Commanding the Elements—Thy Will Be Done

How invoking the name of Jesus only upsets the lottery on weather.

What manner of man is this that even the wind and the seas obey him? Matthew 8:27

A lucky one

Commanding tornados in the name of Jesus gets attention year after year. But, is commanding the weather a miracle, or just timing—and luck? (bad luck for the recipients of such commands).

Anyone that watches the weather can see two things; there’s a calm before the storm then, just when things are plum mad-dog mean as they can get—it quits. While truthfully there is a third option as well. We can all attest that no one recorded the miracle that day, nor were any of the writers present. It’s a story.

Things aren’t always what they seem, even after they seem like it.

Storms come and go, rivers crest, then fall—for all shit rolls downhill right until the miraculous moment it hits the bottom. All bleeding eventually stops and with enough people guessing, commanding in Jesus name someone is bound to be right.

Take two.

A month ago Ark was chastised and Jesus name was invoked—proving this miraculous promise. In his name ya know, believers can cast out devils. Here’s an excerpt—

I am speaking not to you but the spirit of the anti-Christ living inside of you and I command it to leave in the name of the resurrected Jesus Christ…But its all up to you to accept.

So, which is it, Jesus name or freewill? The fact is no signs follow them that believe. No devils are cast out, no seas are calmed by the faithful—hence all the shipwrecks in the history of sailing. Every single one had the prayers of the faithful muffled out by the sound of drowning. It either works or it doesn’t. Ark would be a Bible totin’ believer now, if it were true.

How egotistical for one to believe that god will alter the laws of nature and physics to satisfy self preservation. No life is more important than another, except the one living it, of course.

Raising the dead and casting our demons is relegated now to science and pharmacology. Signs truly follow them that study medicine, physiology, and resuscitation techniques. There are no true believers© on planet earth. Either the preterist are right, or no signs follow them that believe—ever.


Author: jimoeba

Alternatives to big box religions and dogmas

34 thoughts on “Commanding the Elements—Thy Will Be Done”

  1. What fun. Spells, incantations, perhaps offerings of your gods favorite snack and a special stick for mixing elements. Fantasy fiction or theistic reality? Tune in to the evangelical hour to find out.

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  2. What gives me the most problems with this is when people here in the US thank God for giving them an A, or a good parking spot, or for helping them make the cheer squad while there are entire villages of praying people in other countries getting slaughtered or starving to death.

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    1. Yep. Meanwhile in the Sudan and Burundi… they are being taught lessons they’ll never understand living hand to mouth and dying. But, in gods timing (late as usual) all things will be in glory 🕳

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  3. Hey, that’s how it works, man. You pray for somthin’ to happen, and the next thing ya know, somethin’ happens. You can see it with yer own god-given eyes. And if you’re too this-a-way or that, along comes one a god’s hermit-canes or a tornado and blows ya to hell n’ back.

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  4. What if prayers are a way of channeling or invoking positive energy? I have no issue with prayer and thanking the deities of their choice.
    I do take issue with people who force it on others, or are smug that bad happens to “evil doers”. Pious people are the worst!

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    1. There’s substance in your remark, LG, but I think what turns many of us off is the word, “prayer.” I have no problem with those who believe their thoughts, or even words, can influence events. It’s just that “prayer” is so intimately connected with “God” (or gods) — neither of which exists– that using that term is like waving the proverbial red flag in front of a bull to non-believers/atheists.

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      1. It’s unfortunate that there wasn’t a better word than prayer that I can think of Nan! I agree that the word has been perverted. How could I better define what they are doing? To me they are imploring help from what they believe is a higher life force. Whether it’s real or imagined it makes no difference. I feel bad for those who beg and cry for help to the skies. The work is theirs to do. But I do think their attitude attracts good or bad energy. For me, I feel people’s energy and I run like hell from negative people. I believe in the law of attraction.
        I don’t believe in god in the traditional way that most do. I’m more of a spiritualist.

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    2. Positive energy or the power of the universe…fine with that. Let’s call it what it is and eliminate all the gimmicky guilt and threats of religious belief. If what you say is true, the very idea has been hijacked by faith to control people. Now they claim a power they never controlled. .

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  5. One of the biggest mistakes in the bible was predicting ONE anti-christ. Every atheist is an anti-christ, and ain’t no god powerful enough to command all those demons out of us. Poor Ark, I do hope he is okay. The man-commanded attack upon him by god must have been vicious, and scarred him for life. However will he heal all his wounds? Meanwhile, his wounds are as plentiful as gods, non-existent. Who had the audacity to attack him?

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    1. I don’t remember her name, but she should be aware in a reasonable about of time that her tactic didn’t work. Therefore the use of Jesus name is a hoax.


      1. The use of calling someone you don’t know names is arrogant, and I have to admit to arrogance on my own part at times. I’m sure I have called believers names of some kind, and even if they are only words, they can hurt. It’s just so frustrating sometimes.

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  6. “A wicked and adulterous generation asks for a miraculous sign! But none will be given it except…” (Matt. 12:39) If there ever was a “generation” that does not deserve miracles, this has to be the one. Religion without spirituality; thieves, liars, con artists and right-winged political hacks operating the largest and richest religious institutions; ignorant, selfish and lazy “followers” unwilling to make the least effort to understand why they believe except for the dangling carrot of “salvation” and eternity in some pain-free heaven. What is a miracle? Something that happens which defies explanation, right? I have experienced those. Who or what was responsible? I’ve changed my mind about that over the years but the miracles remain unexplained. I am alive today because of miracles. Go figure, huh?

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    1. True, but is a plausible explanation rises we go with the truth. We talked about this before. Maybe you and your beautiful mind made the miracle happen.


      1. I made it happen? Yes, after running around the mulberry bush, that’s where I’ve ended up thinking about it. We make it happen… At this time, being explainable, it’s still a miracle to me but I bet that given time, there will be a natural explanation for it, it just hasn’t shown up yet.

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