitudes. They’re setting up a social scoring system that will eventually apply to everyone in the country, a “social credit system”. The social credit score depends on the person’s behavior and interaction with others. Behaviors that the government approves of are rewarded with a high score, and behaviors it does not approve of result in a lower score.

    And the scores have real world consequences. People with low scores won’t be allowed to travel by air or train, cutting off access to the internet, stopping people from getting jobs, even preventing the kids of poor scoring parents from getting into good schools, etc. You can read more about it here

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    1. Wow. That is a horrible peek at the new world ahead. This is probably better than Indias caste system, or is it just as bad only different? What’s your social credit score Grouchy? What kind of life is that going to be?

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      1. I don’t even want to think about what’s happening in India right now. It isn’t just the caste system, although that is bad enough on it’s own. The whole country is well on its way to becoming another hot spot for religious violence.

        The social credit score – the potential for abuse is enormous and frightening. Especially because it wouldn’t just adversely affect the individual, but the entire family. If you read the article you’ll see that the SCS of the parents could prevent their children from getting into a decent school, thus it could have repercussions for entire generations of people who did nothing wrong themselves. A child could end up not being able to get a decent education just because his father got drunk one night and insulted a cop

        my personal SCS would probably be fairly high, I would think, but that wouldn’t be something deliberate. I am by nature a rather quiet, non-confrontational person. But that doesn’t keep me from being horrified by this kind of thing.

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  3. This is hilarious!! Ha ha ha.

    I’m trying to weigh up which is more insane. The reincarnation part… or the bureaucracy/regulation thereof.

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    1. Too bad there were resurrection permits 2000 years ago. That would be a good paper trail. But, Christians would use the non applied-for permit as evidence for god

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        1. The genes make sure they are reincarnated as Mr Dawkins points out in the Selfish Gene , we are simply their survival machines .
          They did not bargain on the meme and it’s ultimate path to the rejection of the cumbersome form of organic life ,with all its limitations , so their reign may well end with silicon intelligence. Maybe a new sort of parasite will invest itself in the future silicon race , a sort of virus that our simple computers seem to be prone to today.

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          1. I like your thinking. Genes are reincarnated in a sense… Although I tend to think of it as blueprints being used again to build a new machine. Mixed of course with someone else’s blue prints for the same machine with slightly different specifications. Lol

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            1. Absolutely correct the mistake the Genes made ( not that they are aware) was allowing intelligence to evolve . Self replicating robots need no air , no sleep and never die , although it may cause us to wonder why such machines have not yet visited the earth , distance is no problem for the immortal. Could it be we are the only intelligent life form since the big bang and it’s taken us about 4 billion years to reach this stage ?

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            2. Well it could just be a matter of time. Assuming we produce a solid AI in no more than a 100 years and we’ve been around as a civilization for only 12,000 years, an intelligent species need only need to like 0.0003% off in terms of when their planet formed in order to be 12,000 years behind. Then there is still the time it would take to travel. Who knows how far away immortal beings are.

              It could of course also be that robots have no need to travel and conquer and thus were simply happy occupying their own planet. I would expect immortal beings to not have a strong drive to reproduce? What would the value be?

              It’s also quite possible that such beings existed, visited, and didn’t find anything interesting here and moved on in their journey. The window of time in which we would have been able to see and record such a visit is extremely small.

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            3. You make some excellent points I overlooked. I’m not sure what drives us to travel and conquer perhaps it has something to do with our short lives , but thinking about it surely intelligent robots would have a desire to know what makes the world tick.

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            4. although it may cause us to wonder why such machines have not yet visited the earth , distance is no problem for the immortal. Could it be we are the only intelligent life form since the big bang and it’s taken us about 4 billion years to reach this stage ?

              In addition to what Swarn said. It’s quite plausible that the extraterrestrials came to earth or their space probes passed earth a couple of millions or billions of years before humans or macroscopic life evolved

              Another scenario is that we have been visited by extraterrestrials and their visit where recorded in what we now regard as ancient superstitions and myths. One of the teachings of the religion Raëlism is that what our ancestors thought were divine were just extraterrestrials who visited us and where later transformed into gods

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  4. HAH!!! This all sounds/reads eerily similar (exactly?) to the 4th-century CE Roman Empire dictating then making Imperial law what IS and IS NOT legitimate divine revelations and representations. LOL 😄

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  5. I think this is a great idea. I would like to see a similar thing with resurrection. Prove that resurrection is possible or be charged a scamming fee for preaching it! China is smart enough to see the problems with the messianic nut cases. Re-education is a damn good idea. GROG

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  6. I respectfully disagree with your proposal on the grounds that the majority of what we claim to “know” comes to us secondhand. Even proving something as mundane as one’s date of birth is dependent on appeals to the testimony of others.

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