What I Believe—

How intense beliefs fail humanity—

I believe that mere belief without evidence has been unjustly elevated to the gold-standard of ones knowledge and character.

I see intense belief in anything is a seedbed of tribalism—

That belief undermines real academics and embraces mediocrity.

I know when belief is required to be part of group, the group will betray you over unbelief.

I’ve observed and experienced the key to understanding the mysteries™️ is unbelief.

I understand the universe is a diverse array of energies and dimensions where some people are attuned more so than others to it.

I believe the foibles of human neurology, perception, and bias need to be understood at a grade school level to promote tolerance of difference and friendship—all of us!

I notice that religious beliefs need to be protected by law because they cannot stand on their own merits.

I observe herd instinct, peer pressure, indoctrination, and impatience supplants reason.

I believe the ability to hand-wave contradiction and fallacy hardwires neurons through repetition and submission. The problem is now in the physiology.

I believe faith should never be the end-goal of intellectual achievement.

I found that submitting your will to belief in god/allah, or any other godform disempowers the best part of human nature, delays intellectual advancement and personal achievement.

I would wager belief should never be intended as a solution and should be the least respected of all professions.

I believe that mans impatience has allowed him to be conned by men of self importance. Now the prisoners drive the ship.

I think that humanity is much older than we realize, that man has appeared on the scene several times in multiple generations of geologic time—things are much stranger in the past than we realize. We are much more capable than we realize too.

I believe that any belief should be able to provide some empirical data, and transition from belief to pure knowledge in a reasonable amount of time.

I’ve observed that big box religion and one-size-fits-all dogmas are inadequate to provide the needs of nearly 8billion differing physiologies—evidenced by each member choosing for himself the parts of morality and teaching (s)he already knows.

I believe people’s beliefs are merely hunches, feelings, intuitions—guesses, if you will, they’ll divide their families and friends over. I also believe that is immoral.

I believe coffee was the second greatest product of plant evolution.


Author: jimoeba

Alternatives to big box religions and dogmas

76 thoughts on “What I Believe—”

  1. I was right there with you until the coffee thing. I could never bring myself to actually like it. I tried but, nope. Oh well.

    Nice post. I believe you are on to something here. 🙂

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    1. Well, as you know the producers have me hamstringed with this one one minute time frame. I really could go on all day about the fallacies of strong Belief. It’s a hunch, a feeling that has so much social importance people will be nasty to their kin. Ridiculous

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  2. I believe Jim has a lot he has been thinking about.

    Your opening line is the best of the bunch, many problems stem from that one.

    So… what was the 1st greatest product of plant evolution?

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    1. These ideas have been collecting for a little while sir. Thanks. While coffee is my personal favorite as of now, I’m not so self righteous to think there is not something better…say …corn, but I hesitate (based on my beliefs) to say ‘my way or the highway’. It’s good, but coffee is not a religion, so I have to leave some safe space.

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        1. True. Very versatile. You know whiskey? (of course, duh) The evolution of corn is a man made gem. Even today botanists can’t duplicate it from the original grass it came from.

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      1. Funny, now that weed is legal here it’s super cheap, strains from all over the world at our fingertips…and not as much fun as when it was illegal. And tea? Well spoken and second only to coffee…Sir!

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        1. I’m open to anything that promotes a reality consistent with what would actually function. We’re still in baby steps mode, but with all the tribalism you’d think we actually knew something.

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    1. I believe you are right. Finally! My wife teaches a dissection class in elementary. She mentioned there is no blood because the frogs have been preserved. A six year old jumped up and shouted that he’s covered in the blood of Jesus! Teach them well. That is the part we’re working on.

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            1. Lol. I get it! One of my all time favorite guitarist too. You would have to copy someone else to say something nice. This makes sense now.

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    2. I believe I can fly! I think about it every night and day; spread my wings an fly away! Oh, I believe I can soar…..OOPS! I jumped off a building to fly and 1.) My “wings” didn’t spread out, and 2.) I didn’t fly! I fall down go BOOM! (Guess belief alone ain’t good enough.)

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  3. In the end there is only an ending. I was gunna say something snarkastic about believing you, Jim. But Scottie already did that. So, I believe that I will just que up with him.

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    1. Emphasis on “in”! I liked this one “I strive that any belief should be able to provide some empirical data, and transition from belief to pure knowledge in a reasonable amount of time”. Thanks ST

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      1. As you point out, any belief should be able to provide some empirical data, and transition from belief to pure knowledge in a reasonable amount of time. It all begins with some kind of belief, as in, we can’t know until we experience it. Belief as a quest for knowledge is destroyed once it becomes “a belief” as in believing IN something. Mental certainly is mental atrophy.

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    1. There are plenty more. Thanks Nan. The human brain really seeks information, and in a void, belief fills the synapses and grey matter with just that—fantastical info or any anti-Poe’s Law random bullshit belief will take the space, if we don’t fill it with intent.

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      1. I really like it too. It’s difficult sometimes to get to the root of what the real problem, the real core of all the woes. I think I’m inching closer. You have to sift through a lot of preconceptions to find it. We’re always directed to focus on the wrong things. Our core has been misdirected to a false importance.

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  4. I personally do not believe you, Jim. Coffee and chocolate are both physically addictive, though few people have problems being addicted to them. Tobacco and most other street drugs are also physically addictive. The man-changed hydroponic marijuana can also be physically addictive, while the original natural version was psychologically addictive only to a few. Also, cannabis is a healing plant, though it chooses what it wants to heal. It has been used for its healing properties for over 10,000 years in it’s most natural state. Marijuana is easily the best plant for humans.

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    1. I can’t disagree with that. Although legal, my employment right now requires i have no thc in my blood. Stupid, yes but that’s another argument. It’s never really been my thing anyway.


      1. But if you have any aches, pains, or weird ailments, have you ever tried Low-TCH cannabis sativa oil? It comes natural from a particular variety of marijuana plant, and you could eat it like candy without getting high or having the THC show up in a bodily-liquid test. It is produced by a Canadian company and has been legal in Canada for 20 years already, as well as in most states now.
        Ah, forget I said anything, but really, coffee and chocolate are more addictive that most natural plants, take it from an ex drug counselor.


        1. I hear ya there rg. Fortunately I’m super healthy for now. My family all lives to be 100. It’s hard to believe I’m only likely just over the halfway mark. Sheesh! My dad’s 85 and still traveling and camping, takes no meds. If I’m lucky weed will stay just a recreational option for me.


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