Faith—Allowing Chance to Rule Over You

How waiting has already past its prime.

Procrastination pays off when it comes to finding a church. Finally the years roll by and life is good. Those in the churches find it hard to believe happiness could come so fluidly without faith—but it does.

Belief in your own abilities can produce astounding results, while faith in deities—the perpetual waiting game, the continued respite from reality in hopes for enlightenment and good fortune ends right where you started—imagining.

Ode to another—

Faithfully following one

Fruitless endeavor—

How long shall we wait to to find the desired results before just moving on? Even Dr Seuss new better.

You’ll get so confused that you’ll start in to race, down long wiggled roads at a break-necking pace, and bring on for miles across weirdish wild space, headed I fear to a most useless place—the waiting place”—Oh the places you’ll go—

You’d think after thousands years that common sense would say enough—but the search goes on…the wait continues. There’s nothing to find.

Each of us, whether religious or not, creates outer own meaningful life—or not. If your happiness revolves around a belief that had millennia’s to iron some answers but has only created more questions—have at it.

Wait around another 5000 years if you like, but I think it’s time for a change. “How long do we give religion to fulfill its premises? Shall we wait, allowing chance to rule over us, or take control into our own capable hands?


Author: jimoeba

Alternatives to big box religions and dogmas

30 thoughts on “Faith—Allowing Chance to Rule Over You”

  1. Boy, I didn’t know churches do that deep a brain washing. I didn’t think you needed religion to be happy. Explain the connection – only God can make people happy? Or if you are a happy Atheist, you are a slap in the face of the Monotheist God(s)? Happiness is part of some great plan? Sigh, my brain hurts just thinking about it.

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  2. If god is the source of all happiness, indoctrination leads to fear of leaving, even if you don’t believe it. I don’t think belief is a genuine feeling, but a need to appease self doubt.
    The coach at our school told me he didn’t know what he would do without his faith. It is everything! Everything? It’s a thought, nothing more. Weird how belief is so important when it’s only a set of ideas and synapses that has proven to create tribalism and division for generations.


    1. Did you read about the teachers having to remove religious symbols/icons from their classrooms (can’t remember where)? One teacher cried.

      It’s actually pretty sad when people like that coach … and the teacher .. are so “connected” to their religion that they find it difficult to simply enjoy LIFE.

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      1. No I didn’t read that. I guess that’s why you’re here 🎯. Cried probably because she knows the faith that she has, can’t stand on its own merit without being propped up by laws and sweet sermons. Where’s her faith? I thought god was in control..

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  3. Going into a church you see all its adherents congregating over one thing, a god, and you might think, “Look at all these people, happy in their togetherness.” Of course you want to be part of it. But if you stick around, you start to see the cracks, and realize everyone is still is as unhappy as you were the day you walked in. They are just pretending!
    Do you stay, and learn to pretend too? Or do you choose authenticity, and leave? No one knows but you what is right for you.

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    1. Pretending is the word I was looking. Imaginings of a better eternity all group hugs, hymns and mopping the clouds with tears of eternal happiness, all connected like cocoons in the matrix.


      1. You are welcome to it, Jim. Go forth, and preach pretension to the pretenders. Show them what truths underlie their self-lies. Maybe you can succeed where others have failed.

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    1. It’s called retrocausality. Or the edit button. Undoing can only happen when in control. It’s a religious model. Changing history is very Christian. I had years of practice.


      1. Yes, I know about it. I’ve never used it though. I have to admit time travel is possible, under certain specific conditions. It just shocked me when my answer disappeared before I could send it. That is power!

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        1. Thanks for playing along. Retrocausality is the phenomenon of quantum experiments changing positions after a conscious observer enters the equation. I was still quite nearly unconscious and came to with a little help from a friend.


  4. I must admit, it is good to know truth and to have searched for so long. Allowing things to rule over me has never been my strength.


    1. A more complex answer has been thousands of years in the making,—and nothing. There’s nothing to find. Many people much smarter than me have dwelled on this convo for thousands of years, and ontology and philosophy have only explained what we want to hear. Cleverly worded suppositions to make us feel good, while nothing has come of it—some evidence? Other than pretending something is better because we’ve carefully worded our needs into reason?

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  5. Anybody who quotes doctor Seuss is alright in my book. If you weren’t so far away I’d give you a gold star sticker (from my own personal collection).

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      1. You know me… just adding some levity to your otherwise heavy comments section. You guys *points around* take this whole atheism thing pretty seriously…

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          1. I quite like Sirius. But Canopus is likely my favorite. I don’t think you guys can see it in your hemisphere though…

            Oh. I always read your comments section. I don’t understand 90% of what is being said… but I find it keeps me humble…

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  6. A 2017 PEW study revealed that “85% of the silent generation (born 1928-1945) call themselves Christians, just 56% of today’s younger millennials (born 1990-1996) do the same, even though the vast majority — about eight in 10 — were raised in religious homes. Each successive generation of Americans includes fewer Christians, Pew has found.”

    Not so long ago I was in a discussion group that included a Lutheran pastor. He strongly believed that we all are born in sin and are hence depraved and sinful at birth. I hazarded the possibility that his rather grim view of human nature probably did not ring true with the millennials and x generation kids because well, they just don’t feel so depraved. They have cars, cell phones, and football games and fast food. They feel pretty good about themselves and maybe, just maybe that’s one reason why they’re abandoning the faith–in droves!

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    1. The internet doesn’t hurt either. I know when I grew up all the info I was allowed to see was carefully guarded to support faith. Now, even if your just a little curious what others may think can have a huge impact. There are some very reasonable arguments if you only know to think them.

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      1. That’s absolutely true. Kids can now “fact check” the B.S. the preacher man feeds them every Sunday. Very good point. 🙂


  7. Well said Jim! Religion is a waiting game.. I couldn’t agree more. I read something yesterday that talked about how time kills all religion. No one ever proved that Zeus doesn’t exist..people just got tired of worshiping “that god”… It’s definitely time that we start thinking for ourselves. That meme though.😆😆 Great content Jim, I enjoyed reading! Have a wonderful night!

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