Black Market Religion

How religious exemption has saved countless abuses.

The founding fathers of the USA really didn’t blow it when they gave religion exempt status. Just think how valuable dangerous religion would be if it was taxed or illegal. As it stands it’s less valuable than a black market baby, lung, or kidney.

Up the ante, Washington! Illegalize religion, then like a good abortion law, the doctors preachers will have to go into hiding to practice in private where it ought to be—at a premium, of course, and a dangerous one. Imagine the atrocities against women and children if religion were forced to be private? By allowing religion to operate openly has saved countless abuses.

On another note—Washington State just passed a bill to allow human corpses to be composted (true) Just imagine the meal time conversations—”These onions taste like Harry.” Humans are pretty good at growing food—now they can taste like it too.

Love my back yard!


Author: jimoeba

Alternatives to big box religions and dogmas

34 thoughts on “Black Market Religion”

    1. Isn’t our governor running for president too? I think he threw his hat in the ring, or was it his dead uncle Joeys?
      There’s been a lot of research as to when people started burying their dead. There’s not much sacred about it really—it was out of necessity, not ritual. I used to do removals and the smell would probably scare off a coyote.

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  1. Human corpse compost? Really? You guys are so progressive! I imagine the origin of said corpse has to be neatly determined?

    (envisions a commodity index for dead bodies)… this… could be interesting.

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    1. Smells a little like a way for someone to make money. Instead of undertakers we’ll have chapters of the Tennessee body farm. Non profit, of course

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      1. Non profit? Where is your capitalist spirit… the spirit of AMERICA!

        *points at eyes, points at Jim*

        Got my eyes on you Red! (not sure on my slurs these days, is this too mccarthyist?)

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        1. I don’t know. I guess funeral homes are in it to win it. I knew you’d find a way to make a dollar off a dead guy. Going through his pockets was just foreplay, eh?

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    1. I didn’t follow the development if it. I just read that it was signed into law. It is a pretty good idea. You see anything like it elsewhere? Aah Washington. Amazon, Microsoft, Good wine and human composting. Such a cutting edge state we have.

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  2. I used to have a backyard like that. Now my back yard is Lake Michigan.

    And FYI, the founding fathers didn’t make religion tax exempt. The federal government largely funded itself by taxing trade (through tariffs). There were no business taxes or income taxes. Taxing alcohol was always lucrative, so that was a major source (and a cause of the Whiskey Rebellion).

    As taxes on property, income, etc. were created, mostly in the states, that is where religions got their passes. This was fueled by the legislators financially supporting their own churches and sucking up to religious voters.

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    1. I could go for a lakeyard. I bet it’s a little chilly in the winter. That’s a good little history lesson prof. Thanks for that. Exceptions for special interest to get votes is how great nations are built I suppose.


  3. I’ll be buried sans embalming and casket in a hole in the ground among the pinyon and juniper trees. Only charge is $500 for the backhoe to dig and fill the hole. Becoming worm food is essentially composting. I wouldn’t be surprised if that’s really what this new law means. Someone decided to come up with a sensational headline, I suspect.

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    1. I’d go that way too, but local statutes won’t allow it. I’ve elected to be cremated, but will have to be “Officially” declared dead, and embalmed before I’m incinerated. Seems like an awful lot of waste. I wonder how well formaldehyde burns. 😕 Then the daughter can use me to fertilise her Rose of Sharon. 😆

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  4. I love your back yard, Jim. As to human bodies as compost, that’s just the tip of the iceberg to prepare for a massive exodus of humans aboard Elon Musk’s Space X to take millions of humans into space on his “palatial” space arks. They’ll need compost to grow food and people will die so, simple math, yes?

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  5. The fact that we still bury bodies is ridiculous…I do think we should be returned to the Earth as compost. Maybe more like as ashes first though…although that’s probably not as healthy for the soil. Nevertheless, cemeteries are a huge waste of green space, and many countries are actually running out of areas to bury bodies and charging astronomical prices to do so. When my grandfather died they asked me if I wanted to get a special fiberglass insert for the coffin to preserve the body for as long as possible? I’m like…”Are we digging him up later or something?” It’s all ridiculous. Return to the Earth from whence we came I say!

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    1. Agreed. At first I was picturing the Tennessee body farm. That might be a little (a lot) too rank for downwinders. And considering we’ve about 8billion bodies to bury in the next 85 years and more to come, this is a way to give back to the earth.

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    2. Aw, c’mon Swarn… are you suggesting we make all those cemetarian spirits homeless now? Homeless, they will roam the earth and cause all sorts of mayhem… 🙂

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      1. Lol… Are suggesting spirits remain underground even though their non-corporeal forms should have some serious advantages. Lol

        The way many people treat the actual homeless, they might as well be invisible spirits. 😦

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  6. I’m a Christian, but I wouldn’t have any problem with revoking all tax exempt statuses for religions, especially since it’s ridiculously easy to get yourself declared a religion/non-profit and a lot of groups take advantage of it, such as big moneymakers like the NCAA and the NRA which are non-profits. It surprises me how many Christians see themselves as persecuted in this country. If religion ever was made illegal, that would definitely separate out the true believers from everyone else.
    (Also, really? Human composting? I hope it’s only in special areas or the neighborhood kids might get a scare to see a skull sticking out of someone’s compost pile. 🙂 )

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    1. Thanks for stopping by. Pretty reasonable approach, although I’d probably like to see a little less tax on regular people while the big ones could at least pay a fraction.

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      1. Yeah, definitely. They talk about everyone paying their fair share, but don’t say anything about huge corporations paying 0% because of loopholes and subsidies. Funny definition of fair.


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