Monotheistic Gaze

For over a thousand years of majority beliefs, Christianity has the world at a standstill. How long should we wait for the “truth” to achieve its objectives? The world is in a trance; unable to see past the focal seizure of belief. Neptune’s Dolphin used the term “monotheistic gaze”, but reminded me how unproductive daydreaming can be. Living in the past, hoping the future ends—if only we get the chance to watch the sinners burn...sigh

Imagine for a moment the promises of eternal life at the foot of a capricious master of cruelty—disconjugate gaze comes to mind as we try to imagine (then the common eye-roll) what to do for billions of eons while we worship in bliss—or else!

Do you trust a god that has already “repented” (changed his mind) about his creations. Did he not tire of men’s ability to ignore his demands and drown all but eight? Is this the same god that, after only one day of his time, just said “to hell with it”, and hit the reset button? Are you sure he won’t get bored with the whole “worship thing”—something he couldn’t possible need as an omnipotent being, nor want if he was a good one?

Someone that can curse his own child for not offering a blood sacrifice and burnt meat of his own creation, doesn’t get my vote.

“They tell us it is our sins that force Him to punish us. I will answer that God, according to yourselves, is not immutable, because the sins of men compel him to change his conduct in regard to them. Can a being who is sometimes irritated and sometimes appeased, be constantly the same?” —Jean Messlier

Other things that cause the gaze:

  • Honoring attempted child sacrifice
  • Circumcision as a covenant (male genital mutilation)
  • Stories of virgin birth
  • Burning and killing animals to please their creator

But, keep believing and you’ll get acclimated to the idea.


Author: jimoeba

Alternatives to big box religions and dogmas

25 thoughts on “Monotheistic Gaze”

  1. Your recent conversation with Phillip perfectly illustrates this; they simply glaze over when you raise the subject of the foundations of heinous violence their religion is built upon.

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    1. Him and bozo have not addressed their guilty neurology and hormones yet. I don’t suppose they will even though I’ve reminded them again. They always pick the easy and wave of the tough like they never saw it.

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  2. Ah, I see you’re experiencing some dissatisfaction with your current god. Too bad about that, but it’s quite common these days. He is getting rather old, after all. The warranty expired years ago and it’s surprising you haven’t had huge repair bills. I heard that engine when you pulled in and it doesn’t sound… Oh, wait, this is the script I’m supposed to use for selling used cars. Sorry, wrong script. Let me see, I know it’s here somewhere. Ah, here it is!

    Hi here it is! I see you’re having some problems with your god. I can certainly sympathize. They do tend to get a bit, well, odd after a few hundred million years. Personally I think dementia is sitting in. Or he’s been sneaking the communion wine again. The angels tried staging an intervention but he started throwing lightning bolts around there were feathers everywhere

    Perhaps you’d be interested in a brand new god? Well, almost new. Still has that “new god” smell, even…. wait a minute, how did that get in there? Damn, that’s from the used car script again. Just a minute. Ah, there, sorry about that… And still has fifty thousand miles left on the warranty! Oh, shit, wrong script. Damn it… Ah, here we go! (clears throat) I’m talking, of course, about the great god Crom, the god who doesn’t give a f*uck. He won’t answer your prayers, he won’t divert storms that might kill you, he won’t heal you, he won’t stop earthquakes, and, well, basically he won’t do anything no matter how much you plead, beg, implore, pray, etc.

    Now, I know that sounds exactly like your god so far, but there are some huge differences!

    First, no tithes! Crom doesn’t want your money. Well, frankly he wouldn’t know what to do with it anyway, now would he? He’s a god, so why would a god need money in the first place? That’s just silly.

    No dietary restrictions! If you want to eat it, eat it! Crom doesn’t care. He doesn’t give a f*ck! Well, don’t eat those funny mushrooms growing behind the nuke plant. You won’t believe what those will make you see. Rumor has it that’s how your current god got started. Some idiot saw the glow in the dark mushrooms, ate a few, well, and the next thing you know he wrote Genesis. I mean, there’s good reasons why they make those things illegal. Make sure you get enough fiber, though. Likes fiber, Crom does. Keeps you regular. Big fan of regular bowel movements, Crom.

    Three day work week! Yes, just three days! You get four, count ’em, four sabbaths a week! Play ball with your kids, get drunk, have parties. Crom likes parties, so make sure you invite him. He won’t come, but he likes being remembered. Besides, no one actually works on Mondays and Fridays anyway. So spend the extra time any way you like. Go get to know your neighbors better. Go get to know your neighbors a lot better (wink, wink, nudge nudge) because you can (wait for it…)

    Rub your naughty bits against anyone you want! Crom doesn’t care! Guys, gals, one at a time or small groups, Crom doesn’t give a f*uck who you, well, f*ck.

    Except for you, Andrew. Yes, you! Crom knows all about you, you little pervert. Absolutely no hamsters. None. Man, that’s just sick. I mean even Crom has his limits. Hamsters… Hmph…

    And best of all, what happens when you die if you are a worshipper of Crom is amazing! Just wait, you’re gonna love this. You get a free Cadillac! Not one of those plastic and tinfoil modern ones, a real Cadillac as big as the Titanic, with wings and everything and a massive V8 engine.

