-7° with a High of 13° Fahrenheit—Snowing

How religious collapse is nothing to fear.

If this world per chance is a simulation, today would be a good day to pull the plug. Which got me thinking (of course) about what would happen if we pulled the plug on religion.

Air traffic controllers go through an extensive, escalating simulation for several weeks before taking over their assigned airspace, but what happens to the simulator, after hours of stressful (that part is real) training is unplugged and the lights turned off?—Nothing

Enter Religión—

Disconnecting from religion (another simulation without substance) seems at first would be a catastrophe, is in actuality extremely empowering and calming. “The moment I realized there was no god, I looked back down at the house and realized I’ve got this—I always had” I’ve been on my own my entire life. Wow! The stress I felt by religion was also real. Contemplating a life of no gods was a brief moment of unwarranted worry. Moving from simulation to the control tower is an easy transition.

It reminds me of when President Obama signed the marriage equality bill. No lightning, no thunder, nobody struck dead, just a thunderous applause stifling the fear of the religious right. And what has happened since? No second coming, no global upheaval, nothing but positives.

What happens after the lines are erased and religion folds? Nothing…Nothing but personal responsibility and liberty of mind to chart your own course within the framework of civil law. We’ve got this. We always have. It’s about people proudly helping people, giving and taking credit where it is due—to us!


Author: jimoeba

Alternatives to big box religions and dogmas

27 thoughts on “-7° with a High of 13° Fahrenheit—Snowing”

    1. 911 rescue is proof that prayer only attracts first responders through dispatch services bringing highly trained men who sacrifice a lot to be able to help others in their worst moment. It’s people helping people —and watch your head!!

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      1. It always has been that way, people helping people. What we do here is believing there’s this predefined pattern to life which has been written by celestials.

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  1. We all need to learn to rely on ourselves, not some non existent invisible higher power.
    I found a lot of my ingrained guilts fell away, when realizing it was all bs. I don’t remember ever believing, but felt guilty because I didn’t, & feeling guilty was built in by mother from as far back as I can remember.

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    1. I was looking at that video Victoria posted here yesterday. Very interesting why people don’t consider leaving—loss. Loss of family, disappointment from parents, and so on. They’ll continue in professing belief long after they developed skepticism. I think we need to understand we already rely on ourselves, and that is empowering

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  2. Where religion is concerned, I was thinking more along the lines of a butt plug. Things been gettin’ real backed up and when plug gets tugged, the shit storm will fly without the proverbial fan. 🙂 Hope you PNWers get that weather mess figured out soon.

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    1. Supposed to be another 2 weeks I guess. The but plug is a good idea! Religion is so backed up it’ll shit through a screen door and not hit the mesh.

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      1. Maybe it is their followers who are stupid. Well, I do know that Yaweh is a desert battle God. So, yeah, He does zap away. Of course, He would like his followers believe that all the Gods are fictional except for Him. Either They all exist or They don’t. Either way, it becomes a mind game with his followers, since they do go on about Satan being real. If Satan can and does do all those things they say He does, then He is a God, not fiction.

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  3. To pull the plug on religion, one of us has to get to the bottom of the cesspool of bullshit to get a grip on the plug. I have a bad feeling about this…With a case of bad luck that follows me like a puppy dog, I know I’ll get the short straw 😉

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