Agenda Driven Faith—Why Hide the Good Stuff?

How revealing the true name of god leads to truth

Since the earliest days of the Bible, many controversial aspects of faith have been buried in the annuls of omissions? Wouldn’t that be a great book? But that wouldn’t make us feel good. Book of Omissions (BOOM) 1:1—Know ye not that these sayings of old contradict and dismay the user? For with what is promised is never delivered, but pray always in compassion, for peace never shall come by way of faith.

Verse 2—According to the gospel of truth, “Know ye not the key to the kingdom of heaven is like unto this illustration authorized by its creator”?

With its abundance we have no need to concern, but when lacking it’s pleasures will seek out liars and easily fall prey by those who effortlessly and continually seek this organic chemical compound themselves—and know ways to find it.

The name of god has been in dispute for quite some time (but by popularity the English translation version is the most correct) but reality speaks a different language. The name of god is actually the catecholamine C8H11NO2—or dopamine for short. Oh, there are lesser gods; Oxytocin, Serotonin, and Norepinephrine, but these triune gods work incessantly in unity with the big boss to make sure you go to heaven—or at least occasionally visit it.

Our own hormones have been the self-source of conversion for millions. When that fails, the tip of a sword has proven just as effective. At least for the holder.


Author: jimoeba

Alternatives to big box religions and dogmas

20 thoughts on “Agenda Driven Faith—Why Hide the Good Stuff?”

  1. Ah, the good old human brain! Sometimes it’s our own worst enemy, isn’t it? I’m not up on current literature but I do occasionally read some of the things that have been discovered about how the brain works and interprets the world around it, and it turns out that it is remarkably easy to fool the brain into thinking it has seen things that it really hasn’t. Human memory is frighteningly easy to manipulate. The phrase “I saw it with my own eyes” is, frankly, pretty much meaningless because what you actually saw and what you think you saw can be wildly different. That’s why eyewitness testimony in court trials should always be taken with a grain of salt.

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  2. Indeed. I have often said, “it is all about how we feel.” How such hallucinations as the name of the true god BOOM into our brains I shall leave for you to ponder in such deep waters.

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    1. Wow! I hate it when I don’t think of that. Nice work sir! Norepinephrine is more like the defender of the Faith. The others just find subtle ways to befriend him

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  3. Could totally do with a hit of dopamine right now. But if you’re all out I’ll take some serotonin. I’m slutty that way. (maybe in other ways too)


        1. Yep. Food is a good replacement for achievement. I did a 12k yesterday and with 40,000 runners (bloomsday) the cheering sections should’ve easily been in the event. There is a lot of food and fat in this country

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          1. Well done! I find it sexy when you use the metric system. Ha ha.

            Yeah America is scary big. Both in girth and humanity.


            1. Not by much any more. The rest of the world is catching up. Our food is now served on a plate with very little caloric effort. We aren’t evolving quick enough.

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