The Great Potential of Humanity

Religions, no matter how absurd are protected by law because they cannot stand on their own merits. This buffer allows absurdity to be honored as a virtue.

Religion has at every age kept the human mind in darkness and held it in ignorance of its true relations, of its real duties, and it’s true interests. It is but in removing its clouds and phantoms that we may find the source of truth, reason, morality, and the actual motives which inspire virtue—Jean Messlier 1704

What are the true interests of humanity and, what’s stopping us?

Foundationally wrong, religion nurtures self doubt. You are not “worthy to loosen his shoe” and but a vile sinner from birth, but ONLY through belief in Him? Without god you are nothing? I completely disagree. That is not the path my friends. The human being is quite possibly the most versatile and creative creature of all time. Misguided in this phase of belief, but by unbelief can “put away childish things” such as faith in a god that has yet to meet its objectives.

Man has proven quite capable, even dragging along the dead weight we’ve accomplished great things. Imagine if we all embraced discovery? Imagine if we truly loved our neighbor and collaborated in an honest reality? We are quite capable of taking care of ourselves. Man has proven quite resilient with his teaspoon of dust and sprinkling of consciousness, in spite of the extra baggage. We have the capacity to unite and become incredible, but it will never come by way of religious belief. They had their shot.


Author: jimoeba

Alternatives to big box religions and dogmas

22 thoughts on “The Great Potential of Humanity”

  1. To ignore religion completely, to exorcise it from the public consciousness, we need well-funded moon shots. Sadly, we’re presently lacking well-funded moon shot project.

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    1. One of my friends is the science teacher here at the middle school and year after year, many of his students come to class already knowing the answers—God
      I like your idea, but frankly the Jesus and Moses video cartoons from the fundamental homes have poisoned the well of curiosity. Discovery is also shoved aside for entertainment and video games. Scrolling through social media and knowing what you already know is the current cancer, self obfuscated dead zones.

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  2. Religion also nurtures fear…especially fear of the “other.” A recipe for disaster…as history has shown over and over again.

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    1. This was a reply to me on another blog “ LET me tell you something…..when you meet the Lord you’ll feel horrified at what you used to be and horrified that your friends and family are on their way to damnation. You Mary, are right on the money. He had no argument for my comment, so here it was…


  3. It’s all religion, Jim, Organized worship, politics, money or as rawgod puts it, god, government, gold. The trinity of powers that controls, rules, enslaves minds. These are man’s programmers.

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      1. Arghhh texting… think about it Jim entertainment like science is not a power but a whore of the original three. From my years of thinking about it, I realized that Religion, Government and Money are stand alone Powers always jockeying for the #1 ruling position, sometimes cooperating to rule but always competing regardless. There are totalitarian regimes like China that, try to crush religion while dancing with capital. Iran is under the rule of a totalitarian religion. The States are being crushed by predatory totalitarian capitalism with Religion working overtime to regain its pre-revolutionary ruling position. These are inescapable Forces that will rule mankind until the creature destroys itself and its world under that Trinitarian rule. Was there ever a time when it wasn’t so here? Not since Homo Sapiens came to power…

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  4. “Religion has at every age kept the human mind in darkness and held it in ignorance of its true relations, of its real duties…”

    Do you think we have real duties?

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  5. I’d say relations in the mind is the connection to the whole of the universe and all the life therein.

    At a smaller level, it is the relation in our minds to all the flora and fauna, including man, on this planet, Earth, our home. The duties become or should become to respect, protect, enhance its positive progress, learn and grow from these mindful relations and appreciate it all.

    Religion puts blinders on science, bigotry on inclusion of all peoples, a lack of awe and a sense of protection of nature, arrogance and self righteousness and a fear towards people and things not like us, that often, throughout history, has led to massive killings and atrocities.

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  6. I am absolutely certain, to any amount you pick, that organized religion is the absolute worst invention we humans have ever made. I still enjoy old George Carlin videos and his bits on religion/god are great. This god can condemn you an eternity in the lake of fire (TM), BUT, he loves you and he needs money. Yep, this omnipotent being who created the entire universe cannot handle money very well. No so omnipotent then is he/she/it? Also, who was it that planted “that” tree in the supposed garden? Yes folks, that very same god of the holly-buy-bull.
    I have a plaque about worrying that I have had for over 60 years. I may, if space permits post it as a comment here some day.

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    1. Any time Walter. Post away! Yep, your going straight to Hell and burn a physical punishment for eternity. But I love you. You’ll be sorry I made you!


    1. Humans have great imaginations. Couple that with a couple of emotional experiences and some hormones and you have a god.


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