    And where you’ll go to live when you shuffle off this mortal coil is… Yes, I can see you’re getting excited because you know what’s coming. Yes, you get a free condo in Florida with the maintenance fees prepaid!! And did I mention it’s right on a golf course? Yep. No greens fees. And free golf cart rental. What does your current god promise you when you finally kick off? A harp? Wings? Singing his praises all eternity? Oh, come on, that’s so bloody boring, isn’t it? We’re talking free golf here, folks! And free bloody marys. We’ll throw those in too.

    So, what do you think? Sounds like a pretty good deal, doesn’t it? I’m sure my manager will kill me when she finds out I threw in the free bloody marys, but, well, to be honest I have to make quota this month and things have been pretty slow so I’m giving you a deal that none of the other salesmen here will give you. And, well, okay, this is going to kill me and cut into my commission but I’ll even throw in Crom’s Eternal Horn of Mead. No matter how much you drink out of it it always refills itself by morning. Crom, well, he’s the god who doesn’t give a f*ck, but my manager is a real bitch…

    (Oh, lord, am I really going to hit “Post” on this one or am I going to chicken out? Oh, what the hell, I worship Crom, the god who doesn’t give a f*ck, so what the hell…)

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    1. Yep, you really did. I see we agree (at least on the hamster thing) that the story is a lie, backtracked and squeezed into Old Testament verses that had no inkling of prophetic prose, but ruse.

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      1. It’s just all so damned silly, isn’t it? Why do we have this blind spot in our brains that lets us get fooled by this kind of thing? We pray, and nothing happens. We tithe, and nothing happens (except the preachers get rich). We endure suffering for jesus, and nothing happens. We still get killed by hurricanes, still die from disease, still suffer through poverty. No matter how well we adhere to the teachings of the religions, no matter how much we believe, no matter how much we pray, nothing ever changes. Not in the real world. We do all of that for some imaginary reward after we’re dead? When there is absolutely not one iota of proof that any of those rewards actually exist?

        At least with Crom you get free bloody marys.

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        1. I’ll even give you a Bloody Mary—pickled asparagus included, to trade that blind spot for two, say I, two deconversions and an AMC pacer. Just needs gas. Been sitting a while and missing some glass, but that easy to find… Believing is like getting a free horse. Sounds good, then it isn’t.

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        2. Grouchy Farmer,
          Many of us had that blind spot forced into our heads as very young kids. I know for sure that is when I got mine. What the silly Lutheran church didn’t count on was Dad and all four of my grandparents telling me to ask questions. Well, not to ask for detailed answers from the stories my grandpas told. Those were to prepare me for the grown up world….LOL. Hey, those stories were very funny and interesting to me up to age 8 at least when the bull started to peek out a good bit.
          I asked a very ‘bad’ question at Sunday School that nearly got me excommunicated. I asked the teacher who was to fool who planted “that” tree. Big time bad thing to do of course. Dad told me before we drove home that he felt I no longer needed to attend church or Sunday School. Dad had always been my first hero, that day he went so far to the top of any list I may have had that nobody can ever hope to seeing his brake lights if they could travel at the speed of light.

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        3. Aw, grouchy, this isn’t the real world, you know that. This is just a stopping place, an inn on a dusty, unused road. Real life comes AFTER we leave this inn. Real life is sitting at god’s feet, chanting his praises (because if we don’t we get demoted to that other REAL place where we burn without ever burning up, Nice trick that).

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          1. Hell isn’t where you burn. Hell is where every day is that one like you dreamed about in high school where you get to class and suddenly you realize you’re the only one in the class without pants.

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  3. Hello Jim. I always suspect the supremeness of any deity that is limited to only the ideas, knowledge, and morals of the people in the past that claimed that as their god. That includes the cults of recent time that only a century or decades have proven the knowledge of the deity was limited. If I , an uneducated simple person who relies on Google searches and trusted bloggers for information, can know more about reality and have a much better understanding of right and wrong than your deity, it is not a god. What I don’t get is how the many “smart” people that know more than their holy books claim their deity does, still believe in it? If you know how biology works and your diety did not, well think of it, you are smarter than your god? If you know a fish ( whale maybe ) has too small a throat to swallow a person and that humans cannot live three days in the stomach of such a beast, then you know more than your god. Oh well, everyone have a great day. Hugs
    Ps. Recently seen a video of a diver getting caught up by a whale when it was feeding. The whale had the diver in its mouth. But then spit the diver out as not food. This was a huge whale big enough to take a person in to its mouth along with a ton of fish. The driver said he was trapped, his leg pinned, but the whale was after the small fishes and spit the diver out. Interesting. Hugs

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            1. Well, according to god if we all work together we could actually win. That’s why he confounded the languages. We were about to accomplish what we had set out to do and nothing could restrain us. I actually think that’s true, just not the god part.


            2. We’re a bit outnumbered. They despise science but yet they have all the weapons. To protect themselves from themselves, I guess.


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