Thoughts I Think

On life…

Live simply and beautifully. Find a groove being yourself before regret settles into mediocrity—

Be content exploring the natural world in respectful ways—

Be curious, but not a fool. The majority of the world believes in an invisible guardian and have applied the quirky perceptions of human neurology and endocrinology to meaning something it doesn’t—

Investigate the world with this knowledge—you have been deceived since birth by susceptible people who are easily impressed upon and ruled by those hormones and quirky neurology. They attach easily to bad ideas you’ll fight for and defend—

The attempts to accumulate many things gives you no right to pollute my breathing space or my water—

Nurture a little bit of beauty in the community. Plant something. Be a friend—

Disconnect from others once in a while to nurture at least one idea of your own observations—

Eat less, wear less, and work less. Feel the bare earth under your feet—

Respite somewhere off the beaten path along a babbling stream, or deep in the woods near a meadow—

Nothing is certain. The difference between your birthday and deathday is a dash—

—don’t waste it living someone else’s ideals.

Write your own epitaph. Tomorrow, write it again—Watch this four minute video if you need inspiration today. It is reality.

Be a better person each day—


Author: jimoeba

Alternatives to big box religions and dogmas

64 thoughts on “Thoughts I Think”

  1. Hello Jim. ‘Thoughts to Think’ When and how will humans ever come to the realization that the supernatural does not exist? btw Thanks for all of your blogging. GROG

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  2. Good words for a Saturday. And May the fourth be with you. 🙂 (Our youngest granddaughter’s birthday – cupcakes at one!)

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      1. I think if our son had had his way, there would have been Star Wars cupcakes. As it was, he didn’t get that task. So I wrapped the gift ( a quilt that I started when he was about 3 ) in Star Wars paper. He grinned when he saw that. . . 🙂

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  3. “Live simply and beautifully. Find a groove being yourself before regret settles into mediocrity.”
    I love this quote, Jim. It’s all too easy to ‘settle into mediocrity.’
    Thanks for the good thoughts.

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      1. You know, I’ve found that once I started living life without the ‘god delusion,’ all those ‘wasted years’ just sort of got left behind in the dust. Life is so good now that I’m actually awake!! Glad to see you, too. 🙂

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            1. Ah, Jim, this is just a little thing I made up to help me remember to choose wisely. Of course I cannot change a decision once I have made it, and No, I cannot see into the future to see the results of every choice, but until a choice is made I do have control over myself. And this is a reminder of that. Yes, I still make bad decisions, but usually they are when I DON’T STOP AND THINK. Some choices are made instantly, life happens. But if I can pause myself even for a tenth of a second, I generally ,make better choices. I don’t see the problem here…

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  4. very true. simplicity leads to felicity. i especially love the placement of your pic, in between the dashes, haha! i say, ‘don’t worry about death. it’s not fatal!’ heheh. i always enjoy popping in here. have great one!

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    1. Thank you Monica. Have a great day. It’s funny after my realizations the “sting of death” went away. The Bible caused it then by understanding its bullshttedness we realize the existential death anxiety is owned by religion, not cured by it.

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  5. Great post.

    I look back on my life and I can say with little doubt I’ve been there, done that, and have the T shirt. Might go back and do it some more. There are always ups and downs and things you didn’t see coming, but when it come to life, I’ve lived one. If I was to die in my sleep tonight I’d have few regrets. 🙂

    And I ain’t quite dead yet! (notwithstanding the possibilty of croaking in my sleep) I plan to live some more, as my old bones will let me.

    For all of those deluded x-ians who think an atheist cannot have a happy life, stick that in your pipe and smoke it!

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    1. Your comment reminds me of the super cool song I heard yesterday on XM. I went home and YouTube’d it. I think you’ll like it.


      1. I couldn’t get that to do anything specific? And I tried a couple of times. I feel like an old fart on a computer, “what’s this button do?” “should I hit it…it says format?”

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          1. I figured it out, had to delete everything before the https: and that last bracket 🙂

            I liked it. Catchy riff, good sound, good lyrics.

            These days bands use so much effects it ruins the soul of music. These guys weren’t guilty of that.

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  6. I would say that one thing is certain, and that alone is reason to revel in the wonderfulness that is this life, right here, right now. And make the line from birth to death a really long one with lots of squiggly turns, detours, and adventures.

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  7. Years ago I picked up a computer virus. Or something. I didn’t even know the computer was infected… until something rather odd happened. The screen faded to black, and remained that way long enough for me to say, “Oh shit… What’s going on?” Then words ghosted in, white on the black screen.

    The message never again appeared, and as far as I could tell, nothing was wrong with the computer.

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        1. I spent about 30 years studying things to support my belief. That ain’t livin. I did finally get my neck straightened out from chasing my fuckin tail.

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        2. I was going to respond, “That musta freaked ya out!” But I see you said that. . Ha, ha. . It was definitely a message from the beyond, eh? 😉

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          1. Wickedly cool. I picked up another virus not long after which made my computer cough. Literally, cough. I thought I was going insane. And it was rare, like a few coughs then weeks, if not months until the next short fit. Thank Neptune, I was messing around one night on it and my girlfriend at the time was there and it coughed. You have no idea how happy I was that she heard it.

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            1. Weird, huh? I’ve been lucky with bugs. More interesting than malicious. Come to think about it, the cough might have been Phase 2 of the original message.

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