unFaithing—Saving Humanity

It begs the question—what if there is no god?

The biggest regret of humanity—examining what we have done and how we have behaved after realizing there are no gods. This regret is typical of de-converts even now.

The earth is in turmoil—they do nothing but wait..for a supernatural…solution.

Life on earth is a race of beliefs—to appear correct (and word it just right) and accumulate enough stuff before we die, before there is no more—like a gas tank on empty, we press the pedal irresistibly harder. Maybe with enough speed the roads of overuse and will converge only after we’re done here.

Life non-earth—after the resurrection and the world is led by Jesus, we will no longer need this physical world—I guess it makes sense to trash it now. But this begs the question that Christianity loves to pose—what if you’re wrong? What if there is no god? Maybe we should err on the side of caution and be a little kinder.


Author: jimoeba

Alternatives to big box religions and dogmas

24 thoughts on “unFaithing—Saving Humanity”

  1. Err on the side of caution? Go slow? Be good stewards of our earthly domain? Doesn’t sound Christian (or Republican) to me. Maybe this is why the evangelicals and GOP are so closely associated. They have the same mistaken beliefs (different sources, same beliefs). The evang’s believe in a god, the Repubs believe in a Market, both fictional in nature.

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    1. Even if there was a god, wouldn’t you realize by now he’s not coming anytime soon? We can make life awesome and filled with natural wonder, or drill baby drill and use up every opportunity to make money over quality existence. It’s like building a beachfront condo and selling solitude while simultaneously wrecking it.

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  2. Hear, hear! Christians are instructed by their book to be ‘stewards’ of the earth. But a lot of them act as though ‘heaven’ is their real home and this is just a way station to endure until they get there. It’s so sad. This planet is phenomenally beautiful and amazing and deserves our care.

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    1. All good stewards after getting settled in with deodorized air filters, trash compactors, water filters, noise reduction headphones,—ok we’re good to go. Love this simple solitude

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    1. Maybe there’s one living here already Waiting us out? The navy is declassifying some of the ufo/navy pilot encounters. We may not be the smartest or best by a long shot, it appears. The navy is currently destigmatizing encounters so pilots will be open. I don’t think they’re aliens, but superior in technology by centuries. I wonder what that would do to the Jesus myth to know this is true?

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      1. I have seen more ardent Christians deny the possibility of aliens. It would create all sorts of theological tangles to have them around, so they can’t exist. That is what I was told. But this is only a problem for Christianity, other religions would not have this issue.

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        1. Well if aliens showed up from another system, they most certainly would know of YHWY, the creator of the universe. But with no Eden story they would be sinless, so no need for Jesus until our missionaries got ahold of them to explain the rules.


  3. The thing that has always bugged me, besides all the arrogance and willful ignorance, is they will never know they’re wrong. They’ll die just like us and that’s it. They will never see the awful things their belief made them do and feel.

    I realize they can say the same, but of course they would get the non humble satisfaction and self righteousness they possess while alive. I for one, don’t think I’d be too impressed with a god who had an attitude, a vengeful streak and an ego much like them.

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    1. I think this is part of the inherent problems of group morality. No one had the right to pollute my breathing space for cash or “things”. Individual autonomy, pro choice, personal morality must be the first consideration in all things under a framework of personal protection.

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  4. Regarding the trashing of the world now, so it is useless after resurrection, that’s pretty much typical of so many people in many different settings. We won’t be back here, so trash it.
    Meanwhile, if I remember the biblical writings, the meek shall inherit the earth. So, somebody will be using it, just not those who are sure they are going to heaven. Looking at it from the perspective of the old adage, “Be careful what you ask for, you might get it”: believers might find out either they are the meek, or that heaven is here on earth. Either way, they might just find the devastated world they are trashing is what they are going to inherit.
    Fortunately for them, neither is a real choice, But they don’t know that!

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  5. Jim, I don’t think I understand what you are trying to say in your first paragraph.
    “The biggest regret of humanity—examining what we have done and how we have behaved after realizing there are no gods. This regret is typical of de-converts even now.”
    Q.: Have we realized there are no gods? Do you mean those who have “given up on God” and no longer”believe”? De-converts need feel no regrets, just liberation. GROG


    1. I suppose I could have been more clear as usual. Hehe. When all of humankind comes to the realization there are no gods, only us, that we have wasted our resource and divided humanity over mere beliefs without any benefit to it. Humanity has behaved badly because of belief.

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      1. Correct. Humanity has been forever saddled with the delusion of the supernatural. We cannot yet face the fact that we are essentially alone in the universe and that this life is all a person gets. GROG

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          1. The scam, if it weren’t for its violence and destruction, would be a joke. The scam is that we are not alone…and Ahhhh, resurrection! GROG


    1. This god they “think” exists has a bunch of ancient delusionals keeping us at odds over patriarchy and sexuality. Since none of them have seen him and rely solely on hormonal responses and proven, faulty human perceptions, maybe we could be a little nicer about the differences in all of us.

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  6. This is where the rubber hits the road for me regarding religion. Believe whatever you want to believe, but if that belief messes with the planet (other people, animals, law, progress) then I quite happily become a strident anti-theist.

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  7. I like the message Jim and I think you hit a good point. Lots of Christians do check out once they have placed their hope on Christ. Paul in Thessalonians called out christans who were doing that.
    “For we hear that some among you are living irresponsibly, working at nothing, but being busybodies.”
    As a Christian this problem bothers me a lot. Thank for calling it out.

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  8. All cults seek to destroy the sense of wonder, curiosity, the willingness to learn. Once the inherent integrity of the mind is broken down, the sheep rarely stray from the herd.

    What we get out of that is complete disdain for the planet we live on. Among many other not so wonderful things… I thought about starting a list but realized I have way to much to do today already 😉

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  9. we have always been on our own. the highest spirituality is taking full responsibility, for our actions, thoughts and their consequences. the state of the world is only a reflection of the state of consciousness of humanity today, when ignorance dominates.

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