Expecting Miracles—Living With Disappointments

How the greatest miracle of all will will be our own doing—

Tears and years of toil and prayer ended today as no help arrived. The lifeless and sunburned body of a man—who had prayed often and watched the horizon daily for a rescue, lay in the sand.

The others had left a year ago. They built a wicky-boat and sailed away, now living in Patagonia with jobs and nightlife. Waiting for rescue is a chancy business. While now the world waits in overuse for the second coming to renew the earth, wipe out unbelievers and sinful saints, the earth spins in turmoil. We can do something about it. There is no reason to wait but greed and insecurity. No one is coming to the rescue—it is up to us…This entire exercise of faith and waiting has issued license to havoc our natural resources and consume the very thing that gives us life. The Ouroboros will be our legacy. Not as a symbol of infinity, but of self destruction.


Author: jimoeba

Alternatives to big box religions and dogmas

23 thoughts on “Expecting Miracles—Living With Disappointments”

    1. Yeah well fuck you! Heheh. People do need some breathing room to breath that carcinogenic, sweet chalky miasmic mountain air. Nothing quite like waking up to a big stretch and gulps if air you can sink your teeth in to.

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  1. Hello Jim. Your post reminds me that there are leading members of congress who feel man can not harm the environment because god refurbishes and fixes it constantly. Others like Sec. of State Pompeo feel the environment must be destroyed for their god to return and save them from all us heathens. They are so convinced of their myths they are willing to burn it all down and kill all of us. Hugs

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  2. Extermination by salvation. I have always believed that expectations are fertile ground for resentment, but some of these folks just are not seeing it. I so agree with the theme behind this.

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  3. You remind me of the joke involving a flood victim on the roof of his house surrounded by water and who refuses a helicopter or boat rescue and then blames god for letting him die. I assume you know the punch line.

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  4. Well, first stop expecting miracles, then learn how to deal with the disappointments, for they will be many.

    Chapter 2, paragraph 4, in the Atheists Bible. 😉

    On a side note some of us should get together and publish a good Atheist Bible for S&G’s

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  5. Indeed. Your picture of faith brings to mind the bird who flies full speed into the reflection on a window pane thinking it’s found an opening to a greater outside only to lie dead at the foundation of the house.

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    1. How many dreams of salvation are marked by the cemetery tombs? Bunkers of food and ammo passed on to generations who wait truly faithless in fear of a collapsing world, only to let life escape, fleeting with deathbed regret of a life un-lived

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  6. I have to play Atheist’s Anti-Advocate for this one, folks. Creating an Atheists’ Bible would give believers more ammunition to call Atheism a religion. Secondly, such a book would be professing to tell us how to live and think, and isn’t Atheism about thinking for ourselves? I purposely do not read books on atheism anymore, not that I ever truly did much, but what I read does not speak to me, or FOR ME. I speak for me, and that is the way I want to keep it!

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      1. If you do the foreward, It will be the only writing in the book. Contrary to all my comments, I do not believe in telling anyone how to live their lives. I used to frame what I wrote as “In My Opinion” but people complained, they weren’t used to writers not backing up their opinions. So I gave that up, and some people, probably the same ones, accused me of trying to tell people what to do. Catch-22! So I had to make a choice–not write anything at all, or just write what I want, however it looks to others. For comments I chose the latter, but for a book on reason I would be forced to choose the former. This world barely knows what reason is…

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          1. Cautionary tales:
            Buyer beware
            Read the fine print
            Watch out for interpretable connotations
            Look before you leap
            And after all that–
            Get a second opinion

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